Sunday, March 09, 2008

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Wow, has it really been a week since I've been here? No particular reason really...just kind of run down (I'm fighting yet another cold) and working far too many hours now. OK, I'm not going to whine today though.

Had a good weekend....we hit the track in Cloverdale yesterday for some horse racing. Now, it's not our usual track (it opens in April)...this one's "harness" racing and a whole different ballgame. We've been a couple of times before but, I must admit, I don't like being out of my element. I like familiarity and routine and this track has the screwiest set up. Like there's no where to sit?? Unless you grab a wet picnic table outside and freeze your ass off. No thanks, I'll pass.

There are fancy tables in what I would describe as a passageway that leads from nowhere A to nowhere B but the people seated at them are about as helpful as three dollar bills. I'm a people person and will talk to anyone but these gamblers are a tough crowd to crack. It's very strange.

Anyhow, at our regular track there are grandstand type bleacher seats and then some benches out by the fence. This place has big "rooms" with little cubicles and fuck if I could figure out where we should be seated. Last time we were there I conveniently "misplaced" one of the RESERVED FOR signs that was on a table and we plunked ourselves down there. And no one ever did come to claim the table, so we were good for the day.

This time I sent Ty up to do the same...find an empty table and snag it. But he quickly came back down and said that a waitress told him we had to pay to sit there.

So Deb the out of towner spung into action with her dumb act. I went and asked (politely, of course) if we could sit at the empty table, knowing full well that there was a cover charge for it. But I don't believe in paying to sit...I think when I come to a horse racing track they'd better have seats, no? The girl directed me to the hostess, who said that normally we'd have to pay a $15 fee (+ food) but, since it was late and no one had arrived, we could just go ahead and take it.

The people around us (who'd obviously all paid the charge) were not impressed. But hey, we're special. Bite me.

So it was fun. Until I realized that I'd forgot to go deposit the mortgage payment in the bank and that it was due today. I scrambled around, trying to find a payphone (Ty's was dead). We laughed afterward at the call to the bank....I'll bet call display showed that I was at the "Cloverdale Horse Racing Track & Casino"....""yeah sure lady, your payment's late because you forgot to put it in". I know the guy probably thought that I'd just gambled it away, but it was the truth. I've never forgotten one before (or been late), so they cut me some slack.

So that was the excitement for the weekend. I watched Titanic today (well, half of it) for the first time....I'm so behind in movies....probably a good 10 years or so. I haven't seen Rain Man or Forrest Gump yet either. Maybe when I go on these week long hiatuses (is that a word?) I should rent a few years worth and get caught up. Anyhow, even though it was a bit corny, I cried like a baby. Pathetic. are you all doing? Hope all is well.


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funny ;-) (But don't try scamming the good seats on an airplane...)

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