Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm still here, just really busy these days.

I just saw my blog on Firefox for the first time (usually view it in Safari)...WOW, is it ever messed up! Stuff all over the place. Oh well.

Anyhow, no time to chat...will be back later.

Canuck's game is about to start.........

Monday, February 25, 2008

I think I'm turning the corner on bad luck and misfortune (yes, I'm knocking on wood). Nothing significant has happened, just little things that seem to be making for a more positive experience.

Maybe it's the weather? I'm one of those people who really likes the sun and it affects my mood. I am totally energized by it and it's been nice all week and I'm feeling it. I'm back to my riding and my soul searching jaunts to the river. I've been up there every day for the past couple of days and it really lifts my spirits.

I learned that we have a new president on our strata council and it just so happens to be my best friend in the complex...he approached me today to say he's not going to let my case die and that he's going to bat for me in April (re my reno's). Yea. That works.

Neither of us attended the recent AGM (the one that had him elected)...we both have zero faith in anything that takes place there and feel it's a big waste of time to go. So he was completely caught off guard to learn he'd been appointed strata president. Do I need to call him sir now?

Anyhow, more good when I went into work my boss was there before me and was in an unusually good mood and being extra nice to me (that rarely happens...she's got quite a reputation as a cold, hard woman). Anyhow, she left me my paycheque and when I opened it there was an extra couple hundred bucks cash with it, with a letter stating how much she appreciates my loyalty and hard work. Wow. That floored me. I'm spending the dough on Matt Good tickets for all of us!! And I'll even have enough left over to buy some new (much needed) runners and workout clothes.

My horoscope (the one that I read faithfully that's bang on) has been hinting at feeling better and taking care of business. Could it be true?

Dad got a bit of a reprieve today too, as we learned that the infection he's had is all cleared up and he's fit enough to go ahead with a procedure on March 18 to see what's showing up where his cancer was. I know it'll be o.k. So let's get this over with already.

Maybe this is it?....maybe the black cloud is finally lifting. I got sidetracked on the way to Dad's today and drove by this fence. Now if something like this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what can? It was done with styrofoam cups stuck in a chain link fence at the golf course. And I'm quite sure that it was done especially for me, because today is the start of my new, happy life. A sign.

Now, if we could only get Brad Richards in the NHL trades tomorrow, I'd know my horoscope wasn't lying.....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm stealing material today because, when it's this damn good, you've just gotta share it.

For the boys:

And don't worry we don't feel left out.,

Mind Clearing Time

So I hit my happy place over the past two days - once with K, Charlie & Linds and the next day by myself. (Was more fun with them.)

He says I'm not allowed to post pictures of him, but I never did do what I was told. So now you know why we're no longer together. :)

Sue me.

Oh, and go Canucks. With Lidstrom out with a sprained MCL and the Red Wings sliding a little (good thing they jumped way out in front), we have a chance to grab a couple of points tomorrow tonight. Everyone else has been beating the Wings lately, why not us? And, despite all the naysayers and bandwagon jumpers, I feel my team's been playing with a lot of heart and determination.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today has been one fuck of a terrible day already. And it's just past noon.

And, honestly, I'm ready to give up (but I can't, because I have kids who need me here).

Several things are beating me into the ground lately (which is partially the reason I haven't been "visiting" people as much as usual). First of all, the MF lawsuit by an asshole who's suing my Dad (for a minor fender bender that he's claimed, two years to the day after the fact, he's seriously injured as a result of), is taking a toll on us. I've gathered info and have been running around like Magnum fucking PI to get it all together. Although ICBC's abandoned us, citing a breach of my Dad's insurance contract (my brother was driving), they're still empathetic and "interested" in what I have. So that's been a bitch of a job, after my real job that is. I put everything together and went to print it all up at the library the other night, only to find my library card is lost and I couldn't do it. I replaced it today and I think I've finally got my "package" of photos, info, etc. ready to mail today. The info I've gathered includes this stuff....the bastard who's suing has (since the accident):

-made golf dates
-attended bonfire parties and dinner dates
-voluntarily flown down to Florida to help police in a stolen computer case (he bought a second hand laptop on Ebay and found unauthorized programs on it, so alerted police and was heroic in his actions to help them crack the case). Amazing what injured people can do when they want to.
-travelled with his new wife on weekend getaways
-planned and carried out his (big, fancy) wedding
-bought a new condo and moved into it a couple of weeks ago (it's really nice...he's posted pictures of it)
-thrown an (advertised on Facebook) housewarming bash for himself....lots of drinks, food, entertainment and even a tour of the new place (that he's probably planning on paying for with Dad's $$)
-befriended a Kleins Lyons ("have you been injured in a car accident?") lawyer, who he lined up in his first new home and who now owes him a return favor. Coincidentally, that's the lawyer he's "hired" in his suit.
-started several websites, including his Real Estate pages that document his continued growth/success over the past couple of years. He's doing well.
-organized Christmas parties and other events as the "Sergeant at Arms" of the Rotary Club in his area. Pictures look great...he's smiling, awarding prize bottles of wine to participants of events, etc.
-Aligned himself politically and has recently started on his campaign to be elected to the Vancouver Parks Board.

Amazing the strength and energy a seriously injured man can muster up when he really wants to, isn't it? The only thing is that all the info. I've collected has been from the internet, some undated. But I hope it helps in our case to expose him as a fucking fraud.

Anyhow, then I got a letter from the people who enforce child support payments here (who I cut ties with some time ago, because I didn't agree with their practices or policies). K and I have a good arrangement, based on mutual respect and trust. He's always paid me directly and, although the money often comes in late, has never missed payment. So when I was informed (today) that he'd owed me interest, I said I didn't care/nor want it. They said that was good because when I closed my case I had to collect it then (or never). No one told me that....yet, here they are, nearly 9 months after I closed my case, telling me that they still want money from him. The kicker - not for ME, because I had to wait for payment sometimes. No, no, no....THEY have accumulated what they refer to as "default fees" and want a significant sum of money from him FOR THEM. I called and they refused to comment on my case without my PIN #. I closed my case 9 months ago and have long forgotten the number. But I told them that I absolutely forbid them to use my name in order to collect money from the ex. That any "late" fees had been waived by me and why the fuck should they profit from me going without my cash???? They never had to do anything on my behalf during my involvement with them....K & I did our own business and I simply reported a payment when I'd receive one. And they want to cash in on the late ones. What's wrong with this picture? Tamara actually hung up on me when I challenged her on why it's taken them 9 months to "finalize" my case. Why stir the pot?....K's happy, I'm happy. But K won't be happy when they ding him with a $1200 bill. And I'm not either.

When I demanded that I wanted the interest "owed" to me, they said I forfeited it when I closed my case. It was recommended to me (by one of their workers) that I close my case and she never mentioned any of this at the time. I feel that she had the responsibility to and damn it if anyone's going to squeeze money out of someone and sign my name on the ransom note. F.U.C.K. I don't need this headache and it's going to stir up a whole bunch of shit with K and I.

But here's the real knife in the heart that makes this other stuff meaningless.

And excuse me if I cry (I just did).


Bad news today from the doc.

Looks like we're starting all over again, from square one.

Has an emergency hospital procedure scheduled (Mar. 18). "Something's" showing up (two red spots) where his cancer was and, by the doctor's frantic actions (he had him go directly for testing), it's not looking good. They've already told him that, if the cancer's comes back, surgery's not an option again. He just phoned me, distraught and overwhelmed. Fuck, fuck and fuck.
He's also got a severe infection (I think he picked it up in hospital again last time he was in there...has had it since) and apparently his blood test levels were way out of whack.

I quit.

(and I'm not editing because I don't care if it makes sense....I just wanted you all to know why my involvement here may be a little erractic again. I'm having a glass of wine now, before I go to work. Fucking fuckaluckaduck. I'm going to kick a rock now)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O.K., I'm going to talk about two things that I love more than anything else in the world (other than my family. And animals. And, o.k., maybe chocolate). Hockey & music.

First of all, I'm proud of my boys. Although they've just gone through a bit of a slump, I never gave up on them or said they sucked (like those other bandwagoners). I saw that they were getting bad bounces but were still playing hard, so I stuck it out with them. And I knew that they'd get back on track...when you play hard it eventually starts to go right again. I like the effort they're giving me. Burrows is quickly becoming my favorite....he puts up with no crap and reminds me of Gelinas when he used to play with us - full of grit and determination. Nazzy's picking up the pace. Anyhow, enough about my team. They rock and that's that. (We beat the Wild in OT tonight. Bunch of boobirds.) Anyhow, see ya come playoff time.

Second topic tonight - music. My favorite rock/folk/ultra cool hero, Matthew Good, is going to be touring a lot this year. First he's doing his acoustic stuff in the US (we already had our turn here in Canada, remember?). Any of you that are southside should try and get out to a show - I highly recommend it (Junky, he's playing Seattle). Well worth taking in and I'm providing a link to his site (below) that also has show dates posted.

Finally, the really good news....when he's done with the acoustic tour, Matt's going back out with a band!! That's big news - I haven't seen him with a band and, as much as I love his bare bones stuff, I need to feel the power. When I first started listening to his music (back in 1995?), it was "the Matthew Good Band" and some of those songs just need to be plugged in. Can hardly wait - here's a sample (or two) of some of his stuff.

Oh and I almost forgot...last (but not least), I'm frickin' pleased as punch to be named the "Featured Community Member" over on Matthew's site this month (I can't link you directly there because you have to be registered to see "The Hub" in the community section. Go over and sign up, it's a great site and I'm sure you'll become a regular too) . I contribute a lot of my shitty photos on the site (and some good ones that I steal from Linds). I also never shut up over there (duh, you know me by know), so I guess I got noticed for that. Anyhow, I'm honored as hell to be associated with a site I love.

I almost forgot...another thing (it's hockey related, so it counts). The mini goalie sticks are available at McPuke's here and I was one of the lucky few who managed to get a Luongo stick before the guys that make kids cry cause they can't get one scalpers snapped them all up (they're selling on Craigslist for $100 each!!! I paid $2.69). They sold out as fast as they got them and no, you can't have mine. Anyhow, this is the commercial for them....I love it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm pleased that my favorite comedian, Russell Peters, will be hosting this year's Juno Awards. Now some people might find him offensive, as his comedy tends to really focus on racial stereotypes (and he uses some colorful descriptions). But he plays no favorites and also tends to focus on his own heritage most of all (which is my favorite stuff) and, personally, I find him hilarious. Check out some of his stuff for an idea of who he is, if you don't already know.....

And in other Juno news.....Matt Good's Hospital Music is nominated for ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR , which should be a no brainer. Matt's up against Finger Eleven, Pride Tiger, Sum 41 and The Saint Alvia Cartel. Rumor has it that Mr. Good may even attend the event, which isn't something he's previously done (based on his feelings that musicians shouldn't "compete" with one another and that awards shows are less to do with acknowledging good work than they are a popularity contest...or something like that). Anyhow, if he participates it'll be worth watching for sure.

I'm heading to the track, so will put up a song from HM when I return...have a nice day friends.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It seems that almost daily we hear stories like this one. I pray that they find this little boy alive and well...but it's not looking so great. And, as much empathy as I have for the parents at this difficult time, one line sticks with me in this story: "the father left the boy for a short period of time and when he returned the boy was gone." Here's what bothers me: The boy is 8, he's from another country and was left alone beside the ocean and a heavily forested area*. Get where I'm going with this? I'm always the evil spirited reader of these stories who looks beyond the absolute fright I feel for the parents to the "what the fuck were you thinking?" thoughts. As awful as it is for me to do that, I can't help it.

I know that it's a terribly cruel thought process that I have that denies unquestioned sympathy for people who have a momentary lapse in their good parenting judgement and leave their child in a dangerous situation (even for a moment). I know my heart should bleed for them and it does...but WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? also crosses my mind. And I can't help's my honest observation in this. I know it's bad timing while the boy's missing and the parents are obviously frantic, but I really can't help but wonder what makes a Dad leave his little boy in this situation. A sudden need to use the toilet?......take him inside with you. A phone call?....let it ring. I just don't get it.....people, don't leave your kids because it only takes a moment for something terrible to happen. I only hope that it hasn't in this case and that this little boy is found safe so that this father's nightmare can be over. Can you imagine how he's feeling right now? But my first thoughts are with this little boy, who I pray is safe and has just wandered off somewhere.

Again, I know people will roll their eyes at me and think how awful I am to do this when a little boy's missing....but I wish he wasn't and I feel for him. It's important that, as parents, we take every precaution to protect our kids from dangerous predicaments and don't leave them alone if there are risks involved. Sorry, I have to be honest's just who I am.

I can't even imagine the terror in realizing that your young child is gone. I experienced the frenzy that takes place when this happens first hand on Thursday night. I was in Zellers (yes, be quiet) and a bunch of chaos was happening around guards & staff members were frantically running around the store and a very loud Asian couple who were obviously extremely distressed were with them. They didn't speak English so I didn't understand what the problem was and asked the security guard.....he told me that their 6 year old boy was missing. Several minutes passed and a bizarre series of intercom announcements started blaring out over the store. First the mother, speaking in Cantonese and obviously pleading for her child to return. Then the father. No "Amber Alert" type announcement to other shoppers, which I found odd - we weren't filled in at all and it was only because I asked that I knew what was happening. We could've been an extra 100 pair of eyes helping with the search. Most shoppers were completely oblivious to what was going on around them and continued to hunt for bargains. I offered to help the security guy and we began looking under racks of clothes and in changing rooms.

After half an hour or so, the boy still hadn't surfaced and the parents were absolutely despondent. By this time they were on a cell phone, frantically communicating with security staff who'd left the mall to look in the parking lot. Some time later they got a call that gave them the good news - their son had been found on a dark, busy street about 1/2 mile away. Apparently he'd tried to walk home by himself!

I'm not pointing a finger at the parents because, as anyone with kids knows, they can bolt in a store at the first sign of a toy they like. And they're fast little's easy to lose sight of them. And I'm really not wanting to put blame or fault the father on the beach either...I just think we sometimes forget that it only takes a split second for tragedies to happen.

Here's the thing that I want you to take away from this (besides "Deb's an uncaring, cold bitch") your kids every second. When they're little, think before you leave them of what could happen before you do make that decision to walk away, leaving them unattended.

Another story also made me think of the fragility of life and how we should never take it for granted. A mother argues with her daughter in Nova Scotia, goes into a store and comes back out to find her missing. I'm guessing that at that point she assumed she'd gone home or run away. How horrifying it must've been for time to pass and the mother to come to the realization that her daughter was actually missing. And then to be dealt the ultimate blow when she's found dead. What do you think will happen with that poor mother who argued with her daughter as the last interaction they had? That'll no doubt cause her endless nights of pain and sorrow but how could she have known it would be the last time she'd see her daughter alive? We all argue with our 12 year olds. It makes me think (alot). And even though I probably come off as very insensitive and bold in examining these tragic events with a questioning tone, I am taking something very important away from them as they remind me to be a better parent (which I often need reminding of). How selfish that even sounds....that I'm thinking about my life while other's are being ripped apart. Geez, do I really want to even post this? I'm going to, just because....

We never know what that split second decision in life may bring. And my heart & prayers go out to all of these families - I mean no disrespect to any of them in posting these stories. And by no means do I think I'm a perfect parent....far from it. I only hope that we all remember to love our kids an extra little bit each day and to watch over them at every minute...they're too precious not to.

I hope that little boy's o.k. Please, if you're anywhere near that area, go look for him.

*EDIT: In reading more about this, I feel even stronger that this father was somewhat negligent in his role as a parent...apparently this terrain is extremely dangerous - a rocky shoreline of slippery rocks where huge waves crash against them. I'm sorry, but you just don't leave an 8 a 7 year old to fend for himself here...for any reason.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Have To Swear Alot In This One


I stole that btw. I like it - it's true. I hate Valentine's Day - it's stupid and here's why:

1) Hallmark shouldn't say what your actions/heart should. It's the lazy ass put in more effort.

2) Guys don't like their women to get fat, so why the hell lay a bunch of chocolate on them? They're gonna eat it you know. And then that lacey teddy you bought them ain't gonna be so hot. And you're going to have a fight when you tell her so. It'll be your fault.

3) Flowers mean so much more if you steal them from someone's garden pick wild ones.

4) It's a chore and too soon after Christmas to think about gifts and cards...if you think I'm going shopping around for more gifts, you're fucking crazy. Just look at those month old ones...I just threw the boxes away yesterday. And the cards all make me barf and sometimes laugh. Who writes these things, 6 year olds? Kill me now. Roses are red, violets are blue fuck off you're bugging me. The End. Amen. Whatever.

5) Hand made cards are the best. Seriously...I want blood sweat and tears if you're going to bother at all. Poke yourself with the scissors even while you're making it. Search for an hour for a red marker. I don't want something that costs $4.95 and takes 12 seconds of your time. It's a waste of money. ( I remember the time my ex bought me a beautiful anniversary card - piano keys with a red rose...gorgeous card. Six bucks. It was my birthday, God bless him. And he arrived half drunk, 10 hours after work to deliver it to me.). It's not that I'm ungrateful or don't appreciate what I do's just stupid on your behalf. Save the money and keep it simple. We'll both be happier.

6) If you're like me - a loser single, it just makes you feel like you're all alone, drowning in a sea of love people. They're all wearing red, carrying flowers and broadcasting it all over the universe via bullhorn. "I'm in love...look at me". Fuck off, you're giving me a headache. No, I don't want to hear your plans. I'd rather iron my face. So hit me over the head with a hammer why don't you? Yes, I'm alone today. Deal with it (I did).

And, along those lines, what about the young folks, the ones still in school?. Nothing beats up self esteem quite like a day of being surrounded by peers as they are lavished with gifts and you get nothing in front of all of them. Yeeha, this is fun. Wanna beat me up after school too? Wait, I'll tuck my skirt in my underwear on the way out.

I just had a thought:

Smart people should do dinner on February 15 when the crowds of swooning hearts are all back at home texting each other and fighting and the meal prices are back down to normal and don't require a small loan approval before ordering. But no, everyone is going to try for a 7 pm reservation on the 14th because we are all followers and the calendars are the law. I'm getting a little worked up over this, aren't I? Wait, I need to go deep breathe for a minute.

Do I sound bitter? I'm not...I've just never really bought into the Valentine's Day hype. It seems so forced and unnatural to me. Everyone say I love you at the same time on the same day and make sure you bring red roses because it makes it true. I'll do it tomorrow.

My ex used to buy me a t-shirt and a rose, both bought from the bar he was in and I'd get them eight hours later, wilted and wrinkled, smelling of smoke and wet from beer. He was so sweet...God love him. I got more of a kick out of his drunk little self and I didn't care about the gifts much. I knew what we had and (honestly) didn't need stuff to validate it. Still don't. Unless it's something I like, like CD's or new runners - then it's all good. I'm romantic like that.

Where am I going with this? I don't know, this day is just stupid.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This one's for you gled. It's the original "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley), although I tend to think that David Usher puts more of a crazy spin on it....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

David Usher has been one of my favorite artists since the days of Moist. I've never seen him in concert...long story (involving the fact that I promised Linds I'd wait for an all ages show so we could go together). He's played several shows here - always in venues that were 19 and up. We finally learned that he would be doing an all ages show here which had us very excited and counting down the days. He'd be playing an outdoor set at Winterfest, right out in the street not far from our place! Well it finally happened (Friday night) and, let me tell you, it was so much more than what we'd expected.

First of all, the weather cooperated nicely. Although we've been experiencing snow/sleet/rain, it was fairly mild - a little on the cold side but it was WINTERfest afterall. And we're not wimps (that's a lie).

We arrived early, in order to secure a good spot for ogling David. I'm not above ogling. Anyhow, we had to wait a bit and suffer through enjoy a few opening acts first - young kids break dancing and doing some hip hop stuff. Then a local girl, Cherelle Jardin, took the stage...she's sort of a bluesy-rock and roll gal who does all the local events here and is making a bit of a name for herself. She was quite good, but no David Usher.

David was late and we really thought this might cut into his performance time. In all honesty, I'd expected a few obligatory songs to say he participated. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Now he's been working on some new stuff and hasn't performed in awhile and, apparently, he was very enthusiastic about getting back on stage. He expressed this and it was obvious that he was really enjoying himself. He did a full set (including some old Moist stuff) and didn't seem like he wanted to leave. He smiled as he tore up the stage, jumping and dancing all over like a banshee. At one point he came out to the audience, climbed on the fence that was holding us crazy ladies back and held on to the hands of a lucky few who held him steady as he did an entire song perched up amongst us. It was awesome!

Anyhow, they were signalling to him that time was up when he said, "aw, can I do one more?" and proceeded to do 3. And then came back for a two song encore after that.

It was a beautiful thing. My fingers were so frozen that I couldn't click the shutter on my camera and had to use my thumb. I got God awful video that is pure distortion as I was right in front of the speakers. Oh well, I tried. The highlight for me was when he did "My Way Out" (an oldie) and then "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley). My video's terrible, so here's another that I found on YouTube (although I must say he went much crazier at our show).

I definitely left there feeling the love. I can hardly wait until he's back this way again.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Wait, I'm not quite finished bitching yet.

My tooth has me pleading for would be easier. Have you noticed that a toothache isn't really just that - it's more of a tooth, jaw, ear, head thing as it radiates throughout your body? I'm pretty sure my socks hurt this morning. And why is it that when one tooth starts, they all get involved? Piss off you guys and quit ganging up on me.

Enough about the tooth.

Let me really whine.

You know, I never take time off work...EVER. Throughout all the stuff with mom, I missed 1/2 a day. When I'm sick, I go make everyone else sick because if I'm not there then the boss has to take over. All the other workers have quit because she's so difficult to get along with. I'm the last, lone cowgirl there (besides her daughter and a girl who does Saturdays).

A couple of Mondays ago I had a scheduled day off (that she'd scheduled) and was really looking forward to it. The Friday before she came to me and asked if I could take the shift because her son was leaving for Australia that day and she wanted to make sure he had everything together. I agreed, despite the fact that I'd already made plans...I kiss ass alot am pretty accommodating. I was pleasant about the whole thing, even though I was really disappointed to be giving up my day off.

Unfortunately, what goes around doesn't always come around.

Wednesday I'd arranged to pick up Ty in Surrey....a 2 hour round trip. He'd been staying out there and had a bunch of stuff to bring back (including this baby, that he bought out there), which is why he couldn't take the bus. I set out after work on Wednesday but quickly realized, in listening to the weather reports on the car radio, that it would be a miserable drive out there. They'd got the morning forecast wrong and rather than it being 7 degrees and cloudy, the temperature had quickly fallen and it was snowing all over the place. Buses were being cancelled and the drive to Surrey involves some huge, steep hills so I decided to turn around and come back home and try again the next day (yesterday).

I was working yesterday and was scheduled to finish at 3:30, which would've put me smack dab in rush hour tunnel traffic. The drive is along River Road, which is just that - a road along the river that has spots that are a little dicey and one slip and you're in the river. No barricades, just a gravel shoulder and then river.

I wanted to leave work early, in order to do the drive in daylight and in case we got more snow (which they'd been predicting earlier). I called my boss Wednesday night when I'd made the decision to go the following day and needed her to cover me for two hours so I could get an early start on the drive.

She was a total bitch. Now, I could've just lied and not gone in at all...she knew my tooth's been causing me huge problems and it would've probably been easier to say I was hurting. But I don't like to lie (unless it's to council), so I told her I was picking Ty up and needed the jump on things. Before our conversation ended she said "well I guess he owes you big time" and I thought she was joking. Then I remarked back, in a joking fashion, to which she abruptly interupted me and said "NO, I mean it. If you've gotta start missing work to solve his problems, it's a problem and he owes you."

Back the truck up and let me get this straight:

When you need to be available to your son, I cover for you without a problem. Smile and agree, to make your life easier, because that's what suckers nice people do.

When I need you to reciprocate so that I can be available to my son, you're throwing daggers? Fuck off.

I'm the only one to have stuck it out at this place...everyone else leaves. Customers tell me that they won't come if they see her working because she's miserable and on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest in customer service, she's a negative 12. She scowls, is rude and has as much personality as a paper bag. It's bad.

So why do I put up with it?....two reasons. Mostly I love it there - I work on my own (which I love) and the customers are now friends...I'd miss them to death if I left. The other people who work around me are fantastic and we have a real "Cheers" like environment there. My boss steers clear of the place and lets me run things on my own and that makes me happy.

Plus, she's giving up the business in December and I'm seriously considering buying her out. Lottery sales are here to stay and things are booming...I don't see that changing. There's a four year waiting list to get a booth like that and people have already heard word that she's leaving and have been approaching her about it. I know I'd be first in line and am really thinking about it...I like the idea of being my own boss. (Plus, I'd put my kids to work)

In the meantime, my boss better watch her step or I'm outta there too (whenever I start leaning in that direction she picks up on it and starts suckholing...and, yes, I fall for it). For the time being, I'll stay - but this kind of crap has her walking on thin ice with me. She'd be hooped if I left, as she'd have to start working my shifts (which she doesn't want to do). Hiring someone else is a bit of a problem, as there are new regulations in place and she'd have to train them properly. Not like she did with me...."here, go".

* * * * * * * * *

Now for some good news that involves absolutely no complaining.

My team finally won a game in regular time last night to grab a very important 2 points. The Canucks are battling for a playoff spot and things are pretty tight. Alexandre Burrows got the game winner...God bless that boy. I'd like to adopt him.

Also, I'm totally pumped about seeing one of my favorite artists tonight (one that I've never seen live before). David Usher is playing up the road from me....OUT IN THE STREET!!! It's a free concert that's part of "Winterfest", a festival in the streets that was started last year as part of the Olympic countdown. Wooot. I'll take pics.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's not a great week (again?).

The toothache I had not long ago (that I went to the dentist for last week) is worse than ever...they tortured me for nothing. Or maybe just their own entertainment, who knows. And I'm not the easiest person to get in to a dentist, yet I find myself in so much pain that I've booked another appointment for Monday. They actually could've squeezed me in today but I needed to "think" about it - o.k., thought about it..."NO". Too soon.

My dentist (God bless his soul) was a gentle man. He spoke softly and lulled me into a false sense of calm before he gouged my gums out. And he's gone now. Retired. I guess he finally made enough money off me to head to the ski chalet for good. The new gal replacing him...not so much (good). She gets in there like she's trying to scrape hardened food off an old pot and thank God I was frozen because I could see her gritting her teeth and sweating as she chipped away at my poor tooth. At one point one of the instruments slipped and I could tell she was a little freaked out over it...I never felt a thing at the time. But I sure as hell do now.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt...she's young and new. And she's never touching my fucking mouth again. EVER.

So when they tried to book me with her again I politely declined - if throwing a chair and screaming "FUCK NO!!!!" is how you do that.

She said I floss so hard/much that my gums have been pulled down between my tooth in one spot. Make up your mind...I thought flossing made me perfect. Apparently too much of a good thing is bad.

Anyhow, I insisted on getting a second opinion and am booked Monday with someone else. Until then I've been popping T-3's before work (they don't do shit) and I just decided that I'm medicating myself with red wine until I see the dentist. I popped over to my mum-in-laws and she donated a bottle to me (we sampled it first...and some sherry). So if my posts/comments don't make sense over the next few days, it's because I'm drunk as hell.

And it's snowing again. Bullshit.

Monday, February 04, 2008

So here I was, sitting watching the Superbowl thinking "boring" and that the Grey Cup's become way more exciting when the last few minutes had me change my mind on that.

What a roller coaster ride!....first New England scores with mere minutes left on the clock and I'm quite sure it had them all secretly celebrating inside. But, like they say, "it ain't over 'till it's over" and then it was Eli's turn. I didn't think he'd do it...that's some kind of pressure. But I'll be damned if the Giants didn't drive down the field to snatch the undefeated season right out from under the Patriot's noses. Wow, what a finish. With 35 seconds left in the game Eli connects with Plaxico Burress in the endzone to wipe out the perfect record and render it meaningless.

Back to back wins for the Manning boys (both the Super Bowl and MVP honors)....hope they've got a big trophy case.

Mixed feelings on this one. Anyone else catch it?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Unless you've got 3 free days, don't even read that last post. WAY too long. I had to come up for air a few times. Superbowl Sunday. Woot.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Welcome To The Jungle Baby, It's Gonna Bring You Down (ha)

Be careful, because that little white lie may come back to bite you in the ass.

It's no secret that I've been screwed over by my strata/property management with regards to my "settlement" and the repair of my condo. Although it's by no means a dead issue with me, I've elected to put things on hold until the spring. It's been one hell of a year and I needed to destress for awhile. But I intend on following up with things when I have the energy.

Last year, when I tried to address my concerns "on record" at the AGM, the property manager quickly dismissed me and insisted on only talking off record and after the meeting. She is a fairly new property manager - the one we had before her (for 15 years) was extremely professional and never a problem. The new one, not so much.

Leslie is a bitch. A Joan Collins, trampy, "I like the boys better than the girls" kind of bitch. I don't do well with those types. And I think she feels somewhat threatened by me (because I'm younger?). So when I did meet with her after the meeting, things quickly escalated and she's lucky I didn't practice my tae bo on her sorry ass. She was smug, rude and didn't hear a word I said. She defended the contractors who'd screwed things up and the (good looking) insurance adjustor who she probably wanted a piece of. They were boys, I am not. Enough said.

A couple of the strata council members were there and were their usual tail between the legs help. Let me tell you about the council here: they're corrupt. It wasn't always this two best friends next door ran things for a long time and did a great job. Things ran smoothly with them on board but, unfortunately, they've both since died, leaving way for the current ass clowns. These two friends of mine (lesbians who took no shit) had no problem keeping the bastards in line and quite enjoyed doing so...they found their antics amusing. I miss them terribly, they were wonderful people and we shared a lot of laughs OVER said ass clowns. They'd always urged me to join them on council, but I'd declined, as I knew that they were quite capable without me. I trusted them.

I actually got on council for two years after they died but the boys there didn't like the feathers being ruffled and resented my presence. They're all long standing members who've lived here since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and they like to keep it a gentlemen's club...outsiders are not welcome. In two words, they suck. They'd always hated Joan and Tam (my friends) - but I think they were a bit scared of them (they weighed in at about 250 each and were tough as nails). So, when they died, I'm quite sure the boys remaining on council did a celebratory high five amongst themselves. There was now no one standing in their way and they could look after their own interests without having to be bogged down with other's concerns. They exploited their status as council members to the hilt.

Let me give you two examples of this: we were painting the place a few years ago. We all hated the color scheme they'd (council) selected and insisted on a vote with some other choices. We voted and the majority of us picked a different color. Council threw it out and we had another vote. Same results, same actions. They went with their choice, despite the overwhelming votes in favor of a different selection. Just blatantly ignored the vote. Not a big deal but, in the overall scope of things, you can't let this stuff happen or it sets a precedent and it's not long before no one else has a say. You can't do this (unless, of course, you're George Bush).

I was re-nominated last year to sit on council but they argued that I no longer could participate because I'd missed several meetings last year and they ousted me. I explained that it was due to Mom's illness/passing (which they knew, because I phoned before each missed meeting - I missed 5 out of 12), to which they responded "well what about your priorities?". Perfect foot in mouth. Priorities...uh, my Mom's last few breaths sort of trumps discussing roof drains with you clowns. Sorry - you lose. Anyhow, again, they ignored the fact that I'd been voted in and it wasn't until I got the notice for the next meeting that I saw that my name wasn't included. They'd just "decided" that I was out.

Anyhow, for the sake of my sanity, I gave up my seat and accepted this (quitter). I was running out of fight as the deal with Mom sucked the wind out of my sails. But I did make sure that I nominated someone to take my place who'd challenge these guys and keep them honest.

Our complex kind of has two faces to it: the north end is mostly full of groggy old stuck ups who keep to themselves and think they're better than everyone else. The type that stare in your window as they walk past* (you'll see why this is relevant later) and, while always poking around and sticking their nose in other's business, they do nothing to take care of it like they're supposed to.


THIS end (the "good"/south end), is full of really great people. We all meet out back in the summers to barbecue and mingle on a regular basis. We look out for each other and a perfect example of this is the fact that I never have to shovel snow...these two guys from the south side always do it for me and I get home from work to find a clear sidewalk/driveway. Cool people they are. We are friends as well as neighbours. And we all feel the same about "the other end". We actually threw a big bbq last year (our suggestion, of course) for the entire complex, in the hopes of bringing us all together. I thought it was successful. The success ended after that day, when groggies decided to go back to staring and glaring vs socializing.

The fellow I convinced to sit on council is one of my two snow shovelling angels. The people from this end are pretty much reluctant to get involved on council (and used to come to me as their voice while I was on there)....mostly because they're just too nice. But also because they know it's pointless...groggies have a monopoly on things and it's pretty much a waste of time to attend meetings. But we've thrown Caesar into the ring now and just hope he doesn't get burned (like I did). He's hanging in pretty good so far. Poor guy.

Anyhow, where am I going with all of this? Well the AGM was held on Wednesday night and I've attended every year. And every year it's the same old bs - council steam rolls their way through the meeting and listens to nothing. This year I'd planned on going and finishing up with my business by presenting a letter and insisting it go on record. That way my concerns couldn't be ignored without having a paper trail.

At the last minute I didn't have it finished or the energy to deal with it at that point. I decided I'd wait and give it to Caesar (my council friend) to forward at the next meeting. Might be more effective if a council member bring it forth rather than me (it could mysteriously get "lost" if I gave it to them).

The council chairman called me to remind me of the meeting beforehand, so I said I was sick and didn't think I'd make it. Food poisoning. Near death kind. Total lie. Why?....I don't know. Because I didn't want to say "I won't be there because I can't stand any of you". so I thought it was just best to lie instead. FTR - I do like the chairman...he was agreed upon when some of us demanded that council get some new blood...although none of the other members would step down, they did agree to a new chairperson to mix things up. This fellow is fairly stupid neutral and does what they tell him. So he was allowed in. I like him, but know he's their puppet.

I forgot about the meeting after our call and went about my business...part of that being my workout later in the day. It was a good one...had a lot of stress to release and no one was home so I cranked up the tunes, opened the living room windows and went at it. I was doing high intensity step aerobics (my favorite)...was really into it...had Guns & Roses "Coma" on (yes, I still like G & R for working out...pass me my headband PA-LEESE). I was sort of half thinking that it was WAY too loud when I noticed the entire council (and bitchzilla), strolling past my window from the meeting. I'd completely forgotten about it and the fact that I was supposed to be deathly ill. I was in a full knee up, jump on the step move, weight in hand, loving life. It was during Slash's guitar solo and I'm pretty sure I was air guitaring too. Yeeha, be scared of me motha fucka's. Ahem, o.k., I'm good now.

Of course, they did their full head turn gawk inside, to see what dirt they could dig up. I felt like waving. Or maybe just one finger saluting? Anyhow...busted. Not sick, just sick of you people. Now move on, show's over.

I erupted in serious laughter after they'd strolled past...what timing. I don't care - I hate these people. I'm glad they know I lie to them because they aren't worthy enough of the truth...that being that THEY make me sick and I can't stand being in the same room as most of them. But too funny, nonetheless.

So that's my lie for the week. You been busted for anything? And did it thoroughly amuse you, as mine did me?
Alright, alright...I'll be fair.
Love him or hate him, excuse me while I roll up my tongue.

( And I want to marry him too.)

The "big game" is this who you routin' for? Or are you as interested in this as you are slug trails?

As a long time Giants fan (I still have my shirt from 86-87), part of me can't help but pull for the Patriots to do it (just a little bit).

In the spirit of the game, I've been directed to this little tidbit and am sharing it with you, to bring you up to speed on God Tom Brady. I especially like these excerpts:

"with an impressive 1-for-3, 6-yard passing performance on the year"

"Brady capitalized on his friend’s life-threatening internal bleeding by stealing his job"

I will post more on the Super Bowl tomorrow...tonight I'm done (and poker's on).