Friday, June 30, 2006

Happier Days For Hazina

I was so relieved to read that Hazina the hippo finally moved into her new digs at the Vancouver Zoo. It's long overdue - when she first arrived she was placed in a "holding" pen that was supposed to be temporary while her new enclosure was built. Over a year and a half later and she was still in her little concrete and wood world. Hippos need adequate pools to relieve the strain of their weight from their legs and Hazina didn't have the luxury of that in her little dump - she basically had a puddle. She also could use a friend as she is a lonely hippo at the moment, which isn't good for her either. And, considering the fact that she is a big star (from Telus ads), she should be treated as such. She made money for that zoo - they need to ensure she lives happily ever after and is "pampered".

The SPCA have laid charges against the Zoo and I'm bloody glad they did. I've been there several times (years ago - I won't ever go back) and never liked what I saw. I recall once my friend and I noticed that a zebra had fresh, open wounds on his back and was bleeding. We reported it to staff, who basically discounted it and said they were already there when the zebra came to them. Ya, right.

I hate zoos, rodeos, aquariums, circuses that use animals, running with the bulls and bullfighting (I cheer for the bulls and love it when the people are taken out....sorry, I can't help it). I just think all creatures should have a right to live where they're supposed to - not be used for public display and amusement.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is an example of Mom's enthusiasm towards Andre.

Last night she called at 10 or so, to tell me Andre was playing this morning. She knew I'd missed his last match (working) and wanted to ensue I didn't miss any more. We go back and forth, updating each other on Andre "news". She's my "go to" gal and, between the two of us, we rarely miss anything Agassi-related.

So she'd established with me that Andre was playing at 5 a.m. this morning. She asked if I wanted a "phone call" reminder, as we often do. I said no, that I'd probably tape it and watch it later (as it's my first day off in awhile).

So, here's how 5 a.m. this morning went:

My phone: "Ring, ring"
Me (groggy): "Hello?"
Mom (excitedly): "Hi, Andre's playing, he's just come out on the court"
Me: "I know Mom, remember our conversation last night?"
Mom: "Oh, yea. I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss him"
Me: "O.K. Mom, thanks. Talk to you later"

I turned on a tape to record the match and went back to sleep. I'd just drifted off when the phone rang again.

Me: "Hello?"
Mom: "Isn't he playing great?"
Me: "I don't know, I'm going to watch it later. Bye Mom"

This is not the first time this has happened. The last time was at 2 a.m. and was actually a repeat broadcast of a match I'd already seen. Mom just didn't know that. If she sees Andre's playing in the middle of the night, she adjusts her schedule accordingly.

I always think I'm Andre's biggest fan but, now that I think of it, my Mom takes the cake. Love her. Don't know what SHE'LL do once he retires......

Andre Agassi (My Tennis Hero)

As has been anticipated by many (including me), Andre Agassi will be retiring from tennis this year after a very successful career that has spanned over two decades or so. I remember when I first saw him walk out onto the court as a long haired, flamboyant "rebel" who most doubted would ever make any kind of showing. Boy, did he ever prove them wrong. I was never one of the "doubters" (nor was my mother)...we always had a feeling he'd be great and were his number one fans, right from the start. Something about his work ethic, attitude and determination - it showed, right from the start.

At first it appeared that Andre was all about image, but he also had one hell of a lot of (tennis) talent and heart. It seemed sometimes people tended to focus more on his "flash" than his tennis. So it took awhile for people to "catch on" that this guy was gonna' be great! Initially I was drawn to a cocky young kid who did things his way, wouldn't conform and didn't see why his fluorescent pink tights and long, bleached out hair were a problem. The Wimbledon white just wasn't his bag. I tend to admire people like Andre - with the courage to do what they want, not what they should. Some view it as "attitude", I tend to see it as "confidence" and originality. That's what makes great people "great" - they stand out and alone.

Throughout his career, he had several ups and downs - many times being considered a 'wash out'. But, each time, he'd get fitter and faster and always seemed to make those who doubted him eat their words. The bandwagoners never do stay loyal for long and we were never part of that group. Somehow we were always convinced that Andre had what it took to battle back from anything (and he always did).

So, fast forward a few decades and Andre's ready to settle down with his family and step out of tennis. I will truly miss the great matches between he and Pete; his humble sincerity as he'd kneel down to kiss the ground in amazement of his accomplishment and blow kisses to all in the crowd (which I'm quite sure were directed exclusively to me). His teary acceptance of, yet another, cup or plate - it never appeared to get "old" or stale to him. And he never seemed to "expect" it...he always reacted like it was the first match he'd ever won. I really liked that in him - he was down to earth and just like the rest of us, never behaving like an untouchable "superstar". He wasn't "full of himself" - he seemed completely caught off guard and surprised when he'd win and always showed nothing but respect to his opponents, making them feel like they shared in it with him. Even as he became "the best", he never acted like he was. He was genuine, humble and modest - even when he'd earned the right to be showy, boisterous and boastful.

His foundation for children is not just something he throws cash at, he's hands-on involved. He puts in his time, as well as his money...that's an attribute that's to be admired and speaks volumes about his character. He doesn't do things for show, he does them because he loves them. Which is probably one reason he's one of the greatest tennis players ever.

It is with great sadness that we'll see Andre leave tennis. His are big shoes to fill, not only on the court but in everyday life. With dominant players like Federrer and upcoming superstars like Nadel now in the spotlight, Andre's time has come will soon be gone. But I wish him well in his last few tournies and will always be a fan, not only of the tennis star but of the man who, to me, will always be Andre the giant.
(Goodbye my friend *tears, blows kisses back)


Zicatela #2
Originally uploaded by konaboy.

Doesn't this just make you want to get on the phone and book your tickets to Mexico. Spectacular shot!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is me, or as much as I'm revealing. I just don't do pics anymore - something about age, gravity and stresslines. I was going to put a pic in my profile, but honestly don't want to see my mug everytime I'm here. This way I'll be archived soon. I just felt like it was time to put a face to the insanity and this was one of the only shots available (I try and make sure there aren't too many around!). Cheers!

Blown Photo Opps

So I'm totally pissed because I'm getting a digital camera (tomorrow).....everyone and their dog owns one and I don't. And I'm constantly seeing these wonderful "pictures" when I'm out places, but have no camera to capture them with. That doesn't work very well for sharing them with others.

It just happened now, damn it - I was out for my bike ride along the river and it's absolutely gorgeous tonight. As I sat on my rock at the edge of the world a kazillion things happened that warranted a picture. A huge ship passed right by me. A blue heron flew by, landed on a stump beside me and "performed". It was like he knew I wanted a picture and had no camera. All of a sudden he flew toward me, did this little "loop-de-loop" bullshit and went back to perch on the stump, "caawing" like a bloody show off. I think he went, "na na na na naah na". Then a family of muskrats swam by. And some planes took off. And all these really cool people were flying massive kites. And I missed it all because tomorrow is my day off and THAT'S when I'm buying my camera. And I'll bet nothing will happen then. Boy, am I pissed off.


A Little Ditty I Wrote

I hate...
Brown nosing, palm greasin'
deal closing, self-pleasin'
bully cowards, "long in tooth"
Hypocrites who lack in truth
Short listed evil dastards
Back stabbin' lying bastards
Fake smiling sweaty pigs
Sittin' in their fancy digs
Full of bullshit, sucking air
Ruining lives 'cause they don't care
When we call, they're never there
'Cause they don't care
.....don't fucking care

Some are...
PREtentious gloating snobs
Pay others (dirty jobs)
Too cool, strut their stuff
Act important, acting tough
Gutless wonders, talk the talk
Shit excuses piled in stock
Stumblin' stammer, "bla-de-blah"
Pointless riddles in the raw
Forcefed script - "what's my line?"
Bacon's really dirty swine
You've got yours, now you want mine?
You've crossed the line
.....way outta' line

White hair suits, monkey faces
Must rehearse catchy phrases
Think we're stupid? Hope we're dumb?
We ain't buyin' "We're Number One"
See no evil - hear the pain?
(orders are - "no pain, no gain")
Pin is pulled with lies called reason
Fineprint shows the blatant treason
Innocent people are made to die
But don't ask why
.....don't DARE ask why

I've grown tired and disillusioned
Of the pain of this intrusion
Body counts like counting pennies
Can't you see a face on any?
First you slaughter fathers, brothers
Then you take out kids and mothers
It's gone too far, it's been a flop
Make it stop
.....PLEASE, make it stop

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Check this out.
CANADA DAY is almost upon us and it's probably a good time to stop and think of what that really means. We're lucky to live in one of the best countries in the world - we should treat it as such and do things to keep it that way. I wrote a post that's relevant to this on my other blog (see sidebar - I'll fix it soon so you can just be directed there). "Party on" this Saturday and take a moment to reflect on the greatest place on earth!

Monday, June 26, 2006

I just thought of something...I am too damn loyal. Not that that's a bad thing, it just really messes with me sometimes. Stupid things make me feel guilty - like having two blogs. It's not like I have two boyfriends or something - how ridiculous is this?! But I realize I also NEED more than one blog, probably eight would suffice. So, as far as I'm concerned now, my bloglife is suffering from multiple personalities and this is but one of them.....the flaky, foul-mouthed, silly, rebellious, immature, flippant, spontaneous one. My other blog is my more serious, sensible side. The others?....who knows. And now I won't feel any more guilt if I spend more time on one than the other. They all need my attention and are a part of me. Makes sense, no?

And because I can do what I want and not even care, this is my world famous Fajita recipe that will have far too many people wanting to come over and eat them:

DEB'S (fanfuckingtastic) FAJITAS:

INGREDIENTS (amounts are approximate so throw in how much you like):
2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (cut up)
3-5 limes
1 head of garlic, peeled and minced
1-2 tbsp. oil
shitload of cumin (at least a tbsp. or more, I use about 4 - love the stuff)
1 tbsp. paprika
1 tsp. chili powder
mixed bell peppers, cut up (green, yellow, red, orange)
1 onion, sliced
more oil (to fry in, like we did on the beach in the '70's. No, don't use baby oil)

condiments: sour cream, salsa, guacamole, grated cheese,
tomatoes, green onion, lettuce

IT'S SO EASY MY GOLDFISH COULD MAKE THEM: Squeeze juice out of limes into small bowl. Add minced garlic, oil, cumin, paprika, chili powder. Marinade chicken in mixture in fridge (until the soccer game's over). If the juice is all soaked in to the chicken, add more lime, oil or a bit of water....we want 'em juicy. Throw some beer in for all I care, it's been done before (here).

Prepare all other ingredients - chop, grate and slice. Set aside on a huge platter. Smack hands as people try and munch on the condiments, thinking it's finger's not - BACK OFF!!

Heat oil in frying pan. Lift chicken out of marinade with a slotted spoon, reserving marinade. I tend to keep draining it off and reserving it as the chicken cooks - we need to use it later. In a seperate frying pan, stir fry peppers and onion (use very little oil, preferably olive). After a minute or two, add peppers/onions in with chicken and finish frying. When it's nearly done, pour in "reserved" marinade, but make sure you heat it up to bubbling and cook it through. At any time, if things look dry add more lime juice, water or oil (you decide - I use lime juice/water).

Heat tortillas in oven, wrapped tightly in tin foil, until warm. Or nuke 'em individually for about 30 seconds each.

When it's cooked, put chicken mix in a large bowl and serve with platter of condiments.

Take a warm tortilla. Put chicken at one end. Put cheese on top. Add any other condiments you like, roll up and eat. Come on, that part you should know.

Great, now I'm hungry.
Welcome to my blog. This is quite funny....I just typed (and thought I'd published) my first post, on how I'm an idiot who knows nothing about blogging and, *voila* - checked my blog to see it wasn't there!! How fucking ironic.

So the post basically said this....I am new to blogging and know absolutely nothing. I have extremely limited computer skills and, while others talk of "e" this and "upload" that, I have a hard time signing in. This blog does not look anything like I'd like it to because, rather than take the time (which I don't really have) to read and learn how to do things, I'm opting to just "run with it". And that's not the greatest plan and will probably result in me investing more time than if I'd learned what the hell I'm actually doing.

What prompted me to start a blog here was my other blog, over at I'd typed a post on Andre Agassi's retirement announcement and wasn't able to include the video that I've put here. So now I have two totally lame blogs that I can't do much with. I'm at the "crawling stage"...bear with me. If you see hieroglyphics and stick people, you know I'm trying but just not quite getting it yet.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi : Genworth Financial Ad

Sad to see Andre retire?