Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tenacious D

The show last night was absolutely well worth the price of admission. I was uninspired when we set out - I can report that I quickly shed that and rocked it hard all night.

The drive down there pumped us up - they had a radio interview on with Jack and he described the high tech pyro that we could expect - red/yellow cloth that was to be the "fire". Wicked. Greatest show in the world (o.k., I'm overusing that one these days). I've only been to the Queen E a couple of times, always with someone else driving, so I was unsure of parking. We lucked out and found a huge parking lot that I assumed was in the vicinity of the venue - I knew the address was getting close. When I approached the ticket machine a guy on a bike rode up and mumbled something about paying HIM. He swiped a prepaid card and the parking ticket came out and then he said "just give me five bucks", so I did. At first I thought he was a disheveled lot attendant but I soon came to realize he was not. I was quite prepared to give him the $10 - the cost to park there. But he grabbed my five, said thanks and was gone as fast as he came. I like deals.

We walked across the huge parking lot, crossed the street and headed down the road, looking for 695 Cambie. We laughed when we realized we'd parked right across the street but had strayed and taken the long, "scenic" route to get there. Losers. We doubled back and lined up.

The line up was a hoot. People getting hammered outside before the show and homeless people working the crowd. My donation equalled one dollar - hey, I'm about five bucks short of being homeless myself. "If I give you a dollar today...." why can I picture Russell Peters doing that one with his Indian accent?

Anyhow, the "backup" act was a very crude, not funny comedian. He wasn't supposed to be funny...that was his act. People grew restless with the non act and were quite rowdy and I was completely bored and totally not into the guy's stupidity. Little did I know that Linds recorded it on her cell - I hope it wasn't the part about blow jobs. Neil Hamburger was on about 30 minutes too long and Tenacious D were a few minutes late. I hate waiting.

The D opened the show with the living room set up - they both were covered up on the couch and quickly sprang into action. They did all their best songs, but I don't think they did their new "Pick of Destiny"....that's not my favorite anyhow so I didn't care. The show was crazy good....the sound was excellent. The anti-christ on guitar was completely awesome - he rocked my socks off. Colonel Sanders was on the drums. The bass player was cool. Linds and I quickly abandoned our seats for a birdseye view (standing) right along the rail. "Connections" meant that, while everyone else around us was directed back to their seats, we remained where we were for the entire show. I make friends, have I told you that? We danced, sang and had a great time. Ty and his friend Steve were a few rows over and didn't rock nearly as hard as we did.

The "show" was just that - an absolute show...everything flowed into a story that unfolded with the music and included the mushroom, "Metal", Satan and my favorite, "Lee" the friend/dancer who hung out and helped liven things up. The cardboard cutout "cars" took me back to grade school plays - man, this shit rocked. The set started off with acoustic stuff, but Jack had "scored" a beautiful, home made "collector's" electric that he pulled out
for Kyle, which meant it was time to rock.

Of course they did my favorite, "Tribute", to which I had to do the "ROCK"/kick part to, almost taking out the eye of the guy seated next to me (remember, they weren't allowed to stand - only us special ones).

The boys also did a bit of the Jack and Kyle back and forth banter that is so endearing. They're quite a pair, those two. First they break up then they make up, it's touching....kind of chokes you up.

To round out the evening they did a nice little bit from Tommy and man, did they pull it off. They brought the house down. The three guys in front of Linds and I were almost as entertaining as the show....they were SSSOO into it. They head banged, high fived, moshed and looked at each other, mouth and eyes wide open, shaking each other by the shoulders every time a song they obviously knew/loved started. Which was pretty much every song. They were true blue fans. A whole lot of energy was spent by them and it added to the atmosphere for sure.

We were sorry when the show ended, it seemed to fly by (it happens when you're having fun, right?).

I'd chatted up a few of the security cousin is "the big boss" and I've come to know them from a few shows we've been to. So when we were behind the scenes, waiting for an autograph for Lind's shirt, it was quite comical to see them in action. A Rod Stewart looking dude and his cheeky (wasted) girlfriend kept trying to con them into giving them backstage access. The security guys kept using me as their excuse, pointing a finger saying "HER cousin is OUR boss so if we do that she's gonna' tell and we'll get fired". Yep. I would. Dude was persistent, even offering a million dollars. Too much Howie Mandel buzz. NO DEAL. Unfortunately, it was pissing rain and Jack did a b-line to his van with his baby in tow...a quick hello/wave had to suffice. Hey, it's part of being a Dad and we were bummed but understood.

I'd say the "D's" first Vancouver appearance was a huge hit. They played again tonight (a show that was booked when the first one sold out so quickly). Fiona and her brother are there and I'm waiting to compare notes.

All in all, my boyfriend JB and his brother Kyle did not disappoint. Linds went so far as to say it was the best concert she'd ever been to - rating it higher than MG AND Pearl Jam. I must admit, it was pretty damn good.


Blogger Allison said...

Glad you had a good time, they seem as though they'd be a riot. I've seen a few interviews with them on television and they always make me smile. Also, makes me wanna watch High Fidelity.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Thanks Allison, it was a good time. I'm definitely first in line for their next visit.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

They always look like they are having so much fun and I think that translates to the audience. Glad you went, then?

7:37 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Hell yeah Barb....what an uplifting experience. I left there smiling (bigtime).

8:50 PM  

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