Monday, March 26, 2007

Mr. Wrong

Today the young guy that seems to be hitting on me at work was there before I even arrived. It was kind of unsettling and I basically ignored him as I have things to do before I open that require some concentration. After he ignored the fact that I was ignoring him, he struck up a conversation. And, let me tell you, for someone trying to get me to go out with him, this was not selling his case. Our conversation:

He: Hi, you've been away? I haven't seen you around much.

Me: Yes, I had a few days off. So, are you off work today?

He: No, I'm not working anymore.

Me: Why not, what happened?

He: I quit. They wanted me to work too hard.

Me: Oh, so what's your plan now?

He: I don't know.

Me: It's a gorgeous day...what are you up to today? (I realize that, by being nice, he probably reads that as interest on my part and it's not doing a good job of discouraging him....I just have a hard time being mean).

He: Nothing, I'm not feeling well.

Me: Sorry to hear that. Hope it's nothing serious...

He: No, I just had a bad weekend. I drank too much ("all weekend"). Now I don't feel like doing anything. But maybe if it stays nice like this you'll come out for a walk with me?

Me: I'm sorry, I can't.

He: Well the weather's getting nicer, maybe we'll go another time.

I'm sorry, but I'm not jumping at the chance to go out with an unemployed alcoholic who doesn't like hard work. I may have already done something like that before. It wasn't fun.

I'm off to cut Dad's grass while he's at the hospice...should be a nice surprise for him. He said he was going to try and get it done this evening so I'm going to beat him to it and let him just relax when he gets home. Back later cowpokes.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is he at least a cute young guy that you might find interesting for an evening or two? He does sound mighty loserly.

How nice to surprise your dad. If he lived here he wouldn't have to wory about the grass because we are going to get a huge snowstorm tonight and tomorrow, they say. Jealous!

6:30 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

He's very cute Barb. And seems nice's just I don't feel any kind of connection AT ALL. And he's TOO young for me. I feel very motherly toward him and that's just weird. I think it's probably partly because I went out of my way to be extra nice to him at first...he seemed so lost. But he shows up nearly every shift and kind of hangs around. I'm not good in these situations...I've tried the "I'm really busy in my life right now" (true) but he still shows up and asks what time I get off. I should be flattered but it's getting annoying.

7:34 PM  
Blogger mellowlee said...

Geesh, you mean you weren't jumping at the chance to hook up haha just kidding! Seriously, that is a tough situation. I hate being a meanie too. I always try the avoidance tactic, but it's not like you can leave work whenever he shows up :O(

You are such a great daughter. The manager of our building just cut our grass and it smells all springish around here!

8:03 PM  
Blogger junky said...

you all out there can cut grass already? ours is still all brown and what not.

If it's the age difference I met 2 older unemployed drunkards today you maybe interested in. :)

8:12 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

I'm too picky's why I've been on my own so long. I just have to be attracted and I'm not. He's very cute...clean cut, funky earring (which I actually like), really sweet and all. Just not for me. You should come down and meet him...seriously.

junky...alright you wisecracker. I like 'em younger...just not still in diapers. The older ones don't do it for me at all...there's plenty of those around where I work (right outside a pub). No thanks.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

and yes, I'm covered in grass stains but it was awesome...I love cutting the grass. I'm a weirdo.

8:52 PM  
Blogger whitenoise said...

Deb, you're such a nice person...:-) Bet your dad was very happy.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Thanks whitenoise...he was pretty happy. Although he called a few hours later and caught me off guard 'cause I kinda forgot. He started off with "I'm not very happy with you" and I quickly did the "what did I do?" memory scan. Then he continued..."you've gone and done all my work leaving me nothing to do but relax". What a kidder.

2:07 PM  

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