Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm kinda pissed.

On Facebook two "friends" sent me a stupid chain letter thingy that I totally didn't respond to because they are nonsense and I don't waste my time on them. They suggested that if I didn't forward the letter to 800 friends and bug them that bad luck would follow me. Well that was a couple of days ago and guess what??? IT'S FUCKING TRUE!!!!

Since I scoffed at the letters everything is going wrong. Some examples:

Linds and I had our fight.

Dad and I had "a moment". It was very strange and came without any warning...he was just momentarily "mean" and he's NEVER like that. It was weird and made me cry. It was like someone hijacked my Dad and put a monster in his place. But he's back now, so it's all good.

I broke my favorite Olympic wine glass (it had Coke in it).

I broke the lightswitch (by switching the light off too hard??!).

I saved Linds a beautiful plate of dinner in the fridge and told her not to eat out because I had it for her. I opened the fridge and it "ejected" right out, onto the floor and smashed. WTF???.

I almost mowed down an old lady in a crosswalk yesterday. REAL close...I felt so bad - didn't even see her.

And, my encore (ta-da).......

I smashed into a beautiful, shiney new SUV today that looked like it was worth about $50,000 and was just driven off the lot. Took the side molding right off. Pieces on the ground. The old tank Volvo only lost a chunk of the bumper, it mostly just wrecked the other vehicle, that was minding its own business and parked at the time.

I've been driving for 30 years accident free.

I don't know what happened. I just "wasn't there" for a minute. It's happening a lot lately. I actually think I'm suffering from PTS and have been pretty scattered - really quite depressed and disconnected. Which is why I'm flitting in and out of here. I'm in one of those "funks" I go through. Maybe booze will help.

Anyhow, more stuff has happened too, but you get the gist. It's been a monkey show around here.

Ho hum.

What's this life all about? Why are we here?

I really don't know anymore.

Fuck that stupid chain letter.

I will win.

Think I'll post a song that fits my mood now.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

People who love snow are crazy.

They're on drugs. (Or need some)

They don't have to drive my Dad's van in it. Understand that, when it's idlling, this van revs up like it's about to shoot into space. Or explode. So, when it comes to stopping in snow, it just doesn't happen. A lot of sliding & skidding out of control, followed by bumper car shinnanigans until, eventually, I've hit enough things to stop the momentum. Seriously, it sucks. He's had it into the shop and they can't seem to fix it. Idiots. I should give them a ride home one snowy night...they'd find the problem right quick if THEIR lives depended on it. It doesn't matter what I do or whether it's in park, neutral or whatever. It is just out of control, like a runaway train.

Tonight, as Linds and I did the slide right past our driveway, I eventually got us stopped and tried to crank the wheel. Only the van wouldn't go right or left - only straight. I finally had to put her in reverse and inch my way into the driveway backwards, revving to beat all shit (is that even a saying? I don't think it is). Linds was in stitches and having the time of her life and it was as if I was pulling a ferry in to dock too fast. Backwards. We almost hit the condo and I'm sure the neighbours thought I was drunk. I wish I was.

Did I tell you I hate snow?

Actually, I do love looking at it out the window. Watching the other suckers out there, sliding by my living room. A guy actually did a 360 last year right in front of me as I sat there watching the should've seen the look on his face. He spotted me, camera in hand, ready to get some evening news footage so he burned it outta there before I could get the shot. Right up over the sidewalk. What a compassionate soul I am. I was really hoping there'd be a crash so I could get some great action footage. No such luck.

Anyhow, I'm extremely tired tonight. Another thing I hate is when I totally screw up in my parenting and tough love backfires in my face. Linds and I are having issues about her curfew, as it's getting later and later. And, because I'm her taxi, I'm not cool with it. As a matter of fact, I'm getting bloody cranky about it.

Last night when she called me at 11, I was ready to go get her, but she had other plans and wanted to stay for the end of a movie. Only problem - they'd only had it on for 8 minutes at that point. We had a brief "exchange" (I was bitchy) and when I realized that I was getting nowhere, I said "fine then, just stay there...I'm NOT coming". And I hung up. And waited for her to call me back to say "o.k., come and get me".

So at 1:30 I realized that my plan had failed. I called her again, and we continued where we'd left off...not arguing about coming home anymore, arguing because that's what I do best. I was a bit unreasonable, and she doesn't respond well to that.

At 7:15 this morning I went and got her from her friend's place, brought her home to get ready for school and then crawled off to work half asleep. Gave free money away all day because, when you don't sleep, 2 + 2 = 8. That's just how it is. I made a lot of best friends today, but I don't know that my boss is on that list. Whatever.

16 year olds are tough and snow sucks. That's what I've learned this week.

How 'bout you?....what have you learned this week?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Takin' The Plunge

I have been tagged by Barb and must post 7 random facts about myself or I will be dragged away by my hair and given 50 lashes with a whip. So I've gotta do it, as boring as mine are. Here goes nothin':

#1/ I can throw a spiral better than most guys I know. It comes from years of playing football with my Dad/brother/guy friends. Every time - a perfect spiral, right on the money. No shit.

#2/ I have had verbal altercations with both Pat Quinn and Pavel Bure (both were quite friendly). Pat's was after I'd unknowingly butt in front of him in a line up and he called me out on it. I loved it. And I made him sign an autograph for me in the deal.

My moment with Pavel happened after I saw him leave the rink after a Canuck's practice and brush off the kids who'd been waiting an hour for his autograph. I followed him to his car and, as he opened the door, I stood in the way and told him I wouldn't move until he went back and signed stuff for the kids. He did. :) I win. (Nice car he had)

#3/ I rarely sleep more than 5 hours a night. Last night it was 4. One day I'm sure I'll just drop.

#4/ I cry easily. Music. Sad stories. TV commercials (yes, it's true). I'm talking cereal commercials. I cried today when Linds showed me her report card.

#5/ I once drove to Penticton (a 4-5 hour drive) through mountain passes and winding, cliff highways without actually ever touching the steering wheel. I sat in the driver's seat and worked the pedals, eyes closed, scared as hell. My friend, Brian, "steered" from the passenger seat of my Chevy Nova (the entire way). The deal was this - we wanted to go up there and meet friends and:

a) he didn't have a license
b) I didn't have the guts to do the driving because I'm terrified of heights

Really dumb. I wouldn't advise it.

#6/ I was not your typical "bride". An hour and a half before my wedding I was suntanning in my parent's back yard and was not the least bit nervous or "panicked". My bridesmaids were freaking out and really sweating the "countdown" - me, not so much. And, after the ceremony (and before the reception) I was starving, so I made my ex take me through the McDonald's drive through (in my dress) and get me some fries. I then spilled ketchup all over myself (before the pictures in the garden had been taken). Oh well, I tried. That night, I spent my wedding night alone, as my ex partied all night at my cousin's house. What a tool.

#7/ I can't stand the sound/feel of silky scarves or pantyhose rubbing on me or together. It's like nails on a chalkboad to me and I don't really know why.

So that's it....totally boring. I know I had something better, I must've. But my brain's on overload - an example of, when a customer bought $8 worth of lottery tickets I gave them to him, thanked him and proceeded to take eight bucks out of the till and give it to him. One of those days. I don't think I'm getting enough sleep.

Anyhow, I forget how many people I'm supposed to tag, so I'm winging it. You're up now:

1. whitenoise
2. jim dandy
3. junky
4. gled
5. tk

Oh, and because I don't play by the rules, here's #8:

I am a grunger at heart. A girl of the 90's. Always will be - that is my music and is "home" to me. This is one of my favorite songs (although it sounds like crap here and, to do it any justice, you must listen to it loud, on a good stereo of some sort. And the end is the best part, so see it through. And plug your ears because I'm singing. Loud.)

ah, hell, I'm on a roll.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had an entire post done a few days ago, but had it in "preview" mode and now it's no longer applicable. Slacker.

I know I've been extremely negligent here and there really is no particular reason for that. Laziness. Sick. Tired. Now I'm sick and tired of being lazy so here I am.

Dad's home again - last week Linds got a call from him right before I drove her to school, his message to me being "come and get me or I'm taking the bus home". Now, considering that I whipped him in there in nothing but a hospital gown and bedroom slippers, that would not have been a pretty sight for the other riders of the 407. Visions of him being handcuffed in the back of a police car that just didn't sit well with me. So I did my best Jimmie Johnson and got everyone where they needed to be in under 12 minutes. Yea. I rule.

Went to the big football game yesterday. Well, "big" as in Canadian big...the Western divisional finals between my boys and some green and white insects from Saskatchewan. They chewed us up bigtime and, despite the fact that I lost my voice trying to "coax" our team into some energy, it just didn't happen. Such is life. I'll hang up my orange until next year and now just focus on my Canucks (who are starting to pick things up).

Anyhow, just wanted to "check in", which seems to be my pattern lately. I have a ton of really great pictures to post - last time I tried to put them up blogger was in a coma, so it didn't happen. As soon as I get 8 free hours, they're done.

I promise to try and get around to "visit" you all this evening...for now, it's off to see Dad and then to work. In the rain. Bleh.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's me and Johnny today.
And so it continues....

Dad's back in hospital, took him to ER yesterday after the pain he felt in the morning grew so intense that he was doubled over when I got to his place.

No worries...things'll be fine. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Things are so crazy these days, yesterday was going to be a good workout before the shit hit the fan. Today, after I drop Linds off and visit Dad, there's a two hour one with my name on it. Then I'm going to kick some bad luck ass and I'll be back when I have some GOOD news to report.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things are getting interesting.

It seems the newly married, fairly successful, "livin' the good life" realtor who's suing Dad has "connections" in particular, in the form of a Klein Lyons lawyer who specializes in "injured in car accidents" suits (and, according to his Facebook page, is currently "looking to buy a luxury car". On Dad's dime I'm sure).

Anyhow, it seems the lawyer might "owe" realtor boy one, as he recently lined him up in his new (first) home and was impressed enough by his services to write a testimonial on him. He went "above and beyond" and felt indebted to him.

I don't know, but where I come from that's considered a "conflict of interest"?

Sorry that I haven't had time to visit or to respond to comments. I'm as busy as hell right now - between working, being a Mom and looking after Dad, I'm now a PI full time.

Oh, as if THAT'S not enough on the agenda....

When I arrived at work today I was fully prepared for a madhouse - both lotteries have ridiculously high jackpots right now and everyone and their chicken wants a ticket. This means that people who have never played before are trying to purchase tickets and it creates some interesting scenarios ("I want 200 plays on the 6/49....oh, they're two dollars each??...give me one"). I cancel more tickets during these jackpots than's fairly simple but people have a way of complicating things.

Anyhow, the girl who's leaving next week was up to her eyebrows in work when I came to relieve her so she left me with quite a few things that needed doing. No biggie (on a good day). But we're supposed to take over our shifts with everything done and so it set me back from the get go. Money needed to be counted & pulled, a ticket order had come in and needed to be dealt with and inventory was left half done. The people starting lining up and, although I can usually handle the customers as well as the other "duties" that need doing, I was behind from the moment I stepped into the booth. The phone then began to ring off the hook - Dad, Linds and Ty all called and had problems for me to deal with. And then the Lottery Corporation called and it seemed we had a fairly serious problem at hand in the form of a missing $1800 winning ticket! So I frantically had to dump out gargabe and recycling bins in search of the missing ticket. "S" had apparenty validated the ticket but was unable to pay out the prize, so she directed the customer to the lottery corporation to collect his winnings. The only problem was that she'd accidentally "validated" the ticket, gave back the validation slip and then ripped the ticket up and threw it away in error! So the customer proceeded to head office with his useless validation slip in hand, thinking it was all he needed to collect his winnings. Of course, he needed the actual ticket (which was long gone) and so it began ("let's call Deb, she'll figure it out").

After an hour of piecing together bits and pieces of tickets, I matched the control number and found the bottom of the winning ticket. Another twenty minutes and I'd found the top and had it all taped back together. The lottery corp. sent over a security guard to pick it up and return it to it's rightful owner (who'd become quite panicked at the realization that his winning ticket was "missing" and he couldn't receive any cash without it).

I then served the other 8,239,029 idiots who didn't know who to mark 6 squares on a piece of paper. Don't get me wrong - I love my customers. Just not today.

(Oh, ftr - I almost started drinking today.)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When It Rains....

Tonight when I went to see Dad I immediately knew something was wrong. I panicked at first, thinking he was having a medical problem. When I got him to admit that something was indeed wrong, he directed me to some papers on his dresser.

It seems he's being sued....long story, dating back two year ago when my brother "tapped" into someone's bumper when he rounded a corner to find the pickup in front of him had stopped dead in its tracks. The truck my brother was driving was insured in Dad's name at the time and this happened during his ordeal with cancer so we paid little attention to it. But it meant that he wasn't "covered" by insurance at the time. No biggie - minor scratches on the bumpers, so we never really gave it a second thought.

Now this opportunistic prick has decided to try and capitalize on the mishap...BIGTIME. Although on the day of the accident he hopped out of his (already dented) truck to say "no, no, everything's fine", he's since reconsidered and claims to have life altering injuries. He lived in the same building as my brother at the time, who saw him afterward, up and about (and perfectly fine). But, two years (pretty much to the day) afterward, he's decided he needs lots of cash to fix things. He was intially offered $5 G's but sneered at it??? Fuck I hate these people. There's not a damn thing wrong with could there be when they were travelling at slug speed? How bad can the impact be when you've just started out from a stopsign and rounded a corner?

Now my first reaction is not to worry, as it's ridiculous to think that anything could come out of this. But, reality is, this will depend on someone's decision making and, depending on what kind of day they're having, could be quite devastating. People lie. He had a big ol' rusty dent in the back bumper. He may have had pre-existing problems.

That's where Deb the brilliant genius comes in.

Seems my computer skills have come in handy for a little more than boring all of you to death and playing poker with imbeciles. I did some "digging around" and came up with some stuff - real interesting "stuff".

This guy's a successful realtor and his business is thriving...hasn't missed a beat it seems. Is furthering his education, sits on the Rotary Board and his neighbourhood community association's Programming Committee and LOVES kayaking (enough to post lovely pictures of himself in English Bay). Was just married and was celebrating in his wedding pictures (that were beautifully touching I might add). I really hope he enjoyed his recent trip to Florida...wonder if they had to medi-vac him there?

Seems life's not been too bad for our friend and won't he be surprised to find out that I know a little more than he'd probably like me to. I'm sure he'll wheel into court in a neckbrace and a wheelchair. Then I'll remind him that his Facebook friends want to play golf, ski and kayak with him again (soon). I'll show pics of him uncorking that wine with a big smile on his face...wish Dad could smile like that. One day....

I think ICBC should offer me a job for uncovering what they haven't. Daddy will rest easier knowing his little girl's on the case - he already thinks I'm a super-sleuth magician and can solve anything in the world.

That golddigging piece of shit is going to be sorry he messed with this daughter's ailing father...big mistake buddy. You're goin' down.

And those newspaper articles you've posted hailing yourself as a "hero" for helping police bust a case won't mean shit after I expose you for what you really are (a lying crook). I may even have to let your employers know that your reputation as a trustworthy, honest realtor is about to be blown to smitherines.

Hi K, my name's Deb. Pleased to meet ya.

I'm afraid my psycho bitch staredown is a little out of practice...haven't had to use it in awhile (since I was married?). Still, a little intimidating, no?


It's decided.

I'm kicking the Volvo to the curb and buying an old lady car (probably a Toyota or a Honda). I'm fed up with repair bills and this time the news was too much...not just the stuff I already mentioned (struts, bushings, water pump). Add shocks, a doomahickey on the turbo charger, etc., etc. Basically, if I sold my soul, she would run decent. Maybe. For awhile.

I'm going to miss my car - it had a good bit of pep to it, I loved the sunroof and I felt safe driving it. That is when I was ABLE to drive it - half the time it was parked in a bay at my mechanic's shop, waiting for CPR. I'm sentimental that way - I get attached to things as well as people. Ridiculous really.

It's cost me a whack of $$ and I was a fool to put that much into a 20 year old car. I should've travelled the world instead. Bought a mountain or something.

I refuse to go down easily (into boringsville and driving like a gramma). I like to open the roof and the windows, crank my tunes and GO. (Fast).

Ah, maybe I'll buy one of these instead. I see some of the seniors at work really hauling serious ass on them. Knock people over even, which could come in handy.

When I no longer have to transport others, I'm thinking along the lines of something with two wheels?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In This Family, Bass Players Are Best

This one ("Uncle Earl") happens to be family. His band played at my favorite (I practically raised her) cousin's wedding in Saskatchewan, which is where they're from. I don't quite understand why they're not "bigger" here in Canada - they were for a time, but "fizzled" out a bit. Very talented bunch and, as I was skipping around YouTube, I came across some of their stuff.

Anyhow, my favorite album is "Where I Started" (an older one). The videos for that were total crap though, so enjoy this one for the time being.....
What the hell is going on around here?

We're having gang related shootings on a daily basis...another last night, in the middle of Granville Street in Vancouver. A Mercedes was stopped at a red light when two SUV's cut it off and started shooting at the occupants, killing both of them. In the middle of a busy street!

That's 20 of these killings this year...four just this week! A man was killed in his mansion and his 10 year old called police to report it and others were killed while sitting in a local establishment. And 6 people were shot in an apartment in Surrey just a few weeks ago (the same day the plane crashed - the gang related killings were initially reported as a gas leak).

It's getting scary - innocent people are at risk of being caught in the crossfire, some of them not lucky enough to escape it. A gas fitter was one of the six in that apartment who died and he was there for no other reason than to do his job.

God awful and something must be done.

* * * * *

In other "God awful" news - my piece of shit car is in the shop. I took it in today because it needs to be aircared (insurance time) and my tail pipe fell off, which makes it kind of impossible to hook up for aircare since there's nothing there. But my mechanic (bless his greedy soul) has managed to find other problems ("ka-ching"). Seems I need strut stabilizers and my water pump is leaking and that's just what he's found SO FAR.....for fuck's sake, build me a new car already. These are SOME of my bills over the past few years and I'm now kicking myself for keeping my car much longer than I should have ('cause I love my little golddigger). What the hell are strut stabilizers anyhow?....can't I use bobby pins or something. I'm pretty sure I could rig something up, no? Ho-hum, such is life I guess.

Hope you're all well tonight.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rock On

These are some of the sights that I took in yesterday when I visited my rock. Got a ton of nice shots, as it was a glorious day with so much to see. But, for now, these are a few of my favorites...more to follow later.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

There have been more bloopers, blunders and mishaps.

Dad had a fall (nothing too serious, but preventable, had the nurse remembered to put the brake on the commode).

I arrived yesterday to see his empty bed...he'd been taken down for another "surgery", yet noone knew what for. They only knew he'd be 4 hours...I asked for the head nurse, who took me down to the ER to have a brief minute with him before he endured YET ANOTHER procedure (again, nothing too serious, but at this point everything's a big deal for him).

So we're fumbling along, hoping things start to improve. The worst is over, but this still isn't great. I'm quite concerned, as Dad is getting grouchy, depressed and wants me to quit my job to take care of him at home. He wants out NOW. I'm trying to bide our time and stall him, but I have visions of him calling a cab.

Anyhow, I'm not prepared to do that (quit my job to become his fulltime nurse) - as selfish as it sounds, it wouldn't help either of us in the long run. My job makes me happy and the people are my friends. Besides, I suck at nursing and it takes someone special to do that.

You know the old saying about the caretaker being no good if she doesn't care for herself. Something like that.

So I'm still here, treading water. It's gorgeous outside so, before I go get Dad's room ready for him and then visit him in hospital, I'm going to sit on my rock for a few minutes hours. It misses me, I feel it. I'll take pics, as my posting is pretty limited these days.

Oh, in good news - my teams won yesterday. And that makes me smile.

Take care friends. I miss you.