Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well guys, hold down the fort for me....just got the call and my blood level is critical (60) so I probably won't be around until I get that fixed up.

Hope all is well. Junky, cheer on my Canucks for me if I'm not around, k? And we'll work out that trade when I get back. ;)

Life's a bitch.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Have you ever googled your own name? I just did and was totally surprised to actually find stuff there...kind of freaked me out. An old interview I did with a paper on a fight I was having at the schoolboard. The contest I just won the jersey in (where I found out someone else won a dinner with Geroy...gggrrr). It was quite interesting to see what was there - stuff I didn't know about. Then, for fun, I googled the ex - nothin'. No blackmail material. Another guy with the same name (he spells it weird) who looks like his polar opposite. I'd google a few of you if I knew your real names. Give it a shot - google yourself and see where it leads you.

Anyhow, I'm done tonight. Can't even muster up enough anything for a game of poker. Sweet dreams y'all. Tomorrow.
Well this kinda sucks. I had some complications yesterday (not related to my flu - that's the other thing trying to kill me) and had to push forward my doc's appt. to today. And he took one look at me and said you're anemic. So great, give me some iron and I'm on my way. But he said it appeared that I might be really low - like transfusion low, so he sent me to the lab and now I'm waiting on a call that gets my ass checked into the hospital. So, if I'm not around for a bit, hold down the fort - I won't be long. I bargained with my doc to let me have the Canuck's game if it is necessary for me to go and he cut me the deal. So I'm here for that regardless. This stuff all stems back to a very botched delivery with Ty that nearly killed me and is now rearing its' ugly head again. Nothing I can't handle though. Just last time I had to get a nasty blood transfusion (I'd lost over half my blood - apparently that's not good). The transfusion came complete with a follow up letter advising me that "the blood may have been contaminated and you must be tested for hepatits/hiv". Worst time of my life, thinking I may have contracted something serious because the blood hadn't been screened. I was one of the lucky ones - all clear. But this new stuff going on brings it all back to the surface, I'll tell you the whole story when I have more energy. Right now I've gotta' go blog surf before I go put my Sopel shirt on. Oh, I don't have one? I'll make one then.

TD, more than just a financial institution

I needed a lil pick me up today, so here are a couple of tidbits from the show last week. Yes, I'm still on about that. Expect more of the same for awhile to come.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome Back Baby!

My boy's back. And I'm very happy about that...not as happy as Fiona, but pretty damn happy. There are a few players I was really sorry to see go - Sopel was one of them. He's one of those players you either love or hate. Many were nervous when he was around the puck. We even sometimes would joke and say he'd "pulled a Sopes" when he'd bobble the puck around. But he also had the ability to make things happen. And he had heart and loved it here. I know he's an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. I also know he'd love to stay in Vancouver.

For now, I'm just happy he'll be back in our line up. He just fits better here.

(And while we're on the welcome back theme....Kelly's back too!!)

In Tribute to the Oscars (thought I should write something really meaningful)

Oh, and what am I wearing? Reitman's, with a $2.41 Bluenotes tee that someone thinks I paid $2 too much for. And I may have to agree with that.


When I watched Big Brother and they were subjected to nothing but PBJ's for food, I didn't see a problem with that. I could live with that, easily. And if you threw in a variety on the "J's", hey, rock on. Life would be good.

This is what I felt like/had today:My very excellent seeded wholegrain bread (the bomb) with tomatoes, pepper, Fleischmans and no fat mayo. And this got me thinking about one of my favorite foods in the whole world - the sandwich.

These are some of my favorites:

-Peanut butter, banana, raisins and honey. I've died and gone to heaven. I invented this, but you can steal it.

-A cucumber variation on my tomato masterpiece (but I don't like them mixed - have to be alone). But onion can make an appearance here. If it behaves.

-Cheddar cheese and HP sauce. Now this one sounds weird, I know. My ex used to eat them because there wasn't much in his fridge. And I'd make comments like "that's the nastiest fucking thing I've ever seen". But then one day, when he wasn't looking, I decided to try one. And now I'm hooked. Don't tell him. He mustn't win.

-Salmon "salad"....has to have celery, onion, lettuce and lots of pepper/no fat mayo. And ONLY wild salmon - don't eat that farmed shit.

All very simple/basic. I don't like complicated. I'm weaning myself off meat and pretty much hate it most of the time now. So my recipes are not very complex here...we're talking one, maybe two ingredients. So why even a post for chrissake? Because it's Monday.

So, what are your favorites?

(And I'll accept my award for this little masterpiece later, when I finish dancing to CAKE.)

Oh, and it's snowing everywhere but here today. Even Surrey. But the sun's out here because someone loves me and wants me to dance in the window for the rest of the afternoon.
See how that works?...I bitch like hell this morning, go to work, boss shows up and she's a sweetheart. I still did my shift but she was super accomodating and really showed concern (I think she could tell by looking at me that I wasn't good). So, 'nuff be said, she's my best friend now.

A friend of mine from elsewhere came over on her break and reported that she'd caught the security guard at work shoplifting. Nice. He's one of the full-fledged, yellow coated very official looking dudes hired by the store to keep an eye on us pesky customers. Ha, how's that for ironic?

So I've passed my little Asian bird, SARS, donkey flu around to everyone I know and Linds has to miss an appointment today that we've had booked for a couple of weeks. Aren't I a treasure?

I tried not to hork/spew/cough at too many unsuspecting customers during my shift. But I got the evil eye from a few as I choked back my own phlegm in order to save them. One guy just didn't care...he came in to show me the cheque that he'd just picked up at the lottery corporation as the result of a quick pick I'd sold him last week....6/7 numbers on the Super 7. Pretty piddly prize...just over two grand, likely because quite a few shared the pot on that one. He was happy just the same, but the "what if's" definitely came into play.

I'm starting to actually feel hungry - I haven't eaten since yesterday morning. The thought of food is making me churn but I feel like fruit so I'll stick with that. I'm gonna' go poke around and see what I can find.

Later campers.

Hey friends! Well it's Monday morning and, although I'd like to have a sick day today (still not too good), it's not an option where I work. Actually it's pretty ridiculous - I run this damn lottery booth that is independently owned by someone else. She's making a KILLING from it - I was just informed by the tech's that came last week that it's one of the busiest booths around (I can attest to that). She gets all kinds of perks (including Canucks booths on occassion) and shares NONE of it with the other girl and I. The whole family just returned from a two week Mexican vacation. She leaves for England in March. We bust our tails in there and, quite honestly, half the customers can't stand her and say it's only because of us that they come at all. FTR, the other girl I work with is a sweetheart and she and I get along very well. But it's times like this that I think why the hell do I have all this responsibility and not reap some of the rewards? I've never missed a day yet/been late. I put in OT (weekends) with no extra pay. As I've said earlier, the tips can be really good (she even tried to hone in on those at one point). But I'm sitting here this morning, after minimal sleep and having some "complications" that I deal with Thursday and I'm thinking, "boy, I'd like to call in sick". And I'd be totally justified. But I know I can't - noone to cover me. I think it's time to talk about a raise.

And, when I initially started this job it was my third at the time...I gave up the other other two when Dad, then Mom got sick and it's now my only source of employment. But I am starting to test the waters elsewhere. I have a hell of a lot of experience and know I could be somewhere better - but, honestly, it's my customers/the atmosphere I'd miss. Many of them are elderly/new to the country and it's so rewarding to know I make a difference in their day. They tell me they've missed me when I've been gone.

One other thing eating at me - no breaks. We work our shifts straight through - there's not even a toilet to use unless we close up shop and go to the sushi bar, which she looks down on. We handle people's filthy money all day and there's no place to wash...we have antibacterial hand cleaner (that's not too great if used on a regular basis). Kind of ridiculous in this day and age. And to think, my ex heads a union that fights for this kind of shit. He's constantly telling me that we're under appreciated there and should be treated better. Today I just don't feel like it - but off I go. Wish me luck.

Bitch, followed by a whine. What can I say, I'm on a roll.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

O.K., I lied again. I can only take so much Mind Freak shit before it starts to mess up my mind. Hot or not, I shut him down. I'm cringing at the fact that I just had to turn down 4 free Giant's tickets. To tell you the truth, I'd snap those tickets up as fast as I would Canucks tickets - WHL games are end to end, action packed ones that keep you on the edge of your seat. Fights - lots of them (which, of course, my son loves). But my God, what a fast paced game. Saying no to the tickets was tough...I almost decided to do the very wrong thing and spread my germs around Vancouver. I hate being responsible.

So the ex called...he, too, has me feeling sad. He just returned from a ski trip at Whistler, filet mignon, blah, blah, de fucking blah. Those trips were mine. Now he goes with the guys and I can tell by his immediate calls to me upon his return that it's not the same without me. Good. Better stay that way. He's nagging me to get my ass to the doctor. Oh, which reminds me of a post. Did I ever tell you about the time he saved my life? One of those "you should go to the doctor"/"later" deals. Later almost didn't happen.

Oh well, back to feeling sorry for myself on the couch. Where's my fucking kleenex???

O.K...posting's over for today. I just discovered that Criss Angel is on all day - good day to be sick. I love that little Mind Freak. So I'll be with Criss until the PPV Canucks game at 12:30, then back to Criss again. Life is good (even if I can't breathe).

Parents in China who are worried about their kid's internet "addictions" are turning to boot camp to fix things. For the equivalent of $1200 or so, the kids are shipped out to camp, where they're involved in activities like dancing and military training. Most of the kids are "only" children of wealthy parents and are used to a "pampered" lifestyle, meaning the bootcamp shakes things up a bit for them. And the kids who are shipped there sound like they really need something - one actually attempted suicide when his parents took his modem away!? Apparently there is a 70% success rate at the camp. Hhhmm.

Linds, come here, we're going on a little vacation.......

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why is it that the Boys in the BC Bleeding Hearts club do nothing to protect us here? A rapist from Ontario is being set free and, although Ontario refuses to have him back there, our boys have welcomed him here. He'll be moving in just down the road from Fiona...she buses to and from school (often late at night) by herself. It really doesn't leave me feeling too warm and fuzzy. It's about time Wally grow a set and learned to fight for our rights. So Ontario doesn't want him back - ask me why we care? Since when does Ontario call the shots here? It doesn't mean we have to adopt him....we really don't want him either. Signed, sealed, delivered HE'S YOURS. Wally's such a puss. Infuriating.
Hi guys. Just a quick hello as I'm still burning up with fever and basically hibernating on my couch. At least there's hockey on. I was so delirious that earlier I was "waiting" for the Canucks game at 12:30...only problem - it's tomorrow. I slept right through the phone ringing beside my ear. At least now I can stand up without falling back down (that actually happened). Funny, I thought I could muster up enough energy for a game of poker - yep, the girl's still got it. Even in my near comatose state, I'm kicking ass. I seriously think I could play poker in my sleep. Well, tomorrow should be some real posting...for now, this is all I'm capable of pulling together. You guys are the best.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm posting like a maniac because I'm sick as a dog right now and if I die you'll have plenty to keep you going, k? I'm all out of everything in the pain relief/knock me out department because I take stuff about every eight years and it's all expired. I did chew some Alpine gum that expired in ' the hell is it still around? Now I feel twice as sick (psychological). This is what I normally take but I'm all out. Damn it. Safeway closed 50 minutes ago so I'm SOL. Usually I have Buckley's here as a back up - nope...I sent that to the cabin with the kids. Not even booze in the house (since 2000)...I'd get plastered to deal with this agony. Probably not though. Plastered to me now is two drinks because, basically, I'm a wuss. I drank about a gallon of green tea at work, hoping that it might help. But damn that stupid drunk girl next to me at the concert who said she was sick/gonna' barf. Yea. Thanks my new friend, now I have something to remember the show by...this blows.

So here's my last YouTube find...we saw this on TV and I checked to see if it was here and, yep, it was. I love kick boxing and sometimes when I work out I pretend/visualize that I'm a kickboxer and could kick some serious ass. Visualization can be a great w/o put yourself in another place and forget how tired your ass really is. I used to do the whole Tae-Bo thing and actually, I really liked it. But this is real stuff, with a twist...kinda entertaining, in a numbnuts way I guess.

I do promise to quit all the whining soon. Maybe.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Ray Emery's back. Old news=

New news = the Ottawa/Buffalo game turned into a free-for-all tonight after a dirty shot on Drury and Emery looked to be loving every minute of it. Cheap, cheap shots lead to total chaos. Watch the sports highlights to see the mayhem.

My Boys Are Moonlighting

Wahoo....I'm doin' the "Day Off Tomorrow" dance. It looks like this:
Yes, this was from the show we saw.

Fiona's here visiting until tomorrow...that always makes us smile. She's special and we're keeping her. Well, I wish we were...we're actually driving her back at 7 a.m., then hitting Walmart. For what, I don't know...but we'll browse for bargain shit that falls apart. And then not buy it because it's crap that costs more than other places, like the last time we sweated it out there and left with a pack of gum. They should actually send shoplifters there for punishment - a week's worth of shopping at Walmart as their sentence. At Christmas time, when the line ups include hungry, screaming kids a mile long and people who don't speak English. Who yell to one another. Elbow to elbow. They'd go straight.

The mall out at Fiona's neck of the woods is great - Guilford. That's where the Culture Craze has not only a booth, BUT A WHOLE GODDAMNED STORE FULL OF EXPENSIVE STUFF. All from England. We love it. Well I do, for five minutes, then I go sit out on a bench with Ty & Fiona and wait for Lindsay to try on everything in the entire store. Twice. And then, once again, we buy nothing. Because $180 for 2" of skirt just doesn't seem right. And ripped things...hell, I can make those myself.

I found this sign out there in Flick'r land...?????
Got any ideas what it means?

UPDATE: Canucks game is on in 7 minutes. This means another two points for us.....our win percentage since Christmas is
.812!!! We're number one in the league during this period. So any teams currently in front of us *ahem - you know who you are* - better look out. We're coming.
Just a quick bitch before I'm off to work. Last night when I went into the hospice (later than usual), a nurse, who will remain anonymous, said "where have you been? Your Mom's been asking about you?". Hhhhmmm.

What she didn't know was that I'd changed things up a bit and had been there for the entire morning the day before, freeing Dad up to do some stuff. Which meant I wasn't there in the evening (when we went to the concert). What she SHOULD'VE known is that it's none of her business and to confront me like that was very inappropriate. That I owe no explanations re my schedule/time with Mom. Being the people pleasing wimp that I am, I gave her a big explanation. Why do I do that? I'm an adult - I need answer to noone. I should've dealt with it then - perhaps something like "I don't think that's really any of your business" (which it isn't). But that might've set her off and I'm scared that Mom will suffer if I don't kiss ass. But this was an issue for me...for years my ex was extremely controlling and it took me a long time to regain my confidence after we split. I swore I'd answer to noone but me in this life....that I'm quite capable of being responsible/accountable for myself and don't need any help with that. So a nurse that we're paying good money for really has no right to question me like that, does she? She may have been acting in Mom's best interest (which I've considered), but she also knows that two minutes after I leave Mom forgets I've been there. So her asking about me is a given - she does it regularly, whether I'm there or not. It happened Tuesday morning - I'd been with Mom all morning and then Dad came in so I ran to the store to get some stuff for us. When I returned we did a little "test"....Dad asked Mom if I'd been there. She said "no, I haven't seen her", despite the fact that I'd been there all morning and had just left for 5 minutes.

Now this is the same nurse that called me for five nights in a row, all within an hour or two of me getting home from there and sometimes quite late at night. I just don't think that I need this extra pressure...someone "babysitting" me and keeping my schedule for me. Now I feel like I want to "slink" in and out so noone knows when I'm coming/going. Because, really, I don't think it's any of their business...what do you think?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tenacious D

The show last night was absolutely well worth the price of admission. I was uninspired when we set out - I can report that I quickly shed that and rocked it hard all night.

The drive down there pumped us up - they had a radio interview on with Jack and he described the high tech pyro that we could expect - red/yellow cloth that was to be the "fire". Wicked. Greatest show in the world (o.k., I'm overusing that one these days). I've only been to the Queen E a couple of times, always with someone else driving, so I was unsure of parking. We lucked out and found a huge parking lot that I assumed was in the vicinity of the venue - I knew the address was getting close. When I approached the ticket machine a guy on a bike rode up and mumbled something about paying HIM. He swiped a prepaid card and the parking ticket came out and then he said "just give me five bucks", so I did. At first I thought he was a disheveled lot attendant but I soon came to realize he was not. I was quite prepared to give him the $10 - the cost to park there. But he grabbed my five, said thanks and was gone as fast as he came. I like deals.

We walked across the huge parking lot, crossed the street and headed down the road, looking for 695 Cambie. We laughed when we realized we'd parked right across the street but had strayed and taken the long, "scenic" route to get there. Losers. We doubled back and lined up.

The line up was a hoot. People getting hammered outside before the show and homeless people working the crowd. My donation equalled one dollar - hey, I'm about five bucks short of being homeless myself. "If I give you a dollar today...." why can I picture Russell Peters doing that one with his Indian accent?

Anyhow, the "backup" act was a very crude, not funny comedian. He wasn't supposed to be funny...that was his act. People grew restless with the non act and were quite rowdy and I was completely bored and totally not into the guy's stupidity. Little did I know that Linds recorded it on her cell - I hope it wasn't the part about blow jobs. Neil Hamburger was on about 30 minutes too long and Tenacious D were a few minutes late. I hate waiting.

The D opened the show with the living room set up - they both were covered up on the couch and quickly sprang into action. They did all their best songs, but I don't think they did their new "Pick of Destiny"....that's not my favorite anyhow so I didn't care. The show was crazy good....the sound was excellent. The anti-christ on guitar was completely awesome - he rocked my socks off. Colonel Sanders was on the drums. The bass player was cool. Linds and I quickly abandoned our seats for a birdseye view (standing) right along the rail. "Connections" meant that, while everyone else around us was directed back to their seats, we remained where we were for the entire show. I make friends, have I told you that? We danced, sang and had a great time. Ty and his friend Steve were a few rows over and didn't rock nearly as hard as we did.

The "show" was just that - an absolute show...everything flowed into a story that unfolded with the music and included the mushroom, "Metal", Satan and my favorite, "Lee" the friend/dancer who hung out and helped liven things up. The cardboard cutout "cars" took me back to grade school plays - man, this shit rocked. The set started off with acoustic stuff, but Jack had "scored" a beautiful, home made "collector's" electric that he pulled out
for Kyle, which meant it was time to rock.

Of course they did my favorite, "Tribute", to which I had to do the "ROCK"/kick part to, almost taking out the eye of the guy seated next to me (remember, they weren't allowed to stand - only us special ones).

The boys also did a bit of the Jack and Kyle back and forth banter that is so endearing. They're quite a pair, those two. First they break up then they make up, it's touching....kind of chokes you up.

To round out the evening they did a nice little bit from Tommy and man, did they pull it off. They brought the house down. The three guys in front of Linds and I were almost as entertaining as the show....they were SSSOO into it. They head banged, high fived, moshed and looked at each other, mouth and eyes wide open, shaking each other by the shoulders every time a song they obviously knew/loved started. Which was pretty much every song. They were true blue fans. A whole lot of energy was spent by them and it added to the atmosphere for sure.

We were sorry when the show ended, it seemed to fly by (it happens when you're having fun, right?).

I'd chatted up a few of the security cousin is "the big boss" and I've come to know them from a few shows we've been to. So when we were behind the scenes, waiting for an autograph for Lind's shirt, it was quite comical to see them in action. A Rod Stewart looking dude and his cheeky (wasted) girlfriend kept trying to con them into giving them backstage access. The security guys kept using me as their excuse, pointing a finger saying "HER cousin is OUR boss so if we do that she's gonna' tell and we'll get fired". Yep. I would. Dude was persistent, even offering a million dollars. Too much Howie Mandel buzz. NO DEAL. Unfortunately, it was pissing rain and Jack did a b-line to his van with his baby in tow...a quick hello/wave had to suffice. Hey, it's part of being a Dad and we were bummed but understood.

I'd say the "D's" first Vancouver appearance was a huge hit. They played again tonight (a show that was booked when the first one sold out so quickly). Fiona and her brother are there and I'm waiting to compare notes.

All in all, my boyfriend JB and his brother Kyle did not disappoint. Linds went so far as to say it was the best concert she'd ever been to - rating it higher than MG AND Pearl Jam. I must admit, it was pretty damn good.
Thanks Barb! I was a bit worried...I guess having your ass glued to the computer chair isn't so bad after all.

You Are 49% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?
You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.
Your Celebrity Baby Name Is...

Apple Poppy

Just got in from work...need a nap before heading up to the hospice. Ty came over and surprised me at work..then laughed at what a zombie I am today. I had him go and buy me a large OJ and, when he returned with it, I shook it, popped the cap and then had to put it aside to deal with a customer. Customer left and I grabbed the full OJ and shook it again, knocking the unscrewed cap off and throwing/spilling it everywhere. Of course I had some very important mail there, ready to go to the post office. And money, my bank card, etc. Not to mention my terminal, the cash register and everything that shouldn't get wet...yea! I'm a superstar. Can't even drink from a bottle without causing chaos. I need a sippie cup. Everything was soaked/sticky with OJ and, of course, that was 5 minutes before leaving (which stretched it out to 20). I need a nap now - TD news will have to wait. Drinking is hard work...have I told you that?





Too tired tonight...details tomorrow after work.

G'night all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wow, my days off are busier than my work days. I'm all messed up and keep thinking it's Saturday - Tuesday, right? Going to see Mom, to the laundromat, for dinner with the mum-in-law, then to TENACIOUS D. I'm probably not as excited as I should be but I'm sure that'll change once I'm there.

Have a good day friends...I'll check in tomorrow.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I like this's from a book on native art that I got from my friend. Our places are 2100 sq. feet and hers was bookshelves, top to bottom. Really great books - some were a hundred years old. Books on war, politics, art, animals/nature, philosophy, furniture, musical instruments, name it, she had it. My guess would be between 5,000-10,000 books, mostly hardcover. She was in her 70's, yet I'd find Rolling Stone magazines and comic books in amongst the piles. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings was her favorite. She was so different than others her age. I miss her dearly...she's been gone a year now. She was a good friend. I wrote about her (them) tonight, but I saved it. I've done that three times now. I think I've touched on them before, but one day I'm telling their whole story. I just want to do them justice when I do.

For now, I'm going to share bits and pieces of what they left me. I treasure it. Actually, I inherited this computer from her and some days I stumble across her work - she was brilliant. I had first crack at everything of theirs and I was just too numb to even really think about it. Their home was like a museum full of treasures and antiques and I just didn't want to disturb it. I even kept their cats "at home" for a month and a half after she'd gone...then they got "evicted" by some heartless souls. People swooped in like vultures and I was sad to see their stuff get treated like garbage. Rifled through and some of it completely trashed. I got things that mattered to me - the wood carvings that T painstakingly worked on, usually with my dog at her feet (she'd go over when the kids got too rowdy and "hide" in her workshop until I'd go find her). Often with Lindsay watching, in awe, at the door. She created miniature worlds. Carved beautiful birds. I'll share them all here over time. But for today I'm wishing I had taken all the books and shared them with people. Because many went in the dumpster, I know they did. I suggested they be donated to a library...but the dumpster was easier - it was right outside the door. I gave a bunch of the war books to my son's friend who was really interested in them - he certainly appreciated them. Their library next door put the public one to shame. And it was tragic that the books weren't respected as they should've been and donated to those who would've put them to good use. I have quite a few at my place, I took mostly art books. The Robert Bateman stuff was my favorite and they left me a framed picture that he did as well. The only real art I own...I love it and would never part with it. I'll share their entire story one day, there's just so much to tell.
Just a "hello" before I'm off to work. Hockey talk - my boys are on a roll. Although they were somewhat outplayed in the beginning of the game, they managed to pull together a win against the Av's. I miss Brad May, he had heart. He was the one that put together the big charity game during the lockout (where half the guys got quite "tipsy" afterward, it was entertaining, to say the least). We met Gilbert Brule that night...what a great kid he is. Anyhow, Mom's quite funny when it comes to the Canucks. I may have already told you this, whatever. She kept asking me who my favorite Canuck was ("Linden"). I repeatedly answered and then said, "who's yours Mom?". She thought for a minute and then said "TREVOR", like she was on a first name basis with him, overruling me. It was cute.

Montreal ruined my Toto picks...they won the wrong game. Oh well, this week's another week.

It's pouring rain here - I don't mind working when it's like this. We'll see about later in the day...I did a pretty good workout yesterday so I imagine I'll be sore later. I used to focus more on cardio but yesterday I did a lot of toning/weights/ab work. So far I can still move - I hope all the stretching saves me.

Nothing exciting from this end. We are going to Tenacious D at the Queen E tomorrow night - I took the day off. Linds is wearing a shirt that says "This is not the greatest shirt in the world" (front)..."this is just a tribute" (back). I think they may steal our idea and market them. Found this someplace. I think we all could've used this department at some point in our dealings with others in the workplace, don't you?

Have a good Monday y'all.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"My name's Deb and I'm a postaholic".

There, now we've got that squared away.

I just composed a big long post and then deleted it. I should be deleted. Anyhow, it was too long so that's my sign to condense things.

Some time ago a thief/crackhead spirited entrepreneur was spotted by my neighbour, rummaging around by my back door. "C" knew that this guy didn't belong here so he approached him and asked what he was doing. At which point the guy pushed past him, jumped on his bikemobile and left (he had one of those baby carriers on the back of his bike - it's common here with the crackheads). C knocked on my door and told me about the guy and I sprang into action. Idiot. I hopped in my car and tracked the dude down. I had him lined up, right in front of me as he pedalled his ass down the road with our stuff (mostly bottles). He veered right in front of the car to cross the street to the park and I seriously considered ramming his cart. Seriously...I almost did, but I managed to restrain myself. I blasted the horn and scared the shit out of him, to which he gave the finger. I then rolled down the window and yelled "stay the fuck out of our carports". Did I ever tell you how stupid I am? Dumb, dumb and dumber. So now he knows me/my car. And where I live. I am such an idiot. Here's what happened the last time I opened my big mouth in a road rage incident (I'll tell that story one day - nice broken nose for me).

He then entered the park and I zipped around to head him off at the other side. Which I did. He "waved" at me again and I pulled into the community police station that was situated right on the park. I went in to report him and, well, they don't care. They don't have time. The donuts won't wait. I do understand that this is petty stuff and they have bigger fish to fry. But this cop was right there, doing nothing and he could've got the guy with stolen property if he'd just swaggered outside. Nope. No go. He did say "we know who the guy is". Comforting. So I assumed this meant he could be back - that he was a "regular". Now please, understand, this isn't about the stuff that this guy's, no, no. It's the mama bear protecting the den - my daughter's often here alone while I'm at work. And I really don't want her to run into this guy if she's heading out the back door sometime. So my motives are purely protective and it's more about feeling violated than anything else.

And he has been back, with reinforcments it seems. They work shifts, those eager beavers. We figure there are three of them - one moron on council said "oh yeah, I've seen them", to which I questioned what he did about it. "Well nothing" (I stuck my finger in my nose could probably complete that). I suggested that perhaps, as someone on council, he "get more involved" and address these guys who are trespassing (we do have signs posted). Or do something. But, he's a chickenshit so he watches them. Three different units have had bikes stolen - and we're not just leaving stuff lying around**. We're talking locked up in the rafters with chains and they bring cutters. They've recently taken to smashing car windows to break into them. There's nothing in them at times, but they still break in and have a look. Ha, the first one they broke in to belongs to a Vancouver cop who lives here (they will put down the donut and kick your ass if necessary. Or even when not.) Now he's on the lookout. Good choice guys.

(**So I decided to play the game...I put crap out that would normally go to the dump. I put a nice looking little TV out there (that shuts on and off) - no dice though...they didn't take the bait. I figured if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. This made that council member mad - "don't encourage them". And he had a point so I've stopped. My thinking was that they come anyhow, whether there's stuff out there or not...may as well make their "visits" useful? They haven't returned to my unit. I think they think I'm crazy.)

I'm not really worried about the stuff - that's not the issue for me. I don't want these guys poking around here with all the kids who live in here - what if they encounter them? I knew I should've run the guy down, damn it. Blew that one.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well so ends my nothing day. Oh, I should play Nothing Man as a you see what too much time on your hands does? I should be doing something more productive but, honestly, I feel like shit. I'm dead ass tired and am going to crash very shortly (waiting for Linds to return from Delta first).

This was my dinner.Straight out of the can/pack. Cold. Yum...told you I'm a weirdo. This is as lazy as lazy gets.

Ty has his friend Steve over playing ridiculous killing games on one of his 800 systems. They sound like someone let pitbulls into a chicken cage. With boots on. It's ruining my nice flow...Mark Lanegan "Come To Me" just smoothly handed over to MG's HOSAM. I haven't played it in at least 4 days (I think). Ha, I save it for when Ty's here I guess.
I'm playing poker too, see.....
Even that can't keep me awake so I'm gonna' check out of this game.

I'm so lame I should write a song about it. Later.

Well I really am boring myself, you and the entire universe with my nothing talk so I'll sign off now. Love you all. (No, I'm not drunk).
I'm having a really lazy day today. I need feels damn good to do absolutely nothing. I spent the morning at the hospice with Mom (Dad's in a golf tournament every Saturday morning) and I got a doctor in to look at her eye...she's having a lot of problems with it.

But since I've got back home I've done nothing but stuff I want to do. I watched "Miss Congeniality" (again)...I love Sandra Bullock. And Benjamin Bratt ain't too shabby either. It was the perfect Saturday movie - not too involved.

I'm also going through YouTube and listening to/watching some of my favorite videos. We couldn't be friends if I revealed them to you...I'm a weirdo. I don't know what makes me like the music I do, but I do. O.K., I'm gonna' "fess up"...this is one of my favorite songs (why?). This and Dope Show. Now you have to pretend you don't know me anymore if you see me on the street.

Where's The Beef?

More food stuff.

An example of Tyler's thinking...

I made this for brunch (leftovers are so much better). For years I tried to get my kids to eat wholegrain breads, more fruits/veggies, etc. and I still always add something that resembles fruit/veggies on the plate. To which he replied, "grapes, these are grapes, they're not meat". "Uh huh" I said, "and....?".

"If they were wrapped in bacon THEN they'd be worthy of my time. Fuck grapes".

I tried.

Deep down, I think he means it.

(this would've been so much better on my bread.)
Most won't be the slightest bit interested in this...I, on the other hand, am watching what develops here very carefully (ha, literally). Here in Richmond, things are rapidly changing. And, as someone who was born/raised here, I can honestly say that it's not for the better. I point a finger mostly in our current City Council's direction...those clowns think every square inch of Richmond should be covered in concrete/highrises in order to bring in the $$.

Richmond was a quaint little fishing/farming community for most of my life here. The change hasn't been a gradual one - it's happened virtually overnight...the last ten years seeing development on every inch of unused space. Now I'm not against change/development at's stupid to think that things should stay the same forever and I welcome progresss. That being said....

There is a 55 hectare parcel of land here known as "the Garden City lands". It's not far from my place and when I worked for the DDA, I passed it every day. It is directly across the street from the nature park and is home to a number of species. It's not uncommon to see a coyote rummaging around out there - yet it's smack dab in the middle of the city core. It's a little treasure and not much attention was paid to it in the past as noone really even knew what it was. It was just a nice green space in what's fast becoming the ugliest fucking city I've ever seen. What a shame, my little "island city by nature" (which is how we promote ourselves).

Awhile ago (and tied into the 2010 Olympics) our city council began looking at this land and developed a proposal for its' use/removal from the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve). That was a problem, as the Musqueam have laid claim to the land and it's currently part of the Canada Land Company (federal). It would have to be removed from the ALR to be developed and twice that has been rejected and the land has remained on the ALR. I actually wrote to the ALR commission during the last attempt by council to gobble it up for more development. They listened. The few of us that were involved made a good case for why we didn't need another flurry of condos going in to what is prime agricultural land. But if it was to be removed from the ALR, the city was quite prepared to cut a deal with the Musqueam which would see most of it developed for residential/business use. None would be used for agriculture. And that rattled many in the area who did not want to lose it to anything other than agricultural use. Any way you looked at it, it would involve a fight. And the city was prepared to fight/cut deals if it suited their needs. Just not now.

An organic blueberry farmer here countered council's proposal with one of his own that addressed their refusal to see the land as agriculturally productive. His proposal was to lease and grow organic blueberries on it. For the most part, the residents here supported his plan. Anything to keep agricultural land as just that is a welcome change from what's become the norm here. Those of us who have been crazy enough to stay here are fighting for what little is left of "greenspace". Most is quickly being devoured and on one street right now there are probably upwards of 100 rezoning/development signs. Enough already.

The latest proposal to be brought to council has been the best one yet (I think)....The Richmond Poverty Response Committee has tabled a detailed plan for the site, focusing on community farms and allotment gardens. It would provide locally grown produce in the heart of the city and would contribute to the local food banks. Sounds everyone that is, but those damn jackasses on council (developers/commercial property managers) - they stand firm in their crybaby stance of "we don't wanna' do that. We want to do it our way". Seriously...I think I heard ten times "that's not what we'd planned on doing". Who? Us, the people? We didn't get a say last time I checked. Oh,'s not what you planned on doing. Tough.

You see, when someone else has a vision for the land council is quick to throw up their arms and say, "it's not our land, can't be done". But they fight tooth and nail if it's their legoland creations/plans we're talking about. Then they suddenly feel empowered and that the land could be made available somehow. They negotiate and work deals out. Kind of talking out of both sides of their mouths here.

Although residents are up in arms and have been flooding the editorial pages here with positive feedback regarding this latest plan, council's ignoring it and sticking to their guns. It's development or bust baby. I just finished watching the broadcast of the Feb. 12 council meeting and they're trying to shoot it down (again). Despite the fact that it's what most want here. You see, it's not what THEY want (isn't council supposed to look after everyone's interests, not just their own?...hmmm). My favorite council member (an old neighbour who went to school with Mom) really "gets" things - he's on board with the long term vision of residents who know that once this place is toast, it can't/won't be undone. That we need to salvage some of what we have left and not let the greedy developers have it all. He presented a very good case and was bullied, as usual. There were two others who shared his support for the plan and I know who's getting my votes in the next city election.

The secret's out and I'll be watching this one very closely. As Harold put it to the rest of council..."you've been shot down in your bid to destroy these lands twice now. Three strikes and you're out and I hope you'll let it die". They won't. They're stubborn and will probably be twice as difficult to deal/reason with now. I'm quite sure they're shocked and were unprepared for any other bids for the land. Especially ones that make sense and could be easily pulled off. Sort of threw a monkey wrench in to their plans of concrete and dollar bills. But they'll come out with both barrels pointed and continue to bully. It's how they operate.

I'm going to make sure that my little voice is once again heard in all of this...I'm going to compose another letter to the ALR. The only real interest this council has in this land is to get it off the ALR so they can get their grubby paws on it. It's situated on prime real estate. Those of us who truly care about this city want it left as is or farmed. This has just been cited as a truly unique area because of the farmland and the ability to create some real sustenance for the people here. With all that's happening in the world, this needs to be the focus and any plan that considers the environment should be carefully looked at and supported. Harold also firmly stated that it's time this council begin putting the environmental issues before the economic ones. Well said my man. It's so frustrating to have these clowns in power...those who vote for them are also on board with their "money is everything plan".

One council member actually did whine (it was pathetic) and he continually repeated, "this wasn't the plan though". It wasn't HIS plan, that's the real problem. And he also kept saying "but it's not our land". Which wasn't an issue to him when he was drawing up plans for ten more highrises there. Our council spews off about the environment, going green, etc., but they're full of shit. They talk the talk is all. They see nothing but money and don't give a rat's ass about this place - most of them probably are planning retirements somewhere else anyhow. This proposal has been highly endorsed by groups that take an interest in our environment/quality of life here...this should be a no brainer. But for those with no brains, it's not that simple.

(And I'm sorry, this is very "wordy"...this happens when I am passionate about something. And this one's got my hackles up. Our council treats us like stupid nobodies and tends to ignore the voice of the people here. That'll be changing soon...hopefully election time, if not sooner).

Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome Back Ty!

When Ty's away Linds and I starve eat like birds. Not much cooking happens because, quite frankly, we couldn't care less about food. We eat fruit, cereal, granola bars, (crumbs) for dinner and the grocery bill goes WAY down. Well, Ty's back - Mr. Meat & Potatoes Man. This is his plate. His first plate. It's good to have him back home.

My Canucks are ruling the universe. Here are the standings in our division, suck it Calgary (sorry Barb, I don't consider you Calgary. You're too good).We want the damn cup this year. And if my boys don't get it done I'm gonna' personally show up in the dressing room and spank them myself. I've had my picture taken with the cup but it just doesn't count until you win it. So it's a must win situation here.

Ty laughs at my Toto pics.I do too actually...they are quite funny at times. I don't really think Montreal will win but hey, whatever. I pick what I feel at the moment and I don't listen to stats/reasoning/logic. Apparently I listen to the air in my head. I like to go against the grain (just like I bet the horses). Oh, and I refuse to pick teams that we are battling in the west...they've just gotta' lose. So I don't know why the hell I have the Wild in there. Possibly because they let Willie Mitchell go and we eventually ended up with him here...I could kiss them for that. He's a local boy who really wanted to play here. And Luongo...what is it the guy can't do? I've seen him stand on his head, make saves with his hair and I'm quite sure he did a double back flip at one point. The guy's amazing. Back to my day when my long shots come in I'll be the one laughing - all the way to the damn bank. So cheer for my teams tomorrow, k? (Oh, and Sunday too). I'll send you a dollar. OT/shootout win. And later, when I have more time, I'm going to tell you why I was so thrilled to see Trevor (Linden) get the first crack at it in the shootout. And lead the way, as he's done so many times before. He's my boyfriend, did I tell you that?
Ty's here so I'm cooking us a really nice dinner...roast beef, yorkshires, the whole nine yards. Plus we're watching the Canucks so it's all good. I bought a ticket for the millionaire lottery and lost it...that'll be the winner for sure. Today was one of those days where everyone was mindless and at least three customers gave me too much money. And I promptly brought it to their attention and now I'm their best friend. Good thing I'm honest...I could make a killing. One guy was really happy about it - it was like noone had ever done anything nice for him before. Now, to be perfectly honest, when I'm a paying customer and I'm given too much money back...well, that stays with me. Sorry, you fuck up, not my problem. Am I bad for that?

The ex was here when I got home from work and he still thinks I'm nuts. His dog loves me and mauls me and hates to leave. I'm gonna' dognap him because I deserve him. He's gorgeous. The dog that is.
Well, my ex too but he can be a total asshole so I've overlooked his gorgeousness. It's only part of the equation and some of it = heartbreak/mean.

But I'm glad we're good friends. I was going to burn him a cd (he still loves my music)(and my cooking)(and, well nevermind..he can just reminisce) but I was too busy at the boob squasher (good one tc). I made him one a few weeks ago...mind fuck stuff. Like "how much you miss me" and "you'll never forget me" stuff. I have fun with it. It works...he calls late at night and I hear it playing in the background. I'm so good.

Another ridiculously uneventful post by Deb. I'm in a silly mood. Actually, that's kind of the norm for me.

Back later.
Oh yea, I get to go for a mammogram today. For you guys - imagine having to stick a body part in a vise and as it's squeezed closed you're twisted around like a contortionist. I'd rather have my eyeballs pulled out by fishhooks, thank you very much.

If I'm cranky later, you'll know why. :)

This One's For You Mel

This is one of my me through many a moment. Maybe it'll give you some strength too...hope all is well ;)
(don't know about you, but I find it hard to sit still with this one on)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

(OK, this is strange. I'd thought about posting this the other night but didn' I'm going to because it just fits with some discussion here. I love RP and missed him the last time he was in town. Damn it, now that he's a big star I bet the ticket prices have tripled)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The hospice was an adventure tonight. Some of the patients were unruly "restless" and it was chaos for poor Pam. My God, that woman's incredible. I met her years ago when she was a teacher's aide and cared for a young autistic boy in Ty's kindergarten class. I thought she was a flake back then...still do. But she's also a damn pro at her job and I feel so much more relaxed when I know she's the one caring for Mom. Mom loves her and thinks she's family. She is as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to make sure that she's rewarded for her efforts....something nice. She just gets right in there and takes charge - no hesitation or uncertainty. Tonight one of the patients pulled out all of his needles as she tried to put them in. And all of his IV's. While this was happening, another woman (who buzzes all night every night) started her evening routine. Then a fellow decided he needed oxygen...NOW! And they don't have it there. Yet she took it all in stride, wasn't frazzled at all. I'm in awe. I've volunteered to answer the phones while I'm there. Everyone entering the facility has to buzz in and she's running herself ragged and needs to be able to focus on the patients.

So there was a lovely huge pile of puke right outside my car door and of course I stepped in it. Beautiful. Well at least it killed my appetite. I'll bet something's going around there...we've all felt queasy.

Ty laughed when I spoke to him today because poker is not enjoyable right now and I told him I was quitting. Bad beat central and playing with "aways" just doesn't make for a fun game. But I decided to sneak one more tourney in before I packed it in and I played really aggressively. I was tired of being beat by 7 2 hands. And so this is how things unfolded at the end.....

Yea me! Now I love poker again and I'm not quitting. Which is why Ty laughed...he knew I wouldn't. I keep winning my way into the (bigger) money games but the two that I've played in so far I've had terrible luck/hands in. It's frustrating...I get down to the nitty gritty then lose with pocket aces. That's what happened in the last one.....I played very patiently and then was beat by the stupidest hand ever. Oh well, such is's called poker, right? I think if you win eight stages you get to the real big money. I've made my way up to stage 5. I'm bound and determined.....

(These are two of my poker idols)

But I think Kathy Liebert is my all time as ice she is. Can take down an entire room full of men. And there's something very cool about that to me.


Okay, to start off. this is not my mum, Deb.
No, this is her daughter, Lindsay.
I'm typing this as fast as I can, she left me a note saying "be back in 5"
It's been more than 5 so she could walk through the door any minute and if she catches me on her computer i'm toast.
Anyway, I just wanted to suprise her.
I love you.
Love, Lindsay.

UPDATED BY MOM: THIS is my superhero and her friend.....

and again, doing what she loves most.....

(*ahem - in this one, what you can't see is that she's standing on my car)

Lindsay, you are the best and I love you. Thank you for making my day., keep your ass out of my account ;) L.M.

"I love myself today
Not like yesterday
I'm cool, I'm calm
I'm gonna be okay! Uh huh"

(thanks Bif..heehee)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love to shop if it's for other people. Most of what I buy I give away...I just have fun with it. K used to love being at the receiving end of that. He just reported to me the other day that the $500 ski boots I bought him many moons ago finally bit the bullet and he needs new ones. Ha, got out of that one, didn't I?

This is what I got Linds for tomorrow.....

Tights, leggings, socks, tees...she scores big time when I'm feeling "needy"...I comfort myself with the cha-ching of the cash register. (FTR - the tights were 75% off...I also love deals). Don't get me wrong...I seldom go shopping, but when I do, I do it right and usually make up for lost time.

She should be quite pleased.

This is what I got for myself.....

0. Nadda. Nothing. Zilch.
Next time.

This is the "SCHOOL"bag I got Linds awhile ago in an attempt to bribe her back to school. I am not above bribery. Torture techniques. Anything it takes. She's still not going (which explains the counselling session today). I may have to confiscate the bag and keep it. I like it. And yes, I know it's sideways. I'm too damn tired to rotate it so you'll just have to lie down.