Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gled, here's a little sample of this charming young wench. There were many to choose from, this one particularly warmed my heart though because she shares her feelings on Canada. I always think we should keep doors open and try not to be too offensive in this life...she, on the otherhand, spews out hatred and name calls as she slams doors shut. I saw a clip on her awhile ago where she was promoting her book and was completely out of control. I'll round that one up too.


Blogger Allison said...

That is the reason right there I don't watch US news. Yuck. I can't believe she can get away with that?!!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

You'd be so shocked to see the crap she pulls off...but usually she ends up making herself look more like a neurotic whackjob than anything.

9:40 PM  
Blogger LaLa said...

A guy I work with told me once that I looked like Ann Coulter. I didn't realize at the time that I should have taken offense.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

wtf - i am shocked she can keep her job. that is just ridiculous. lol.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Deb said... poor thing you (jj of course). I suppose if she were muted she could be somewhat attractive.

Todd...that's just a "tidbit". She really gets on a roll sometimes - the book promotion rant was especially offensive.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

she is a lunatic...and her level of knowledge of actual facts is laughable, cbc's the fifth estate had a story where they interviewed her and she looked like,, actually she was an idiot

11:23 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

i saw that one kelly...priceless. She doesn't quite know how to react when it's time to pull her foot of her mouth.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Toccata said...

That woman infuriates me. I can't believe she is allowed on national television. I realize there is such a thing as free speech but what about the anti-hate laws. She's the poster bitch for spreading hate.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Sebastien said...

The worst part about all the crap she spews is that she actually makes money on it! How aggravating!

12:08 PM  
Blogger busterp said...


I read Richard Roeper's column in the Sun Times (he's the movie reviewer with Ebert). He can't stand her. Here is his latest (actually mild compared to other things he's said about her):

So what happens when Ann Coulter spews hateful venom at a political conference?

Some in the audience laugh. Some clap. Some whistle their approval. Nobody boos, nobody heckles, nobody walks out.

As you might expect, the video is all over the Internet, so you can gauge the reaction yourself. Coulter, who fancies herself a comedian but has the leaden and tone-deaf delivery of a drunken boor at a bar past midnight, was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

Her wacky closing line:

"I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot,' so I -- kind of at an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards."

Even for someone as routinely vile as Coulter, the ease with which she uses the word is stunning. Is there a person in America who's less patriotic, less tolerant, less compassionate? What a sad, hateful woman.

2:05 PM  
Blogger junky said...

everyday I hope she dies in a can anyone take her bullshit seriously?

7:33 PM  

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