Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I don't like paying for PPV games when we lose. I want a refund. We got a point but, in this race, that just might not be good enough in the end - we need them all. I'll buy a point if someone's selling them. Or trade a few gaming systems. If we don't make the playoffs I'm going to egg GM Place and burn my jersey. I'm sick of that gig.

I might post later but doubt it...poker's easier and mindless so I'll probably do that instead. I'm tired because today was a long shift at work and then I drove out to Surrey. It was a gorgeous riverside drive, as usual.I'm going to take more pictures next time because it's spectacular...at one point you go down a huge hill and can see half the lower mainland in front of you...it was twilight and unbelievable tonight. The colors, the lights, the mountains ...and all the buildings were silhouetted. My son and mum-in-law were freaking out at my attempt to photograph while driving and they obviously didn't appreciate my skillz, so I missed the best shots of my life. I only almost rearended one semi. It's all good.

(This isn't MY river...well it is, but this is the middle arm in Delta. This drive is awesome except at 2 in the morning when there's noone else around and no streetlights. Then it's quite scary. My car's broken down on this road 8 billion times and that's dangerous - it's narrow/shoulderless in spots and it's a major route for the truckers. But it's better than the time we broke down in the tunnel.)


Blogger junky said...

Wings got 2 points tonight I believe.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

i had them for the win in my Sports Action but damn it, it went into OT, didn't it? Our division is ridiculously tight...6 bloody points seperates top from bottom.

8:50 AM  

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