Monday, June 16, 2008

Geesh, has it really been a week already?

My blogging has really been put on the back burner lately...I don't have much of an explanation except that the days seem to be flying by, with nothing of any significance to report. It's like that with me - I throw myself into something, then back away. Bits & pieces that result in fragmented sections of my life. I really think that there are probably some underlying psychological and/or physical issues that have me do this. Possibly some ADD related stuff. I can't seem to focus for too long on one thing...I get bored (not of you guys - of "hearing" myself speak), pull away and then revisit it at a later time. I also think that the "thing" that happened with the ex has affected me more than I thought. It thrust me back into a nightmare world that I lived in for so long. A little PTS involved. Anyhow, not really wanting to delve into it, just recognize that since the episode, I've been a little flakey and unable to buckle down and concentrate.

I'm also working a lot more, mostly because my boss didn't want to hire someone else to fill the other spot. We discussed it at the time that my co worker left - I assured her that I could hold down the fort on my own (which I can). The only thing that I was hoping was that she'd appreciate me a little for it but, so far, she's as cold and ungrateful as ever (which is why there's a vacancy to begin with...she has a high turnover of employees, who find it difficult to work for her).

She comes across as a miserable person and customers express to me on a daily basis that they refuse to do business with her - they wait until they see that I'm there. While flattering, that also means that I'm busy as hell when I'm on shift. I've recently been shuffled around on different shifts and some of my regulars, upon seeing me back on mornings, have said things like "oh thank God you're back" and "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? We've missed you". I love my customers and they've become friends to me...why is it that my boss can't make the connection that this is good for business? She sneers at people, rarely gives them eye contact and grumbles about them if they become "difficult" (to her that means they can't make up their mind what they want). I know that she's happy in her personal life and, all in all, I admire her. But, at times, she's a bitch. We have a totally different view on how to treat people and, in having to have more contact with her lately, it's affecting me in a negative way. Some days I walk in to relieve her and she says "hi", mostly, though, she just ignores me or kind of scowls at me. Very unpleasant and you just never know which one you're going to get.

Anyhow, on Friday I was at home, waiting for a package to arrive....I've won some autographed stuff from the Canucks. I had to work at 2 so I'd also left my work address/phone number, so the stuff could also be dropped off there. Apparently the courier needed the postal code there and, when they couldn't reach me at home, they called my boss. And she wouldn't give it to them.

When they finally did reach me, they told me that it was now too late to deliver it and they'd have to send it out the next day (Saturday). I was puzzled by my boss' lack of cooperation in something so simple. I immediately called her:

"Did someone just call there regarding a delivery for me?"


"And they needed the postal code?'

"Uh huh"

"Did you give it to them?"


"Well, why not"

"I don't know it"

I call bullshit on that one...she's owned the booth for nearly 30 years. Even if she didn't know it off the top of her head, I know it wouldn't have taken much effort to find it. But that's how she is.

So it screwed up the delivery, which didn't arrive Saturday and I'm now in the process of trying to locate. Could've been simple but, for my boss, it's only important if it directly relates to her.

Anyhow, enough of my rant.

I'm excited about the Matt Good concert...the whole crazy bunch of us are going on the 26th. I'm also excited that the CFL is rolling again...I'm lost without sports and my BC Lions are poised to make a good run at things, although, with the 33-13 whooping that Saskatchewan laid on us, I'm a little worried. Not too much though, since pre-season doesn't include the regulars in the line up. In sad news, my hero, Trevor Linden, has packed it in. Not surprising, but still devastating in this household. I plan on doing a tribute later (when I get through crying about it).

I have today off and it's a gorgeous day out. I'm about to tackle the deck, which has been neglected all winter and has a green mossy thing going on. I love summer.


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