Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Shitanigans

November has not been kind to me so far. The car broke down. Twice. Towtrucks and transit and all kinds of bad things followed. I did learn this though: morning bus drivers are awesome, evening drivers need exorcisms and/or Xanax. Night/day stuff. Then the furnace blew. Dad's waited until the following day, to be sure we couldn't sneak in any two for one housecalls. NO-vember. No fun. No piece of mind or relaxation. Just no. Today a seemingly simple jaunt for errands with Dad turned into something different when, after depositing my paycheque at the Bermuda Triangle drive through debit machine, it played whack a mole with my card. Told me to take it, but pushed it out far enough to be flush with the slot (only). Went back in, said "nanananana", then did it again - 3 times. I had my hammer in hand by this time, ready to fix the problem when an error message came up telling me my card would be retained. NO. I need that see, no one gives me free gas for work. Groceries are required, unless the veggie lasagna I'd planned for tonight is made of jam and eggs. I NEED my card. It is the IV that keeps the money flowing to my wallet. I have no credit cards, no rich sugar daddies and when something stands between me and my debit card, it's a 9.8 on the richter. Just popped off a lovely email because if those people at Coast Capital think their Monday morning is going to be carefree and easy, they're wrong. I will be waiting for them to courier my card to me. NO (there's that word again) - I want it sent by limousine. With wine on board. Driven by Kevin Bieksa. Fucktards.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I've decided not to let this place die a slow fizzle of a death. I plan on rejuvenating the ol' blog. Why?...because I like to write and this keeps things simple and neat. While I did stray over to that other place where people are crushed by candy and other weird phenomenon, this is where it all started. I find that I actually have documented some of my history here...when Linds said to me the other day, when was my last day of school I had to weed through old posts here to try to narrow it down. And I found it nostalgic, comforting and it just felt like home. And, it's like a journal where I can keep track of things and check in on myself. So this'll be at least a weekly thing (again). Not that anyone cares, is listening or will read, but because I'm no quitter. It feels like I've said this here before, but I mean it this time. I did forget my password and how to sign in, but have cracked the code. Here's what I've learned about passwords....once you hit fifty, you forget them just like they're car keys that you put down someplace when you walk in the door. It's hard to keep these things straight. We should be assigned assistants at 50. They could flip our pillow over to the cool side, tie our runners should we ever decide to use them (in which case we'll properly refer to them as walkers). They could keep track of our car keys and passwords, make sure our skirt isn't tucked into our pantyhose and that we put both earrings on. Although, I recently lost a favourite earring but that hasn't stopped me from wearing the lone soldier. I lie. I tell people "oh, I must've forgotten to put the other one on when I left the house". Such bullshit. After 3 times, they're onto it. Then, I blame it on wine. I actually lost my Shoppers card when I really needed it the other day (for a promotion that required it). Searched everywhere for days. Then, inadvertently stumbled across it yesterday when I wasn't even looking anymore. (Funny how that goes). Put it on the table, with the coupon/promotional flyer. Picked it up today to go out the door and got called away/distracted. Lost it again. Rinse/repeat cycle. (Quit looking and swearing, moved some clothes that Linds had flung around in her packing fury and found it underneath them). I quit...this game isn't even FUN. I am a little lazy today...with my football team out of the picture and my hockey team not playing until tomorrow, today was named nothing to do day. So I ran with it. Linds is in Squamish, twirling fire and being cool. I so miss her when she is away. Ty is here, waiting for Fiona who we also miss when she's away. We'll go to our favourite little burger joint tonight for chicken pesto deliciousness. Fiona will go meatless, as is her life. That's about it for now. Next post will be about bunnies. Love you all. All none of you. xo