Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome Back Ty!

When Ty's away Linds and I starve eat like birds. Not much cooking happens because, quite frankly, we couldn't care less about food. We eat fruit, cereal, granola bars, (crumbs) for dinner and the grocery bill goes WAY down. Well, Ty's back - Mr. Meat & Potatoes Man. This is his plate. His first plate. It's good to have him back home.

My Canucks are ruling the universe. Here are the standings in our division, suck it Calgary (sorry Barb, I don't consider you Calgary. You're too good).We want the damn cup this year. And if my boys don't get it done I'm gonna' personally show up in the dressing room and spank them myself. I've had my picture taken with the cup but it just doesn't count until you win it. So it's a must win situation here.

Ty laughs at my Toto pics.I do too actually...they are quite funny at times. I don't really think Montreal will win but hey, whatever. I pick what I feel at the moment and I don't listen to stats/reasoning/logic. Apparently I listen to the air in my head. I like to go against the grain (just like I bet the horses). Oh, and I refuse to pick teams that we are battling in the west...they've just gotta' lose. So I don't know why the hell I have the Wild in there. Possibly because they let Willie Mitchell go and we eventually ended up with him here...I could kiss them for that. He's a local boy who really wanted to play here. And Luongo...what is it the guy can't do? I've seen him stand on his head, make saves with his hair and I'm quite sure he did a double back flip at one point. The guy's amazing. Back to my day when my long shots come in I'll be the one laughing - all the way to the damn bank. So cheer for my teams tomorrow, k? (Oh, and Sunday too). I'll send you a dollar.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I don't consider myself Calgary either, Deb. I just happen to live here due to circumstance.

What is it with guys that they want to eat a big cooked meal every day. Oh yeah, they aren't generally responsible for the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Must be nice to have your baby boy home though!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

ain't it the truth Barb.

(oh, and please remember that my "hate" thing is only because of the intense rivalry and that your team has played the spoiler for us before. Plus I can't stand an uncle that's in Calgary...the rest is all good!)

12:20 PM  
Blogger Women on the Verge said...


I've always loved hockey... shhh... don't tell anyone , but I love the brawls( I also have that dirty little secret concerning James Bond flicks too).

I had to laugh reading about the dinners you eat when Ty is gone. When my husband is gone my daughters and I have "yogurt sundays"... yogurt with crushed granola and fresh fruit. Another favorite is french toast made with raisin pecan bread... needless to say this doesn't fly when my husband is in town. He needs a whole steak just to begin to fill him up...


12:27 PM  

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