Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't even read this, it's bullshit.

O.K. guys, enough of my dramatics after this. This is my last phone book sized rant. It'll probably be long and rambling so sign off anytime. This is kind of me jotting notes because soon I'll be putting everything together in a neat little package for lawyers to look at. I don't like being screwed over. But, keep in mind, I'm just going to let it flow and ramble and no editing will be done. I'm tired and want to move forward. Find some peace.

Basically last night was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Those of you who've been here awhile know that I had a major roof leak a few years ago (right in the middle of Dad's cancer/surgery/chemo deal...I was caring for he and Mom at the time). We're not talking "drip, drip" here - the building my condo's in houses 10 units and has a flat roof so we're talking ankle deep water that had pooled due to clogged drains. It poured through my unit for 50 minutes. Every light fixture, ceiling fan, down walls, etc. I could hear it before I saw it, it was running through the insides of the walls and from the other room it sounded like a dam had burst open. I dropped the phone and went "what the fuck was that?". By the time I ran out and grabbed the roofers who were here replacing the roof, ceilings were being taken out by the force of the water. It was really bad. All we could do was grab huge sheets of plastic from their trucks and cover the electronics. Then we grabbed every bucket, pot, towel and sheet we could find and started the frantic dance of "oh my God, it's coming through here too!".

The roofers initially accepted responsibility...they hadn't drained off the water before getting to work and they should've. They'd started shovelling the gravel and filling wheelbarrows with it to cart it away. Apparently a full wheelbarrow hit a soft spot over my unit and went through, opening the floodgates. And it wasn't long after that the game of "pass the buck" started.

The roofers disappeared and I got the (new) property management company involved. They contacted the (strata) insurance company, who opened a claim to do the renos and were going to go after the roofers to recoup the expenses/losses. They had two quotes, one from a contractor who'd done all the work here before....for years we've used his services and know/trust his work. The other, I'd learn, was from a company run by a friend of the insurance adjustor. Who do you think won out? Nice. They arrived together in the same car, but I was told to trust them...they were "the best".

Things started off o.k., the work finally began three years (yes, YEARS) after the initial leak. I won't go over all the details again but refer back to September's archives to learn of the fun I've's been a fucking nightmare. Oh yeah, the main waterline into the place burst during the renos, flooding the only room that hadn't flooded in the first disaster. That was a that one (it's quite funny). Unbelievable. Please wake me up anytime throughout this nightmare.

So, to last night and what sent me off the deep end. I'd learned that, because the work has gone way over the inital quote and was going to be much more involved than anticipated, it's been abandoned....noone wants to deal with it so they're not coming back. The job just really got underway and now it sits as is. The insurance company said they're passing it to the management company, who said it's not their deal. And they've actually got the balls to try and bill me for some of the work that's been done to date that sits in a mess down there? OOOOOhh no, that's not going to happen...I think I'd better set that straight. I should state that, while I had a very simple design in mind, the contractors insisted on a very elaborate Sistine Chapel version of a bathroom. They were building walls and everything, those eager beavers with a vision. Give some men a hammer and holy fuck. The ceramicist was all lined up and I'd picked out the samples. Now that's all been quashed and I have the samples sitting in my living room so I stub my toes on them everytime I pass by. I'm going to throw them in the river now...wait a minute. that's not environmentally sound. I think I'll go throw them through the window at the insurance company). Deep breath Deb.

Back on track (and yes, this is my condensed version...there's way more I could tell here).

I got on council two years ago to start protecting the interests of those of us who haven't had a voice here. Mostly mine, but I have friends here who speak little English too. A battered wife trying to get away from her husband...stuff like that. We've been getting shafted on a regular basis by this ass clown council here and we've grown very tired of it. The longstanding old blood council didn't like my arrival - they'd held a monopoly on things up until I showed up and they didn't want an "outsider" like me questioning their moves. And they're four bumbling fuckheads who look after noone but themselves. Morons who don't have a fucking clue. e.g. when the "blue box/recycling" truck continually sped through the parking lot each Wednesday and ignored our requests to slow down (as well as the signs instructing them to do so), their solution was to raise the speed bumps and make mini Everests out of them. They initially raised them 3 inches and, when that didn't resolve the problem, they added another inch!! I thought maybe we should've addressed the company, you know, written a letter first and seen how that went? But no, these geniuses devised a plan and that's what they ran with. You see, none of them have to face these monster bumps - they all live at the entrance of the parking lot. We, on the other hand, can't get over them without bottoming out. Seriously, I have to drive with two wheels on the grass and maneuver around them. I've gone through three exhausts/resonators since. But that's how they solve things here. They sit around for days and design and build and create and spend. And they could just pop off a fucking email. That would be simple though and then they'd be bored. They don't have lives. Maybe I'll buy them some lego.

Every Wednesday the recycling truck comes crashing in, as fast as it ever did. And it's worse because the entire building now shakes as it takes on the speed bumps at full speed. The driver doesn't care....not his truck and he's in a hurry. Fucking geniuses. Did I say that already? Double it then.

I could give numerous examples of why these guys should be shot to put me out of my misery. One of them actually was hitting on me when I first moved in and I rejected him...he used his Volvos as an "in" to talk to me. I wouldn't let him under my hood (oh, I guess you could take that two ways, couldn't you?). He's the prissiest most pathetic man I've ever seen. Honestly, he's so fucking annoying. He's about 20 years older than I am and reminds me of a creepy incestuous uncle type. He's a goof and I hate him. But I tolerated him because I don't like hurting my neighbour's feelings. Up until last night that was.

I'm getting so off track here. Bottom line - this council's gotta go....this place is a monkey show but there's noone else to step to the plate with me. It's very frustrating. So last night there was a major "shakedown" (by me") at the AGM and the council meeting that followed. The property manager is a bitch and she wouldn't do anything "on record"...she insisted on addressing me "on the side". She lied, back pedalled and tried to shut me out. Fuck that. She was gonna listen whether she liked it or not. She also is a prissy bitch and they all make me sick with their back slapping, brown nosing antics. And I'm not one to back down (remember?). So fireworks flew.

(One major issue with me was the uncapped open sewer that the plumbers left when they removed the toilet in July and still sits as is *again, pics in my archives. I've capped it myself with a coffee can that fits snugly over it. But, before that, it could've killed us. She didn't think it was a big don't tell me that my kids health isn't a big deal. That kind of had me read the riot act to her, using some very descriptive words and body language. I wanted her to know that it was a big deal. I may have used ninja warrior/mama bear stuff on her at that point. I don't remember, it's a blur.)

After I was done with her I directed my attention (wrath) towards the four bumbling council fuckheads and let them have it too. Some of the things they've done are actually illegal. Cover ups. Votes that they've ignored at special meetings where quorums were reached and things voted on and had been finalized. Then they've opted to change things to suit their own needs despite this. More than once. One time it was over paint color...they were like big fucking babies. Nobody liked their ideas and a vote was held and a selection made/voted on. Because that's what you do in a strata. You vote. But these fucking dictators weren't satisfied so they called another (second) "special" meeting/vote to try again....the outcome was the same, noone liked their ideas. So they ignored us and went with it anyways. You can't do that. I didn't think much of it because, come on, it's only paint color. But now, in the big picture, their sorry asses are going to wish they hadn't done things like doesn't look good in the records. Basically they did what they wanted. And their entire reign of stupidness has been documented. Sometimes with pictures.

I don't want to deal with them anymore and told them last night that I'm finished...they can talk to lawyers now. And I mean it. I've had enough. Done with these jokers.

What they don't know is that I'm heavily armed and dangerous in this fight. That, along with my own documentation I've got records from every council meeting ever held here, including all the "closed door" ones that involved things they'd rather noone know about. (It's called "connections". My best friends/neighbours, headed the council back when it functioned as it should. And when these fools got involved and starting pulling fast ones and fucking with things, J & T weren't amused by them. And they made a lot of notes and left all the minutes/documentation/pictures to me. The story of their negligence/cheating/lying is all there, in my two briefcases.)

Adding to all of this...the roof was never even built up to code. And the insulation under it was jammed in and allowed no room to "breathe"/dry out, creating mold and health hazards. Council learned of this years ago and did nothing but drag their feet. The insulation that came out was black. I still have mold in the upstairs ceiling. And who knows what it's done to our health. I need action now.

It's just not an easy story and, considering the timing, it's buckling me under. The dickhead I hate even went so far as to say I probably shouldn't serve another term on council because I missed the last few meetings last year due to Mom's stuff. He knew the situation and I'd seen him before meetings to pass along why I wasn't attending. And he fucking used it to try and oust me out last night, the dirty bastard. He had the audacity to suggest that Mom's cancer wasn't good enough reason to miss meetings, that I should be there, slugging it out with them over every little issue, instead of at her bedside. The fucker. He used my situation to try and clear me out, move me out of his way. Now I'm staying. I was considering packing it in anyhow because I've got too much on my plate right now. But, you know what I'd like them to have to sit across the table from me and look me in the eye for awhile longer. I was re-elected.

I'm a fair, reasonable person and expect little more than respect in return. When I don't get it, look out - the claws come out and I find all kinds of neat little tricks in my bag.

Enough said (way too much, actually).

I made phone calls today and am letting it ride for a week or two to shift my focus back to Mom. Then all hell's breaking loose here.


Blogger Toccata said...

"Give some men a hammer" "Buy them some lego" "ninja warrior/mama bear" haha It's good to see you can maintain a sense of humour through it. What a bloody mess. Hope the lawyers can get it resolved.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Holy crap - that is too unreal! Sadly, it has gotten to lawsuit time.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous gledwood said...

Man that is one hell of a situation. It brings that phrase your mate uses that I do too


Anyway you're a smart lady, Deb. It will all come good in the end and you ARE in the right.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous gledwood said...

I wish I could conjure up some wise advice that doesn't involve hitting the bottle (hitting it over somebody's head, I mean) ;->...

10:09 AM  
Blogger junky said...

terrific use of one of my favorite terms "ass clown".

10:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

toccata...I've gotta laugh or I'll cry. I've done both lately. One thing in all of this...Mom's (& Dad's) current situation has really put things in perspective for me. Although this stuff is fairly significant, it's not the end of the world. It's a "glitch" that I have to work through and I refuse to let it bring me down. Something about life being too short.......

Barb...I agree. I just hate that I'll have to invest more time/energy in something that should've been resolved long ago.

Gled...ha, love the hitting the bottle thing. Actually we're having the trees trimmed today and the wood chipper's out there. Never mind.

I can't believe I subjected you poor souls to my wordy rant...I'm posting pics for awhile to give you a little break from the motor mouth this is Deb.

In my mind, you're my little army that keeps pushing me forward and giving me strenth through the shitstorms.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous kelly said...

other than ...holy fuckin don't know what to say...good luck with all that...its a serious mountain of crap you dealt with

12:47 PM  

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