Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new & improved/happier Deb

Anybody (still) out there?

First of all - sad that people connect, then disconnect here in the blogworld. Most have moved on to those cesspools otherwise known as Facebook & Twitter (whom we will now refer to as Twitfaces), but some have just plain disappeared. And that saddens me (WN - you know who you are).

I am doing well. Extremely well - saw my doctor Thursday for the first time in nearly two years and he went "wow, you're looking great". So I guess that's good.

I am a summer person - have always known that. Am happiest when it's summer and I can spend half my day outside. Am back to a pretty rigid fitness routine - was missing from my life for awhile and it's a big piece that needs to be in place if I am to be truly happy. Have been running since I was 12. Started swimming/aerobics in my teens. It's just part of who I am and I feel complete with a dumbbell in my hand.

Work is great. Insanely busy and chaotic - but that's how I roll. The people are fantastic and as crazy as I am, so it works well for me.

Have been moderating on the Canucks forums, which is where I spend 98% of my non work/family related time. Great people there, too. So it seems that I'm surrounded by them, which is a big part of my overall happiness these days.

The downside in my life - road rage. I could shoot people when I drive - no questions asked. Would likely be easier on all of us. Today I fingered 3 people in one trip. Outta control. They are.

But I'm working on them. We'll get them straightened out soon.

That's it - a whole lotta nothing. But a smile on my face, and that's fairly new.