Monday, August 27, 2007

Nothing But Bad News?

As I've stated before, I sometimes have to "shut down" the news around here, as the bad news really sticks with me and that's all it seems to be some times - nothing but BAD NEWS.

And this weekend's a good example of that.....

Garbage is piling up in Vancouver as workers are on strike, afffecting the entire city. This doesn't impact us here, in Richmond, as our workers managed to pull a deal together. I wouldn't be affected anyhow, as we pay for private pick up. But, while this is "bad news", it's nothing compared to what else has been happening in and around the city here.

As Gled touched on earlier in the comments, there was a horrific hot air balloon accident in Surrey on Friday that resulted in fatalities. People heard "pops" as they were loaded into the balloon's basket and, as it took off, it burst into flames. It lifted into the sky on fire and many made the split second decision to jump out as the balloon quickly ascended. It ended up crashing into a trailer park where, luckily, noone else was injured there. A mother and her daughter were killed in the accident and several others were injured...God awful.

Also, 6 were killed and 17 injured on Friday when a pre-wedding procession was mowed down in the road by a pick up truck. Reports are that the group of 30-40 people carried lights as they proceeded down the dimly lit road in a traditional Indian ceremony. They'd been at a house party in the area and were going door to door, singing and playing music afterward.

The driver was in his 70's and is obviously shook up over the accident - there were no alcohol/drugs involved in the crash and he's been released by police. While initial reports suggest that the procession was on the shoulder of the road, I find it hard to imagine that a group that size would fit on the side of a rural road without some spillover to the street. The devastated group is expressing some anger towards the driver over the accident....but I hope they might also consider that parading down a dark, rural road in a large group at that time of night (11 pm) isn't the safest of plans. Perhaps the "jaago" (the traditional parade) needs to be reviewed and the celebration could be a daytime thing or held in a park or somewhere other than the side of the road??...just my two cents. Anyhow, while they appear to be putting the onus on the driver, I think that quite possibly this was an accident that could've been prevented if all parties had been more careful....we'll have to wait and see what the investigation reveals. I just think that right now it should be a time of mourning, more than one of blame. In the meantime, it's horrible and my heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones. Overall, a tragic weekend here in BC.


Blogger junky said...

Jeez Deb that is some horrible stuff, brought me right down back to earth, thinking of the inpermanance of this this thing we call life. I haven't watched local news forever for the same reason, being close to Detroit it is seldom good news.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Ropinator said...

probably bus and tram drivers will go on strike here in Budapest next tuesday. Then I don't have to go to school.

5:54 AM  
Blogger whitenoise said...

Sometimes you have to wonder why it happens. I'm not religious, but I wonder how those who follow a faith can rationalize these sorts of things with their god.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

That is dreadful I didn't know about the wedding as well...

3:12 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was a horrific weekend in your part of the country. And so shocking.

8:39 PM  
Blogger tkkerouac said...

Horrible stuff happens.
Its one of the reason I don't turn on the news often,
same kind of thing Deb
It sticks with me.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

i was reading some stuff about the apocylipse... more and MORE people say it is/is about to happen....

one guy i read said the 4 horsemen are riding as i speak... as i remember they are war famine riot and religious confusion (the white horseman looks like Jesus but is not)

i won't trouble you with any more details... except to say I took to having nightmares about all this about five years ago

horrible horrible nightmares about being in central London as the fighter jets come over spraying toxins dropping bombs we all tried to run into the underground (railway)... of course carnage

you know what someday (well it really would not surprise me if all that came true) i hate to say it but... you know?

4:59 PM  

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