Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm really excited today!!

I've had to kick the job hunt up a notch or two over the past week as my EI will be running out soon. This was creating concern (no one wants to be homeless, right?) and actually starting to cross over into desperate thoughts as I envisioned myself standing in the meridian of a busy street with a squeegie in my hand. I was actually starting to have some "hmmmm" moments as I'd pass people rummaging through garbage cans for bottles on the streets. Yes, I am worried.

But this week things are started to fall into place and I have a few solid prospects to report (possibly even a new job today!...knocking on wood now).

Tuesday night I got my email working again to see that there was a reply to a an application I'd submitted...a really good (city) job. What a time for email to just doesn't fare well for these things to sit, unnoticed/unaswered. Yesterday I followed up with it on the library computer and things look rather promising! They're interested and this is a very well paying, foot in the door type job.

Also, I got a phonecall from the physio clinic I'd applied at a few weeks ago - a job that had really tweaked my interest. As it turns out, the girl they hired isn't working out and they still need someone...I'm meeting the boss (again) this morning (he's taking me for coffee!). He sounds rather desperate himself...I'd noticed that the clinic was closed on Saturday when I drove by and it's supposed to be open all thinks maybe someone was a no show?!?! Anyhow, he pretty much sounds ready to hire someone on the spot so I'm off to see what the deal is!

Now my big dilemma is this - if he offers me the job then the other place wants to follow up with me, it'll be a pickle. I can't afford NOT to take this opportunity, but the other one is an extremely fantastic position. I was completely sold on the physio clinic until I saw this posting...which had me written all over it.

Off now to see what develops....either way, things are starting to take a positive turn.

(The only downside to this is the incredibly horrible timing...the Zombie family are in town for 3 days and I haven't been able to connect with them (or Mel). Am hoping they're having a lovely time and decide to stay forever. In the interim, I've done my sun dance upon waking each morning...which apparently is working. Barb - my deepest regrets at the bad timing of all of this...will connect someday/somehow. But my heart is there with you...smiling and laughing. xoxo)

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm going to try and be more regular here. Blogging that is.

Although I thought my computer woes were behind me with a day and a half of solid connections, today I'm back to throwing things because it's taking SO long to load comments that it just times out. That was just the case on Allison's blog, although I managed to scrawl out another and get it in there. Bah. Ty assures me that it's just how it is with wireless internet...sometimes it's on, others it's secretly blowing raspberries in your face.

Either way - FU computer.

I'm currently laughing as I stumbled across a list of things to do that I wrote out. Probably a month and a half ago. I'd decided that being unemployed was quickly equating to being unproductive and that I needed a list so I could check off at least one (hopefully 3-5) things a day as I accomplished them. Ha, good one. The list got buried under coupons and bills.

I mean these things aren't tough - some are mere phonecalls.

Anyhow here's the list and how I've broken it down (and why it isn't working):

TAKE BOTTLES IN: Ty made me do it. Can actually check this one off. I was many bags/boxes out there that I'd become convinced there was a raccoon family living in our carport. DO NOT DISTURB. We finally buckled down and it took 3 carloads to get the job done (we took Dad's in too). When you get $79 at the bottle depot, you've let things go too far.

CALL SHAW TO REPORT INACCURACIES ON BILL: Self explanatory. I don't have a week to wait with a phone stuck on my ear. Oh wait, yes I do.

BOOK A HAIR APPOINTMENT FOR LINDS: I know what you're thinking...why can't she just make the appointment herself? It's not that simple. When your hairdresser's a cracked out nutbar who's only left you her cell number and insists on telling you her man problems like she's your best friend, it's dicey. Linds loves her (as do I), but I tend to only expose my daughter to this gem for the actual hair appointment (and pray that she gets thru it fairly unscathed). The rest (as a responsible mother) is handled by me. Although I go elsewhere and would prefer Linds to do the same, she refuses because "R really knows how to cut her hair". I don't have the extra 120 lying around at my disposal anyhow, so this one'll have to wait for now anyhow. "Shaggy's in Linds...REALLY it is".

TAXES: Fuck it. I'll do them later. Besides, I'm still not over Christmas...don't start throwing all this shit at me. Chill out.

CAR SERVICING: Why fix it if it ain't broke?


There's other stuff on the list, but I can't read it because there's a big coffee stain and it's smeared the letters.

Gotta run. Apparently I've go stuff to do.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I really thought that this unemployment thing would create more time for me to play here, but that hasn't been the case. I don't know where the hours/days/weeks are going, but is it really nearly the end of March?

My God, time to get my butt in gear.

The job hunt is awful...I even gave up for a week as I was growing so disheartened and depressed with the whole thing. Interviews go well and then....nothing. I'm not quite at the desperate stage, but another month or so and I'm going to be freaking out a little. Hanging in there, but barely. I sent out two more Resumes yesterday, but I've gotten to the point that I expect nothing...that's not good. The negativity will start to creep into my demeanor and I can almost see myself walking into the next few interviews:
"Hi, I'm Deb and I'm a loser. Old, kinda lame, uninspired and not really much to offer here. Skills? I can wiggle my ears. I'll bake muffins. So, I guess we'll call it a wrap, huh? Hey, got any free pens or stuff I can sell at a garage sale?"

Patience. If I couldn't go for my riverside walks/rides, I'd be doomed. That usually sorts things out and reminds me that I live a good life and should just chill. I've got my health, a great family, really, I'm ahead of the game right there. But these damn bills.....

My computer's also been acting up and it seems to have been related to our wireless router. A bit of tape and I'm back in action (before it was dropping connections and took 10 minutes to load a page. I am not a patient person so a lot of bad words were said).

Anyhow, not much to report. Other than GO CANUCKS! ;)