Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If you've read this blog for anytime at all, you'll know I like my poker. This is something that's been handed down to me, as my Mom's entire family loved to play. In Steveston there used to be a taxi stand where a game was always underway...apparently my uncles, aunts and Mom could all be found there at any given time. And Mom developed into a very good player...she'd amassed a nice little stash of cash for herself made up of her winnings.

Growing up, it wasn't unusual for us to be sitting around the table when a deck of cards would be pulled out and a "couple of hands" dealt. Although I was never too interested back then, I've found that recently I've really gotten into poker and enjoy it immensely. The internet's helped with that.

Anyhow, the point of all this? Well poker is opening up a whole new world for me...I'm meeting friends "at the tables" who are wonderful people from all over the world. Just like the blogosphere, the poker scene is a good way to connect with others and, over time, you get to "know" the regulars and establish friendships with them.

One fellow I seem to be sharing a table with a lot lately (at a couple of different sites) is actually someone I didn't really like at first...initially he rubbed me the wrong way. He is an aggressive player (as I am), but I thought he was more of an amateur who ruined the game for others by "all inning" on a regular basis. There are a number of reckless players that spoil good games by playing like idiots, and I'd pegged him as one of them. But I quickly learned otherwise and that he, in fact, was a very good player...we've "battled" head to head on more than one occassion. Lately we've shared a few laughs over this and I've really taken a shine to my new friend. We landed on the same table again this morning and, I must say, it makes it much more enjoyable when he's playing. We talked hockey (he's a Detroit fan, although he lives in Toronto) and I learned some interesting things about him. He's actually friends with Stevie Y's former agent and made a replica of his jersey (out of Lego!) for his retirement party.

As it turns out, we're both on a site that recently held tournaments leading to a big European tourney and have each won our way through the ranks to the finals. We'll be competing August 11 (@ 5 am!!) for a good chunk of change and a chance to go to Barcelona and play in the big showdown (with a huge payout structure). Secretly, my dream is to play on the WPT....who knows, maybe one day I'll actually make it. I feel like I've got Mom on my side and I'm doing her proud. And, in the meantime, I'm sure meeting some wonderful people along the way (hey "tlta" know who you are...I see you got in the top 20...I just won the whole dang thing!). Funny, just as I was about to sign off, another person has approached me...."hey ww, are you the same ww that plays on hp?". And yes, in fact I, with that, I've gotta run - my other "peeps" are calling.


Blogger junky said...

We don't let Canadians be Wings fans.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Ropinator said...

Red Wings fan from Toronto? Strange... I am a Leafs fan. I also like poker but I am not too good at it. I am going to link your blog.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous gledwood said...

... I still don't understand online poker ... can you really detect people's flickers online ... know what I mean?

1:11 PM  
Blogger Deb said..., c'mon...we share our chocolate.

ropinator...I'll link to you fans are always welcome here (although not too fond of the Leafs). watch their patterns. It takes a few hands to figure it out...many who play online play like complete idiots.

I'll pass on some info to you if you know how to play. You can win $$ without even having to put any up front.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

Can you really play without having a credit card though??

I was going to get one of those internet cards: you know, the type you load money into £10 at a time and can spend it online via the Visa or other networks, but it's not a bank-issued debit card and certainly not a credit card, know what I mean??

I've behaved so badly with plastic cards in the past I doubt I'll ever be issued with a grown-up one ever again~!!

11:50 AM  

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