Friday, February 09, 2007

my pinky's not up to capitals tonight.

i got back from the hospice and realized i hadn't eaten anything wonder i have a headache and feel sick. i made coffee this morning and didn't even pour/drink some. then i went to work and because it's super 7 day it was busy as shit. this new millionaire lottery is getting on my nerves because noone knows what it's about so i have to do the spiel 800 times. i should just say "you won't win, don't bother. save your money and you'll be a millionaire". not good for sales though. business is booming...better keep it that way.

So when i got home tonight i had chocolate almonds and chips/salsa for dinner. I rule. I have the entire place to myself since ty's at fiona's and lindsay's out all night too. i wish i had a "companion"...for a long time this worked for me, this being on my own. it's getting old. i'm too good to waste. (valentine's day should be shot by the way). i need a dog. the fish isn't cutting it (sorry nazzy, it's true).

i even turned on the tv but if i have to hear anna nicole's entire life story one more time i'm going to drive off the end of the road into the river. sad, tragic but ENOUGH ALLFUCKINGREADY. They'll work this one for 4 weeks I'm sure. I feel bad for that little baby though. They should give her to me, that would solve two problems because i wouldn't be lonely when my kids aren't here.

i'd work out tonight but fuck it i'm too tired. i just made the connection here - i swear like there's no tomorrow when i'm exhausted. fuck yeah.

i quickly need to bitch about the fact that i bought vacuum bags - wrong size. Repeated the process. Two more times.
Fuck, I need to vacuum...why couldn't they just stick to labelling them the old way. They've changed things and now I need help with it. I keep getting it wrong. I hate unvacuumed floors, they bother me. and last time charlie was here he left hair everywhere. this is charlie on a calm day.

I also want to bitch about the shrinking toilet paper rolls. Don't put 16 fucking sheets on there and say it's a's not. It's a rip off, that's what it is.

g'night all. maybe, i don't know. if i can sleep.

(and this should win the award for the most uninformative, boring, rambling post of nothingness ever. again, go me.)


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's true, you pretty much have to buy the double rolls anymore to make it worthwhile.

I feel your pain about vacuum cleaner bags; I can't even vacuum properly anymore, because this house has a central vac (which doesn't even reach into the far room - how stupid is that?) and the last time the furnace duct cleaning guys were here, they also cleaned out the vacuum thingy and now we can't get it open anymore. So it's full again, but we can't open it. grrrr!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Toccata said...

My vacuum cleaner only works with the attachments so vacuuming has turned into a super duper workout around here because I can't just simply push the stupid thing.

Anna Nicole Smith and the astronaut have got to be taken off the newswire!

8:23 AM  
Blogger busterp said...

Funny post. Vacuum bags are always a mystery. And yes, get ANS off the news. Too much. Have a nice weekend Deb.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Deb said... vacuuming woes pale in comparison. I don't think we were meant to vacuum.

tc...sounds like we're all in the same boat. When I do finally get the right bags and am vacuuming, I'll have the image of you and Barb struggling away.

When they drag these stories out so long it just makes me cringe...enough already.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

hey Rob. They are a mystery - an unsolved one for latest attempt with one of the bags I do have was to "rig up" something to make it work and it ended up with crud/dust blowing straight up, into the air. Kind of defeated the purpose. So I quit. Something so simple....???

You have a great weekend too!

9:46 AM  

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