Saturday, September 15, 2007

Please, the next time I'm considering a garage sale, knock me on the head with a hammer so I come to my senses. I did the math - I made $4.69 an hour for the work I put into this thing. And I "donated" it all to my lovely children, who I basically paid to stay outta my way.

I refused to haggle. Everything was cheap and any offer worked for me. I actually gave away more than I sold...I just wanted to get rid of the crap. But why is it that after selling stuff all day long, it always seems like you have just as much to pack away at the end of the day as you hauled out in the beginning? Do people sneak stuff in there when you're not looking? I'd like to blow it up or pile it in a big heap in the yard and set it on fire when the day's done. I do not want to deal with it afterward. And my charity pick up date is Oct. 2 - the earliest available, so I had to repack it all in the carport and cover it up because they're calling for rain. I left a bunch in the yard with a "FREE" sign...hope it magically disappears.

I'd really like to know why I had to list EVERY SINGLE FEATURE (twice) on the typewriter(s) I sold my neighbour for two bucks!? I think he should've paid $20 for the time he stole from me. They were two bucks and they worked...what more did he want? He hummed and hawwed (at me) for AN HOUR, had me put them on hold while he left and then came back and looked at them for another twenty fucking minutes each. And then asked the same questions he'd already asked before he left. I had to explain everything TWICE because he wanted to be sure. They're two bucks dude, get over it. And the woman who showed up at 7:30, just as I was putting stuff out....she was bad. I sold her Lindsay's old Little Tyke's kitchen (yes, we still had it - long story). Again...five bucks. But I'd washed it down and it had some water still in it so I'll be damned if she didn't have me holding it upside down, shaking it to get every last drop out. I felt like it was a warped game of Twister and she was snickering inside as she had me perform a backbend while holding this thing over my head. Then she couldn't carry it to her car so I helped her. I can carry it with one finger - seriously. Not a problem except I WASN'T OPEN FOR BUSINESS YET. So that set me back half an hour and, by the time people started arriving, I was frantically throwing stuff out there and never did get it all put out. Some people expect alot for a $5 sale. I know I sound bitchy, but when I buy stuff, I deal with it. Or I don't buy it - easy as that.

Some people obviously don't understand "3 for $5" either....somehow it translates to 50 cents each for them. Even my inferior math skills know that that's wrong. My cousin (who showed up to help out) kept saying "Deb, STICK TO YOUR PRICES...THEY'RE DIRT CHEAP ALREADY". But I didn't and she cringed everytime I sold an item for 8 cents that I'd been asking four bucks for. Whatever...I'm not a good haggler. When I'm buying I am, but I make a pathetic saleswoman. "Here, just take it" was my favorite line. And "3 for 5" quickly turned into "5 for 2".

A hundred & fifty bucks for 2-16 hour days of work. I'm sweaty, gritty, tired, aching, and I feel broken. I swear it, never again. EVER. (But I think I said that last sale)

I will be back to my old self (and visiting your wonderful blogs) soon. But tonight I need to go die.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had a garage sale once. Never again. Now I just schlep everything down to Goodwill - it's so much easier and faster.

Oh that's not quite true, I rented a table at a kid's clothing sale at our rec centre a couple of times and that was so much work it was insane.

I do like the junk exchange that we have in our neighbourhood every spring though. And then a charity picks up the leftovers.

Rest up today!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Barb....I'm so jealous of those of you who do a junk exchange. They do one out in Surrey where Fiona lives and I think it's just about the best idea ever. Richmond's too snobby...the rich here throw everything in the garbage. The stuff I see thrown away here makes me cringe.

I'm half considering a children's sale at the end of the month...that same cousin who helped me has a table. But hopefully I'll grow a brain before then and opt out of that hell day.

I am resting up (thank you). And it feels damn good.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Toccata said...

This post made me laugh as I'm sure has anyone that has been crazy enough to actually do a yard sale I'm like Barb, bin there, done that, never ever again! I swear I do not know where my clutter comes from.

10:35 AM  
Blogger busterp said...

This made a perfect work break. I laughed.

I was just at my niece's birthday party yesterday. My brother is a garage sale / auction fanatic. He buys anything if it is cheap enough - he had about 5 mowers and 10 bikes in his overflowing garage (he only has a seven year old kid)and box after box of the crap that is sold at the end of auctions for a buck or two (a mixture of crap that didn't sell any earlier).

One thing I hate is early bird shoppers. I bet you wish you could have that first interaction with her back - tell that bitch to come back when when you are open. Ha.

Easy to say, I had a garage sale years ago and fell into the same trap - I was happy someone was buying something.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

Over here they call them car boot sales (the boot being the "trunk")... they are held at places like school playgrounds/etc on Saturday/Sunday ... technically they are supposed to be for selling junk but some people seem to make a full blown living flogging the most amazing things!

ANYWAY a certain member of my family went to one of these to OFFLOAD crap which they did only BOUGHT even MORE than they sold...

some people I really have difficulty understanding their brains at times

3:24 PM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

hey i just read the other people's comments you should never bin junk... give it to the charity shops!!

3:25 PM  
Blogger tkkerouac said...

I remember those days, its a two day event getting it all ready,
and boy do you get some crafty buyers at the sale,
every culture has a different tactic
its really quite amusing

I prefer going to sales than having them nowadays.

6:32 AM  

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