Monday, February 26, 2007

See how that works?...I bitch like hell this morning, go to work, boss shows up and she's a sweetheart. I still did my shift but she was super accomodating and really showed concern (I think she could tell by looking at me that I wasn't good). So, 'nuff be said, she's my best friend now.

A friend of mine from elsewhere came over on her break and reported that she'd caught the security guard at work shoplifting. Nice. He's one of the full-fledged, yellow coated very official looking dudes hired by the store to keep an eye on us pesky customers. Ha, how's that for ironic?

So I've passed my little Asian bird, SARS, donkey flu around to everyone I know and Linds has to miss an appointment today that we've had booked for a couple of weeks. Aren't I a treasure?

I tried not to hork/spew/cough at too many unsuspecting customers during my shift. But I got the evil eye from a few as I choked back my own phlegm in order to save them. One guy just didn't care...he came in to show me the cheque that he'd just picked up at the lottery corporation as the result of a quick pick I'd sold him last week....6/7 numbers on the Super 7. Pretty piddly prize...just over two grand, likely because quite a few shared the pot on that one. He was happy just the same, but the "what if's" definitely came into play.

I'm starting to actually feel hungry - I haven't eaten since yesterday morning. The thought of food is making me churn but I feel like fruit so I'll stick with that. I'm gonna' go poke around and see what I can find.

Later campers.


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