Friday, January 16, 2009

We Are All Canucks Unemployed

Dear(est) Deb:

While I do understand that your life has no particular order at the moment, wearing PJ's out of the house and as clothing is just not acceptable. Sure, it feels great and is "comfy", but getting dressed just isn't that much of a chore, is it? If it is, you're in deep trouble - quit life now. Because, when you go to get gas and the Petro Can guy starts critiquing your outfit because he looks better (in his red/black jumpsuit) than you do, it's time to address the issue.

Also, although you're finding it nice to have extra time on your hands that allows you to create wonderful meals, using every dish in the house until the kids are scrounging around looking for plastic Safeway soup spoons and dog bowls to eat with also isn't good. And please consider tearing yourself away from the important, life saving work that you do on the computer to actually sit at a table and enjoy a proper meal with utensils. It'll be o.k. They'll be o.k.

( Note to Deb: coffee and turtles DO NOT qualify as a meal.)

No, your new job is not poker and you cannot join the WPT (like you'd planned). You're good, but you're not that good. So quit justifying the time spent with people named boobzrhaWt and weedman08 as practice time or time well spent - they're losers (like you). And, although you claim that when you stay up late to watch Poker After Dark (twice) it's "research", it's actually getting light out by the second edition so you might want to reassess that. I understand that you do win the online freerolls when you play, but it works out to 3 cents an hour. C'mon. You're better than that.

In closing, I also understand that you now have a "pet" crow (or two) that sit outside your window and wait to be fed by you. And that you have, from time to time, been known to "talk" to them like they are your friends. Crazy people do that. Stop it.

I'm pulling for you Deb. Now go put on two odd socks and face the world.

Someone who cares.

The job hunting sucks...haven't heard a bloody word. Maybe I'm impatient (I only put out my Resumes last week), but I don't do well without structure. AT ALL. Days melt into nights and yesterday I realized that I was just finishing my start the day coffee at 5:00. It was already dark outside - I think I may need to change the new morning routine.

After the past few years of chaos, I really did need "a break" (somewhere tropical might've been nice) and it is nice to slow the pace down. But if there's one thing I understand about myself it's that I'm only successful when I've got a full "To Do" list and things are scheduled...when that stops, so do I. ADDHD and every other D you can throw in there applies. Scattered, unfocused and unproductive. When my day is free, so is my mind and, oh boy, that's a treat - "look at the pretty buttterflies" (-3 hours). My "just checking something on the internet" turns into a half day deal and don't even get me started if I go out with my camera in my hand....I think seasons change while I'm out there.

So, I'm getting worried. No news is bad news and I need to find employment NOW. The couple of options that are sure fire things aren't really what I'm looking for, but I might be forced to fill some gaps with them. I'm fighting hard against it but, as time goes on, it's no longer about "choices", it's all about necessity.

Perhaps my Canucks can hire me to boot camp them into playing better before they end up unemployed and in PJ's like me? Excuse me while I go ponder the thought of athletes in their skivvies for awhile....


Blogger Gledwood said...

re meals: aparently I look so much healthier having taken up bigtime vegetable eating about a year ago

actually i say "big time"... really i mean just some...

6:08 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sadly, I found that I didn't hear back from most of the resumes I sent out, so please don't take it personally. And there is no shame in taking a just-for-now job. None at all, in fact, it is very honourable.

In the meantime, yes, do get a routine. If you need to, you can come here and I will hire you to decrap my basment - something that I started a year ago and can't seem to finish.

For the record, I make about 3 cents an hour writing, so you are in good company with your poker career.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

gleds...I've recently come to the realization that I really love quite often now when I'm having a craving, it's for beets or turnips. Weird.

Barb...thanks for the moral support. I really don't take it personally - that was the old Deb. Ty's been trying to secure a job for awhile now and it's slim pickings. Funny how, over the course of less than a year, things can change so drastically. Back in June the papers were flooded with jobs.

We should pool our wages and maybe we could buy a bag of chips (to share)?

There's no better time to have the thinking "money ain't everything".

11:30 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

I feel like many of us are in the same position here. Sending resumes into the black abyss is really disheartening. But I second Barb on the routine, it helps, and at least keeps on sane. :)

3:18 PM  
Blogger Whitenoise said...

Funny, Deb. But- relax. Two or three months from now you'll be doing the 9 to 5 wistfully reflecting back to the days when you had free time.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

Re veggies I realized only the other day I've practically become vegetarian without even noticing... I can't even remember the last time I actually cooked any meat...

that crow pic reminds me of someone I know who rescued one that had fallen out of the nest as a chick... it got v tame but did go off into the wild eventually...

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Brian Smart said...

The crow (it's nearly big enough to be a raven actually - crows have rounded tails whereas raves go into a point) is actually a good sign if you believe in native folklore. The G'witchin and Tutchone tribes in the Yukon consider them sacred and there are many stories of it's intelligence, part in the creation of the world, and according to some stories, First Nations routinely talk to them in the woods. You ae not weird.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Deb said... nailed it with the black abyss thing. Exactly how it feels - just throw it out there and it disappears...

Good luck to you.

Whitenoise...I'm not overly concerned (yet). Put in another resume today. But I'm sad that the job I really wanted isn't getting back to me. :( too with the vegetarian thing. The only time I really eat meat is when my kids are here and I cook it for them...even then, I don't really "fancy" it much.

Brian...we have some ravens around too. I have to agree about their intelligence...watched a program where they stuck food into a glass tube and put a straight metal hanger beside it. They left the room and videotaped and, amazingly, the crow bent the hanger to make a "tool" to retrieve the food!

I love all creatures and really feel tuned in when I'm out and about with them.

(Nice to see you here)

8:11 PM  

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