Sunday, April 08, 2007

As Dan put it best, "happy whatever" everyone. I guess around here that means Easter. And I'm multi tasking at the moment...I'm about to throw in the turkey (a little late), as I've been locked in a poker tournament that I thought I'd get my ass knocked out of long ago. We're heading into hour five and I'm at the final table, battling for the money. I'm pretty impressed with myself, considering I'm a novice at 7 card stud and we started with nearly 1300 players, some of whom are regulars. But I love it and my beloved NL Hold 'Em may soon be taking a backseat. So, on this very religious holiday, here I am - gambling, cussing and basically breaking all the rules. Guess I'm going to hell (in an Easter basket).

My God, Easter bliss...the Canucks game is on.


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