Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wow, I Don't Think I Could Stand This....

Have you heard about the poor 15 year old girl from Floriday who can't stop hiccuping? She hiccups 50 times a minute and...get this - it's been going on for nearly two months now (since Jan. 23)!! Poor thing, she had a brief period in Feb. where they stopped and she got momentary relief. But they started again and, although she's seen everyone from cardiologists to neurologists and had blood tests, a CT scan and an MRI to try and find a rememdy, nothing has worked. (And, in the process, she got hives from an allergic reaction to one medication).

This goes beyond "annoying" and is causing her great discomfort. She's had to leave school and things are apparently so severe that she's considered suicide! I know I can't stand hiccups for a mere few minutes...just image all day and night for weeks on end. I truly hope something works and she finds some relief soon. How do you "cure" hiccups?


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