Friday, February 16, 2007

Ty's here so I'm cooking us a really nice dinner...roast beef, yorkshires, the whole nine yards. Plus we're watching the Canucks so it's all good. I bought a ticket for the millionaire lottery and lost it...that'll be the winner for sure. Today was one of those days where everyone was mindless and at least three customers gave me too much money. And I promptly brought it to their attention and now I'm their best friend. Good thing I'm honest...I could make a killing. One guy was really happy about it - it was like noone had ever done anything nice for him before. Now, to be perfectly honest, when I'm a paying customer and I'm given too much money back...well, that stays with me. Sorry, you fuck up, not my problem. Am I bad for that?

The ex was here when I got home from work and he still thinks I'm nuts. His dog loves me and mauls me and hates to leave. I'm gonna' dognap him because I deserve him. He's gorgeous. The dog that is.
Well, my ex too but he can be a total asshole so I've overlooked his gorgeousness. It's only part of the equation and some of it = heartbreak/mean.

But I'm glad we're good friends. I was going to burn him a cd (he still loves my music)(and my cooking)(and, well nevermind..he can just reminisce) but I was too busy at the boob squasher (good one tc). I made him one a few weeks ago...mind fuck stuff. Like "how much you miss me" and "you'll never forget me" stuff. I have fun with it. It works...he calls late at night and I hear it playing in the background. I'm so good.

Another ridiculously uneventful post by Deb. I'm in a silly mood. Actually, that's kind of the norm for me.

Back later.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

You make Yorkshire pudding? I am suitably imoressed. Isn't that tricky? Hmmm, maybe you could teach us on Food Porn?

8:46 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

it's not tricky Barb....the secret - heat the oil/pan drippings before you add the batter. And try not to open the oven or subject them to any big crashes while they're in there. They're so easy.

9:17 PM  

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