Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish you all a happy and, more importantly, healthy new year. I feel blessed to "know" each and every one of you and that is one of the few highlights of 2006.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Pics ('cause I'm lazy)

Guitar Heroes

It's been awhile since the kids had a video game that tweaked my interest. As a matter of fact, the only ones that I can think of that I ever played on a regular basis were Mario Cart, Dr. Mario and Pokemon Snap (yes, Pokemon. But it was a very fun game where you were a photographer and had to shoot pics of the characters, then develop them to see how good they were. It was fun, o.k.?!).

I bought Ty Guitar Hero II for Christmas...I'd never heard of it and it was just something he'd expressed interest in. Well I'll be damned if it isn't about the funnest game I've ever played. We liked it so much that we went out yesterday and got the first edition so we can rock out together.

I've always dreamed of playing guitar...when I was young I got Mom & Dad to send me for lessons and I quit because my teacher wouldn't teach me from the Led Zeppelin complete songbook I'd purchased for the deal. It was Stairway to Heaven or bust, baby. I guess I'd never heard of baby steps and was a little too ambitious there. (I still have that songbook - just can't play a damn thing from it).

My new "handle" is Wolfmother. I've almost mastered "Woman", in its' entirety, and I feel like a bloody rock star...I even throw in a couple of side kicks, for good measure. The kids find me hilarious, especially when I first started out - I completely sucked and when you miss a note/chord, rather than hear the guitar, it makes a blooper type sound that keeps in time with the music.

The kids are really good...both of them own guitars and can actually play, so I'm always the "loser". But somewhere deep down the inner rock star in me is now fulfilled, even if it is in my own living room.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope All Is Well

Hi friends...belated Christmas greetings. Sorry - I haven't been around and this is the first chance I've had to update. Christmas this year was a bit of a schmozzle...we tried to keep Mom at home but her condition had deteriorated so much that Christmas eve dinner was heartwrenching, to say the least. When we arrived, Dad & Dave had somehow wrangled Mom into her wheelchair and she was in the living room. Neighbours were over visiting and her conversation with them was as if we were back in the 70's - people who had long passed were spoken of like they were still here. She was completely disoriented and even thought that Ty (her grandson) was my ex. All night she kept referring to how nice it was that Keath could make it. I don't even think she knew we were no longer's a big puzzle to her with the border pieces missing. Things just aren't fitting together and she wasn't "connecting" things at all, yet she was struggling to. Her "slumped" posture worsened as the night progressed and at one point she looked as if she were going to slide right out of her wheelchair. That was the point that I took her back to her room and the nightmare began. Let's just say that when you're unable to get someone on a commode that they need to use, it becomes heartwrenching. Dignity is thrown out the window as you try anything to "get the job done". Christ, who ever would've thought peeing could create such chaos. It was then that I broke down. I left the room for a minute and just lost it. Ty is very perceptive - especially when it comes to me and his protectiveness of me....he quickly tuned into something being wrong. I tried to shield him from the inevitable pain of my Mom's condition, but it was no use. He was already shook up from witnessing the little bit that he had. He had no idea what was happening in her room and thank God for that. In a matter of days, Mom's gone from sitting up smoking, drinking tea and having a perfectly normal conversation with us to not being able to sit up (she kept toppling over to her right, cigarette in hand) and not knowing where she was or what day it was. Devastating.

I hate to bring everyone down at this festive time, but that's my reality. I will probably always associate Christmas with this one from here on in and I'm just sorry that it was such a nightmare for all (especially the kids). Yesterday, after my ex picked up Ty & Linds to take them for the day I sat on the floor, put on Tripoli and cried my fucking heart out. I sang, too, changing the words as I went along...."strange how, you're not with us" and "where's my Mom gone?". My Mom is gone - the Mom I knew will never be again. We've snuck out to our last garage sale. The one who found every stupid joke hilarious now doesn't remember when to laugh. I don't drink, but the bottle of wine given to me by a customer was nearby. I grabbed it and swigged a couple of big chugs right out of the bottle (Eddie Vedder would've been proud of me). I then braced myself for what I knew I had to do. I went to Mom's and took her, by ambulance, to palliative care. I know I did the right thing, Dad's buckling and wouldn't have done it. He would've gone down with her. I cried all night but had comfort knowing I did what was right and that she'll get the proper care there. That just doesn't make it any easier, that's all. I sat with Mom a long time and couldn't tear myself away from her bed...but the kids were home alone Christmas day so I had to be a mother, as well as a grieving daughter. I composed myself and came home to try and salvage some form of "Christmas" for them. I played guitar hero with them and totally sucked, which was hilarious to them. I even laughed. Then we watched Linds' new Yeah Yeah Yeah's DVD and Ty's Pearl Jam one. Weird. This has been the strangest Christmas I've ever certainly put a new spin on things and put everything into perspective. I didn't do very well at the shopping or decorating but we were all together and that's something sometimes taken for granted. Enjoy each other. Every single day.(This is Mom on our outing to the casino right before things went downhill)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lottery Scandal

You may have heard some stories lately regarding "scandals" that involve lottery workers. Now, as a lottery worker, this irks me to no end for a couple of reasons. Let me tell you why.

Number one - for those of us who are honest, it really makes it difficult as customers become suspicious and start questioning every little thing we do. I now spend half my day explaining how things work, how customers can protect themselves and how our booth is on the up and up and would never dream of ripping off people who have become our friends.

And the other thing that really gets me going is this - how stupid are these customers that they don't take precautions and cover their asses? Sorry, it's just so bloody simple and I have a hard time being sympathetic when I hear of someone handing over a ticket that could potentially be worth millions without batting an eye.

For those of you who play the lotteries, it's really quite simple. If you don't want to be "ripped off", follow these steps as a precautionary measure. And buy from a lottery center that is a reputable one - preferably getting to know those who sell you your dreams of retirement and financial bliss.

1) Sign your ticket. Pretty hard for someone else to claim it if it has your signature on it. I do it as soon as I buy mine. And, yes, I do buy them too. And, no, I don't "scam" because, if I did, would I really still be working here? Or buying tickets?

2) There is a long numerical code at the bottom of the ticket...memorize the last three numbers of this code and double check it against your receipt/validation. They should match. If not, jump over the counter and rough up the clerk until they give you YOUR ticket back, not a bogus one

3) Demand your receipt/validation slip. This is your right and the whole idea of printing these suckers is for your protection, not because we don't like trees. I automatically give people theirs when I pay them. Some people actually get angry at me when I do, stating "what do I want this for?". You can't have your winning ticket back once it's validated, but watch and ensure the clerk destroys it. Non winning tickets are returned with the validation slips. Or at least they should be. If yours is signed, then you know it's yours. If not, I suppose they could hand you back any old ticket and claim it wasn't a winner. Unless you follow the next step, which you should.

4) Only take your tickets to places that validate them in front of you, with the display screen visible to you. Don't let the dude behind the counter take your ticket away and then return to claim it wasn't a want to see him/her validate it for yourself. Also listen for "we're in the money" plays with every winner.

If you follow these simple steps, you'll have no problem. But please, don't keep asking me if things are "fixed". Or if the machines are "rigged". Do you really think anyone would answer "yes". I don't think I'd work for a place that was breaking the law.

When I ask questions of my own I'm stunned to learn of how people willingly hand over their tickets and let someone go off to check them out of view. Then they don't bother getting a receipt or their non winning tickets back. It just makes it too easy for those without consciences who are tempted by greed. Please people, protect yourself. And quit looking at me sideways, I'm starting to be offended by it.
SNL - Digital Short - A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve

Some of you might be offended by this so, please, give it a miss if you don't like "crude".

I happened to find it absolutely hilarious.

They Forgot to Notify Me

Well I'll be damned..."I'd like to thank my Mom & Dad........"

Are you kidding me? Ty was the first one to break it to me that we were Time's Peep's of the Year. He said he's using it on his resume. Thing is, he MEANS it. Actually, I thought it was pretty damn creative of him to think of that.


I was Time's Person of the Year in '06. After having played some serious XBox, holding down a part time job at the pet store and cheering on the Canucks like no other, I think I deserved it.

Yep, should take him places. I'm using it in my bid for a raise at work..."c'mon, you know, as 'Person of the Year' I'm worth a lot more than what you're paying me".

When we win the Nobel Peace Prize, could someone remember to let me know. I'll be napping.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

How Flattering

When the first picture came up I thought it was Courtney Love! This kind of covers the whole spectrum here, doesn't it. On the one hand, it's very flattering...on the other, WTF?!??

Go give it a whirl. Thanks
Kelly...I had fun with this!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Since I'm The Spreader of Christmas Joy & Happiness...

Did you guys hear about this story? It made my stomach churn. My God, I can't even imagine this. I know what I'd like her punishment to be...I don't think they make a model big enough though.

This is the second "Mommy shocker" story I've heard recently...the other involved mixing a baby's formula with straight vodka. Apparently it was an "accident" and the couple had vodka in a water bottle and inadvertently used it without realizing it was alcohol. Yeah, and the moon is made out of swiss cheese too. And there's this bridge.....

What ever possesses a person, let alone a PARENT, to carry out these heinous acts upon children? How does something in the maternal/paternal wiring short circuit so drastically that it creates this type of monster? I just want to know.

Something Amazing Just Happened.

I got it.....FINALLY! You've all been patient as I've pleaded my ignorant case. And you've all tried to help...kind of like heart surgeons trying to teach preschoolers how to perform a triple bypass. I've tried...really I have...AND TODAY SOMETHING CLICKED AND I GOT IT. You know the song in Aladdin..."A Whole New World"?....that's me right now, zooming around in lala land on that carpet.

And it's all thanks to YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU. And all the other wonderful magicians out there in blogland who worked their magic on my peabrain. This is a happy moment. I've been banging my head against a wall trying to figure this crap out since I got here...a Mac doesn't allow things to happen the way they always should. I know Allison has even given me the Mac for Dummies tutorial but it was like hieroglyphics being demonstrated in brail to me. If that made any sense at all.

So, if you'll excuse me, I have to go throw confetti and do the "whoop whoop" fist pump now. Not a pretty sight. Thank you friends.
Cheerleaders gone wild

In an attempt to lighten things up around here....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Temporary Absence

I won't be posting/commenting much over the next little while, but I will be here in short little spurts. Seems my world is crashing down and then there's Christmas. I'm tired of being negative and that's all I'm immersed in right now so I think I'd rather just go visit "happy places" (yours).

Aside from the most important things - the kids and Mom & Dad's health concerns, it seems my "reno's" have taken a drastic turn. Things were very "slow", in part due to what I went through with Mom, now the contractors (there are several different ones) are hard to connect with. They'd run into problems in the bathroom because a) things weren't built up to code (no ventilation!) b) they couldn't find a toilet with the "irregular" clearance necessary or a shower to fit in with the angle of the drain. So, long story short, things came to a standstill. Now that the sewer is backing up and I've been dealing with that, the property managers kind of let it "slip" that the insurance company/restoration company want to "close the file", it's been too long. They're not coming back...they've desserted me mid job. Pretty crafty... when they ran into difficulties they didn't return phone calls and then *voila* are saying "we don't want to do it now". Should've thought of that before your brilliant ideas of "constructing" walls and showers that I didn't think were necessary (and require a ceramicist to complete). Your promises of "it'll be better than ever" kind of leave me cold at the moment. I wanted one of those angular, glass showers that my neighbour just put, however decided something a little more "Sistine Chapel" was in order. You're not Ty Pennington, for chrissake. Or queer guys with straight eyes or Nate. You're smelly plumbers with the cracks of your asses hanging out, o.k.? Got that? Idiots. (Please note...I'm not referring to ALL plumbers, just these particular ones.)

The worst of this...all this time (since July), as they've dicked around and scratched their heads, noone thought to cap the open toilet hole that's down there. I didn't think twice about it - they're "the experts", right? Who am I to question their practices?...(I did...noone answered). There's no electricity/light in there right now so I didn't venture down there much at all. Just passed by and assumed things were in order. My insurance company had, afterall, highly recommended this restoration company and turned down the bid that was comparable from the contractor I knew/trusted, the one that we've always used in the building. No, these guys were real "pros" (you mean friends of yours, right? You came together, in the same car...kind of gave it away).

Anyhow, it turns out it's pretty hazardous NOT to cap it and we're lucky we didn't go *KABOOM* like the first of July. Scary. I've lost a lot of sleep lately, questioning, worrying, tossing, turning. I wonder about the health implications of the mold now growing where the leak was. And the fumes we've been breathing since July. I'm shit scared and going to my doctor on Thursday so he can help shed some light on all of this. I've been through the ringer and don't know if I have the energy, but a trip to a lawyer might also be in order. Maybe. Maybe not...they cost money. But I'd sure like to fix these bastards who have taken advantage of me when I'm weak and have jeopardized the health (lives, even) of my children. That one I can't get over.

(Oh, and to add insult to injury...when the plumber came on an emergency late night visit last week to unclog the sewer, his report was that it was "bunged up" with construction material - flanging, drywall, etc. His offhand comment to me was "yeah, the muckers like to play with sewers". Apparently they've been using the hole as their own personal garbage disposal. That, or they've carelessly let stuff fall in there. Either way, unacceptable and unprofessional.)

Thanks for listening. I feel so much guilt right now in raining on the Christmas parade...have you guys ever seen the "Debbie the Downer" skits? That's me right now. My lack of "commenting" on your blogs doesn't mean I'm not there, visiting, it just means I'm so drained I can't even make these little fingers type much anymore.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

metal airplanes - matthew good

The post that follows prompted this. I tried to grab something from Bolt at first, but couldn't...forgot my login info!! Enjoy.

I Attempted Another Top 5 List (attempted is the key word)

It's grey outside. The sewer's STILL acting up, despite Sewer King's efforts to rectify the problem. The kids are away. I'm feeling very sorry for myself today and, when one's doing that, it's imperative to play Matt Good, loud, all day. And sing. Also loud. And, in doing so, I thought after each song, "ooh, that's my favorite". Only to be followed by the next favorite. So I narrowed it down to five (yes I did!!):

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
Let’s Get It On
Born To Kill

(in no particular order).

Thought that was it? Now, knowing me and "top" lists, you realize I have to second guess them. So, in the honorable mention section:

She's Got A New Disguise
Advertising on Police Cars
House of Smoke and Mirrors
Five more that I can't decide from

Pretty good, huh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Positive Post #1

I won $1 on the lottery - on the extra. ParTAY! I'm trying here guys...this is as good as good's gonna' get for today.

Happy New Year

Since I'm a bundle of joy and spreading happy, positive vibes lately, I thought I'd cap things off with my New Years plans....the Cancer Agency just called and Mom's brain surgery (second one in twenty years) is scheduled for January. So is Dad's surgery for his bulging aneurysm. They're both extremely intricate operations involving high risk. And most people will be worried about burning off the extra bulge. I don't mean to sound bitter or to rain on the holiday parade, but WTF??? Whoever said life was easy?

So, as you're cursing the line ups at the stores as you're spending all your hard earned money and fighting to find parking spots, smile and know that life is precious and far too fragile to sweat the small stuff. That's what I'm learning anyhow.

(O.K., that's my quota of "whining" posts...the ones to follow will be telling you of all the great things happening around me. I just have to find them first)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Give Up

O.K., as much as I want to be positive and cheery, the final nail's in the coffin tonight.I'm trying to think of the good things in life right now, what are they again?....oh yeah, Mom and Dad are currently "stable" and I have great kids.

But the sewer back up in the downstairs bathroom that's only half finished sealed the deal for me today...I give up. I must've been a mass murderer in another life and now I'm being punished, daily, every single day. I had a couple of other fairly significant "blips" today, I won't even go there. But I arrived home from work and blamed Ty for the awful, bathroomy smell wafting through the place. And, being a 19 year old male, he shrugged, accepted it and offered no argument. But it wasn't him - it was the sewer. I called the property manager, who's a few bricks short of a load, who suggested I cover the hole in the floor where the toilet was with saran wrap and put something heavy on it. "No" I said, "get someone the hell out here to deal with it PROPERLY. Saran wrap's not a good plumbing solution as far as I'm concerned.

The plumber "snaked" the massive clog, which he reported was caused by "reno" material, jammed in there. Apparently the assholes redoing the bathroom decided the toilet drain could double as a garbage disposal, meaning they didn't have to cart debris away. Geniuses. They'll be a sorry lot if they try and get back in here again...I'll chase them out with the plunger. And a hammer. And I mean it.

After this plumber had unclogged everything (it took 45 feet of snake), he splattered the entire neighbourhood's shit all over my recently put up drywall that's not even painted yet. Then he blobbed it all over the floor and walked through it, just for good measure. Holy shit, I can't take this! (Oh, I just realized the appropriateness of that statement).

Despite the fact that I'd told Einstein (the property manager) that there's no light down there because the electrical stuff is unhooked for the reno's, he forgot to tell the plumber, who forgot to bring any source of light. I had my cute little flashlight that he "borrowed", smearing his crap gloves all over it. I'm going to have dreams of shitballs falling out of clouds tonight, I know I am. And everything smells like shit right now. Coffee. The vaccum bag. Me. It probably splattered on me, but I was too busy bleeding to notice. Oh, that details coming up.

I was going to blog pictures (not of the crap...I'd spare you that). But I'm just too disgruntled and tired right now to touch my camera. Besides, I don't want it to smell guessed it....shit. I also noticed that I'd gashed my knee open somehow while I was helping the Shit King downstairs and blood was running down my leg. Just for special effects. I'm like a horror movie right now, "Bleeding, Smelly Shit Zombie". The excessive use of the word shit is necessary to hammer the point home. I wish this were a scratch and sniff blog. No I don't.

Linds asked if we're gonna' get rabies. I don't know. With the way things are going, my guess would be probably. After the Plague.

Night all, sweet dreams.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The North Pole Is In Steveston

Well, Dad did cut back a great deal. He has some lights outside, but apparently he and the ladder aren't seeing eye to eye these days. Understand here, the outside of his place could be seen from 6 blocks away in the past. He had wooden cutouts that spelled "Merry Christmas" in lights up on the roof, a huge light up Santa/reindeer, lights in all the trees, etc. It was pretty damn elaborate. This year the outside has fizzled out some...but there are still some candy canes, lights...enough!

The inside is a different story and I can't see where he's "cut it back" at all (although he claims he has). The pictures don't do it justice (I'd turned the flash off) - it's much brighter/more colorful in person. The living room area is beautiful - a festival of light is how I can best describe it. I did manage to capture some pics before my memory card filled up!! Here's a "sampler":

This Is A Test

(You can tell I have "time off"...I'm blogging like a maniac.)

We're going over to Mom & Dad's now and, despite Dad's announcement that he "isn't decorating this year", that statement's gone from "I'm definitely not" to "I'm not putting up much". Having to look after Mom full time means he can't do the "extras" anymore...which is a load of bull because he's still baking pies, smoking fish and looking after everyone but himself.

Now, by HIS standards, he probably hasn't decorated. But this is a man who's won "Best Decorated House" on the Santa Claus parade route in previous years. The parade actually has stopped to "visit" at his place in the past (much to the dismay of those waiting up the street, sometimes in the rain).

We'll see...I'm taking the camera to gather evidence. I'll post his "pathetic" display later. Put on your shades now.

If This Were A Race, I'd Be Losing (or how turtle speed just doesn't get it done)

I'm really slow at this blogging stuff. I know the basics and not much more (which, I'm sure, is quite obvious by now). I still can't "link", "embed" do backflips or skydive. I can link on my sidebar, which is my bestestest feat here to date. I'm also very slow at updating and have neglected to add some "friends" whose blogs I visit regularly and really like. So please, forgive me if I've missed yours, it's not intentional or anything personal...I'm just in Christmas frenzy mode and REALLY behind in things. Have a great day!

Whoopty Do?

All I've been hearing since last night on our local news is the "buzz" about Tiffany's opening downtown. Like this is earth shattering, "breaking" news that we need to know. We don't. They've got a "live" reporter down there and they've been going on about it for two days. Tell us once and be done with it already.

Newsflash #1 - Most of us will never be able to afford a box from there, let alone any jewellery. #2 - There are way more important issues downtown than a frickin' store opening.

I wonder if they had to scoot around the sleeping bags on the street and stumble on the ice and snow that wasn't properly cleared away to get this "exclusive" story?

Is this what we've become? I am not excited by this. Maybe it's because jewellery isn't something I could ever dream of (besides the stuff I win at Sears). Maybe I'm just jealous that I'll never have reason to pass through the front doors. Nope, I'm not.

Come on Global, I have a hangnail..."break away" from Tiffany's for eight minutes and come do a story on it. I'm tired of this one.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My New Superhero is the BCAA Battery Man

Gord (aka God), you are the bomb. Today I finally decided it was time to dig the car out from under the snow and give it one more shot at starting...and it was still as dead as a doornail. I called BCAA (which I do bi-weekly) and they sent Gord out to save the day.

I was doubtful that it was "just" a dead battery. That would be too easy. Knowing my car's history, you'd understand this...I honestly think that, with all the new parts in it, it should fly to the moon by now. It's pretty equipped for a car that doesn't run. Now, as much as I really did want to abandon it on the side of the road at Dad's last week (actually I did...he had it towed to the shop when he tired of looking at it there), somehow it ended up back with me. Like a teenager that won't leave home, that's what the Volvo is. My last repair was another $350 - a new ignition switch and a relay, whatever the hell that is. I suppose it sends signals to something that's supposed to do something else. It did. For four days. Then, being the divamobile that it is, decided it didn't want to do that anymore.

Gord arrived late, but he arrived, nonetheless. And we laughed because I'd been out on the street, jumping up and down and flapping my arms around at another tow truck that had passsed and stopped down the road. I was sure he'd missed my place and I was desperately trying to get his attention. It turns out it wasn't him at was another tow truck tending to someone else (and probably thinking, "look at that crazy lady out on the street. SHE'S hitting the Christmas sauce a little early"). When Gord did arrive, I was thankful - I didn't feel so all "alone" anymore. He got right under the hood and started doing this and tightening that and, for a moment, I wondered if he knew what the hell he was doing at all. But it turns out he did, because he got the old goat running again. And, after a lot of scoping and checking, accompanied by sounds like "hhhmm" and "ooohahm", he reported that the beast seems to be running very well!!! Is this really the right car...MY car??!! I don't think it's ever run "good".

As it turned out, Gord and I discovered that we knew some of the same people and we joked and laughed while discussing belts and bolts. Then he kind of hit on me, which made me very uncomfortable so I paid him and said "keep the change" so I could end our transaction and get him the hell out of here. I don't know if you should tip the BCAA guy, but I felt it was money well spent. $180 and my car is once again gonna' burn up the street. If doing 52 in a 50 zone qualifies as that.


Before you proceed to my next post, where I bitch, rant, throw things and cry, please keep in mind that I'm not always negative. That, in my time of crisis and pulling my hair out, one by one, it's exceptional behavior and should, for the most part, just be ignored. Just wanted to remind you that there is a kind, happy person in here somewhere.

May The BlueBird Of Happiness Shit On Yer Head

*%$@*%$*&#*!!!!! And, also *%(#&*$&)^_&!!!

To the (plug your ears children) fucker who I'd made arrangements with LAST WEEK week to do Lindsay's school laundry at their place today.....YOU SUCK!

When you make a commitment to someone and they confirm it with you, all week long (including the day before) and then you change your mind eight minutes before because you're "bored and wanna' go out today", I hope you fall down a steep icy slope, into a pile of puke from someone's Saturday night shinnanigans, only to get up, leaving your purse behind for an opportunist to steal your identity, as well as your favorite lipstick. Seems harsh, I know. But, right about now, I mean it.

Understand here, life sucks lately and this friend offered, no INSISTED that we "save" Linds' dirty laundry and do it over there today. Last week, upon hearing of my laundromat woes, they said "you should've come here", to which I said, "no, it's o.k., I can manage". Then they INSISTED I come today. I had my Dad offering to take me to the laundromat yesterday, as my aunt was visiting mom all day (meaning we could leave her for awhile). I declined and said someone was helping us out today. But apparently not because she is a selfish bitch who cares only about herself and suggested I could "hand wash" Lindsays's jeans, as I've been doing, because she'd changed her mind. She'd "been in all week and wanted to get out" for lunch. (Plug your ears, here it comes again....*&$#@*$%!). I'd understand if something urgent came up, like her house was on fire, but her feeble excuse of "I've been cooped up all week" (she was out all day Wednesday) just didn't cut it as far as why she was turning my entire day upside down and leaving me "out in the cold" (literally).

I only wish she had a computer so she could read this. I may throw mine through her window so she can. Sorry, it's just I hate it when people don't keep their word and renege on a promise, for no other reason than "they can". AAAARRRGGH! Bite me. (Isn't that what cool people say when they're mad?)

You Know It's Going To Be A Good/Bad Day When....

My car is still broken down and I had an appointment yesterday so I decided to be adventurous and take the bus. This is a biggie for me...I haven't ridden a bus in ages. I must say, I actually enjoyed sitting back and letting someone else stress out over the cutter inners and random U turners.

I got to my 12:30 appointment at 12:15, only to learn that it was actually for 1:00 and I had 45 minutes to kill. Rather than sit in an office full of people coughing, spewing and talking of the snow (overdone), I decided to cross the street to the mall for half an hour.

I went into Sears and you know it's going to be a bad day when you inadvertently stumble into Sears Lowest Price Of The Year Super Saturday Sale. It was mayhem. I elbowed my way upstairs to look for a board game (hi Barbara!) for Tyler and his girlfriend and was pleasantly surprised to find the one I was looking for (that I thought was a Walmart exclusive - I really wasn't expecting to find it at all!). That made life easier...Walmart is in another city and I could cross that trip off the "things to do" Christmas list.

I was in the (very long) line up to pay when a fellow approached me and handed me a 50/50 type ticket, explaining that there was going to be a free draw in the jewellery department. I went over and, of course, in order to win the free necklace you had to suffer through the way too energetic sales pitch for the other stuff he was 'pushing' like a crack dealer in a back alley. I crammed around his little booth with the 8 million others who, like me, were trying to get something for nothing and listened to him as he pitched his products. It all looked like cheap crap and WOW, I could get these 4 pieces, valued at over $30 million for just $50. I'd rather go put a loonie in the machine beside the bubble gum dispenser and get it there, thanks. Then he brought out the necklace for the was actually very cute and I decided to stick around, just in case.

I did a little trick that my kids taught me to do with "draws" that require entry forms/tickets...I bent the corners up a little before plunking them in the bag. The time (finally) came for the draw - I suggested he shake that sucker before selecting a ticket...mine was the first one placed in there, now on the bottom. To set the stage here, I never win ANYTHING. EVER. I'm the type that chooses my scratch and wins at Dad's every Christmas (he buys a whole bunch for everyone to pick from) and watches as everyone else shrieks, "oooh, I won". And I pick the damn losers year after year. So I didn't have much hope is what I'm saying. But I'll be damned if he didn't call 0-9-5...THAT WAS MY NUMBER!!! You know it's going to be a good day when you get something for nothing. I swung the prize up over my head in victory, singing "We Are The Champions" and saying "booya" to everyone in close proximity (not really - that was just my vision of the victory and I really wanted to). The other losers all sneered at me in envy as they did the "once over" look before leaving. I felt so good about having actually won something that I went off and bought a whole bunch of shit we didn't need. Getting something for free makes you want to keep the ball rolling, you know?

I returned for my appointment and was told there'd been a "delay" and I'd have to wait in a completely packed waiting room. I sat and waited for about 40 minutes before it was finally my turn. You know it's going to be a bad day when you arrive 45 minutes early for an appointment in an office that's running 40 minutes behind schedule.

When my appointment was finished, I hit the local veggie market for some produce. Although I was bussing home, I still "loaded up" with stuff as, having no car has meant buying Safeway produce and their prices are totally inflated. So, I took advantage of the fresher, cheaper stuff at Kin's. I struggled to get my bags to the bus stop, but was reassured by the fact that the bus stopped right in front of my house and I wouldn't have to walk with it. My arms felt like they were going to fall off and there were welt marks where the bags hung off them and cut in. When my bus finally came, I took up two seats - one for me and one for my stuff. "Aaaah, relief".

We'd just started rolling when the bus driver began driving rather erratically. And, I'll be damned if he didn't stop after a few blocks and announce that we'd all have to clear out - that he was having problems with his spedometer. "You're kidding, right?". Apparently not. And, although he assured us that another bus would be along shortly, he was a big fat liar. It didn't. And, not only that, the stop he booted us out at was covered in snow/ice and there was nowhere to sit down.

After waiting/freezing for a bit, I decided I'd have to walk. You know it's a bad day when you've got 350 pounds of merchandise to carry down an icy slick of a sidewalk. I tentatively staggered along, having to put my bags down about every 100 feet to rest. It was a long journey...I probably could've climbed Everest with much less effort.

I arrived home in time to watch my hockey game. You know it's going to be a good day when the Canucks actually score. We won - yea! And I eventually defrosted.

The moral of the story is....transit sucks. What made your day good/bad?

This is the shape the sidewalks are in. I used quite a few curse words as I slipped and slid all the way home.

I couldn't buy a "little" package from Sears...NO, that would've been way too easy. This is the sucker I lugged home, full of board games and bricks. (Along with two bags of produce - we're not talking grapes and green onions either. Melons. Grapefruits. Oranges. You know, the heavy stuff)

The "bling" I won. Don't tell Linds...stocking stuffer for sure. It came with a cute little black velvet "sack"/bag.

Friday, December 01, 2006

JC's Coming!!

After boring you with that extremely long rant that I went on, here's something to make up for it - A SHORT POST! Don't know if I can do it, but I'll try:

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR IS COMING IN FEBRUARY AND TED NEELY'S IN IT. If the Sushi bar hasn't slayed it for me by then (it seems they've "misplaced" that one) I'm going to see if I can get tickets and go sing my little sushi heart out.

That's all folks!!

(can you believe it?....I'm done!)