Saturday, August 18, 2007

Footballs, Pucks & Whales

Last night my BC Lions battled hard against Calgary to come up with a tie in an amazing finish to a football game. Anyone who thinks the CFL is boring needed to tune in last night...despite the fact that several of our key guys have gone down to injury, we hung in the game and our third string QB rose to the challenge and got the job done. We exchanged TD's back and forth in OT (including one to the endzone where we were 2nd and 22 after a bad penalty) and the game resulted in a tie (which is probably fitting as both teams deserved it). Well done.

I'm getting excited about hockey as the season draws nearer. Negotiations with my hero, Trevor Linden, are still underway and I'm hoping he returns for another year...he's indicated that he wants to play and that he intends on finishing his career here, as a Canuck. I say he's got at least another good year in him...especially during the playoffs - he's "dependable".

So yeah, most of you will find this post boring - but I'm in my "sports" mode right now...bear with me. This too shall pass (NOT).

This is encouraging news and I'd love to actually see something like this with my own eyes...they have "whale watching" tours originating in Steveston and I'm thinking about checking it out ($$).

Whaling was very common years ago off the west much so that it was actually my Dad's first job. He left school at 14 years old to go whaling and, unfortunately, we pretty much wiped out the blue whales. While there were once estimates of about 300,000 of the species worldwide, it dwindled down to 10,000 or so, even after a ban on whaling. The blue whale has made a return to southern California, but never did here, so this is exciting news.


Blogger Gledwood said...

Wow that is mangiff...

Do you get these Blue Planets in Canada with the original David Attenborough voiceover?

He's a legend over here.

They showed one type of whale mating... I don't remember which... all I remember was the male's bits was like a garden hosepipe.

And about 20 foot long...

THIS is what I used to watch on Sunday afternoons a few weeks ago.

Doesn't it look just like a submarine... man copies nature (yet again)

10:29 AM  

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