Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wahoo!....I'm off work until next Wednesday!!! Only there is one problem with that.....I don't get paid, so it actually kinda sucks.

Crack out the crackers and water friends, we're gonna party like it's 1933!

I had a root canal (my first) and I must say that it was AWESOME!! Yes, it really was. I'd been absolutely terrified, as my so called friends had been kind enough to scare the living bejeezus out of me beforehand with their tales of faces being ripped off. So I'd pretty much worked myself into a frenzy and have been hiding behind my couch. But it turns out that I felt nothing because the Ativan they gave me made me a drooling, slobbering mess. I loved it. I now realize that I would be a very cheap drug hit and I'm a wreck for days. I was supposed to work after my appointment and don't recall the phonecall I made to tell them I wasn't coming in, but I believe it went something like this.....


With a "weeeeeeeee" and a possible "yabbadabbadooo" in there. Apparently I made my point.

It's all just a blur now, but Ty tells me that when he awoke me from my very deep sleep I jumped up, ran around like a mad woman and said, "Oh my God, what time is it? What day is it? I HAVE TO GO TO THE DENTIST" as I headed towards the stairs. And then he steered me back to the couch and reassured me that I'd already been. Lovely....I'll go back to sleep now. (For 16 hours.)

Anyhow, I am never going to be scared of the dentist again now that I'm armed with my new best friend Lorazepam. They gave me a few extras to make sure I come back. I have no fear. How 'bout next week, I'm free?

So really, not much happening around here that's newsworthy. Linds wants to drag my sorry, strung out ass here, which sounds about as much fun as slamming my head into a phonebooth while bagpipes play into my ear. No thanks hon, I'll pass....11,000 screaming Spring breakers under a dome does not a party make. I'll fork over what's left in the piggy bank and play taxi.

We are going to the aquarium on Friday, as my daughter has informed me that I've never taken her there. So fishees it is.

Not sure about an Easter dinner, as everyone's scattered all over the place - but, honestly, I'll be quite happy to dine on my Pesto Penne. This one's BY FAR the best that Stouffer's makes, for those unfamiliar with their brand of crack. Jesus would approve.

Anyhow, my weekend starts now so I'll have to catch you cats later. Behave. ;)



Blogger Whitenoise said...

Wow, and I thought nitrous was good... I can see it now- you, me, dental junkies, livin' on the street but with really great teeth. ;-)

2:59 AM  
Blogger Deb said... made me seriously laugh out loud with that....I can see it now...we'd be smilin', big "cheeeeeeez" smiles. ;)

8:11 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow, Rogers Playdome sounds like hell on earth alright!

Glad to hear you have some time off from work! You could use a little break.

You should have asked me about root canals! I've had 2 of them and never had an issue. There really isn't much pain, as the nerve is dead, but being tipped on your head for several hours with your mouth stretched open and drooling behind a tasty dental dam is not too much fun.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Barbara Doduk said...

oooo root canal.

boooo time off with no pay.

i don't do easter. there is a family dinner thing but my niece isn't here so it is pointless to go. bah. i think pasta sounds about right. i love my family but i just don't like them. HAHA

happy bunny easter eggs weekend.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

there are some dentists calling it "conscious sedation"...a much kinder gentler term. Remember you have a long weekend with a few extra pills...enjoy....haaa haa (i am kidding)

6:49 PM  
Blogger busterp said...

My dentist used to give us laughing gas. Such a mellow high - you didn't even know you were high.

While you were getting the root canal I was taking antibiotics for my back tooth that is hardly worth saving anyway. It worked yea. Until I bite down hard again in a week of so.

Funny post as usual. Have a great weekend and Easter.

2:22 PM  
Blogger junky said...

Lori's are in the Benzo category of drugs, as little as 2 months of use can cause addiction, withdrawal is comparable to Heroin, trust me I know I have been taking Xanex (another benzo) for about 8 years and once in awhile I run out, like last weekend.
Not that I don't advise taking them just thought you ought to know.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

You have my every sympathy, Debs. Public holidays were the bain of my life too when I was on casual work: still to this day remind me of being comulsorily laid off and NOT PAID..!

They're changing the law here so that employers of part-time and "temporary" staff (often working longterm yet without the benefits of a proper contract of employment) are to be compelled after a year (I think) to give full and proper rights to part-time, casual and "temporary" workers:~ WHOOPEE!!


6:56 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

"cumolsorily"..? hmmmm...

6:57 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Barb...when I dropped Linds & Jess off at Playdome, red faced, sweaty kids were exiting with their inflatable hammers. No thanks. I stopped asking people about r/c's because I didn't like the answers I was getting...."oh my God, they're worse than childbirth", etc. Wish I'd asked you.

Barb D...that made me laugh...."I love them, but I don't like them". I use that with my daughter when she's pissing me off.

kelly...Nope, my pill days are over. One was enough for me - I was a mess.

busterp...I never had the laughing gas experience. My dentist was a sadist who loved to torture me drug free. worries about me. I'm clean as a whistle, which is probably why I got the full effect.

gled...I do get "holiday pay" throughout the year, which is a nominal amount that's spread out over the entire year. But this next couple of weeks is going to be a bit lean, if you know what I mean.

All the best to you too gleds...sending Easter love your way. xo

10:36 AM  
Blogger countrymouse said...

omigosh--this was seriously funny! For another fun-with-a-dentist-and-drugs story, go here : )

6:52 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

Hey Deb, hope your weekend is going well! :)

11:57 PM  

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