Wednesday, October 17, 2007


First of all, I'd like to know what happened to my Canucks and which team's gonna show up this week? Cheering for them is a roller coaster ride and I'd like to be let off now please.

I refuse to "slam" them and have never understood those who "boo" their team when they don't perform well. Why exert the energy?...just leave. Or shut the game off. It angers me when I'm at a game and that happens and, if it happens to be you and you're sitting near me, it's quite likely I'll throw something at you (not really - Ty stops me). I take my hockey seriously and support my team faithfully, but lately I just don't know which team that'll be - the Jeckylls or the Hydes. (And recently during some games, I've secretly booed inside. There, I said it.). I'm a realist and, reality is - we kinda suck right now.

We have 8-2 blowouts, where the opposition scores when they're two men short, just to prove their point. What five guys did we have out there - Larry, Curly, Moe, Abbott & Costello? Yet, in other games, our PP's on fire. Figure that one out.

We had one of (if not) THE best penalty kills in the game - that's now going down the toilet.

Our "leaders" step up and show flashes of brilliance, and then they go outside and smoke crack or something and pack it in halfway through a game.

Luongo's solid and one thing we can usually count on - it's rare that he has a bad game (although that 8-2 thrashing wasn't his best). The guy's faced more shots than the Iraqi citizens (165 so far). We've already given up 21 goals this season, and they're not all Luongo's fault. Actually, most of them aren't.

Our defence has more breakdowns than my car and we turnover the puck in our own zone on a regular basis.

In the faceoff circle, I think we do rock, paper, scissors instead of going for the puck. Either that or, at some point in the circle, our players shake hands with the opponet and say, "it's o.k., you can have it". We're nice & polite like that. Our mothers taught us it's better to give than receive.

Seriously, I love my team and will never "jump off" the bandwagon. And it's too early to tell what any team will do at this point (well, except maybe Atlanta, who just fired their coach). But I can't take this pressure... how is it that I'm at the laundromat, watching the game and my team is in a 1-1 tie, battling hard and playing good. I load the clean clothes into the car, drive the 6 minute drive to my house and flick on the tube to see that, presto, it's 4-1 and my team looks like we should be wheeling walkers out to them. What the hell happened there?

I read that Vigneault is using a chair in practice....I say "Good, hit them over the head with it and tell them to smarten the fuck up". That's how I'd use a chair in practice.

Anyhow, enough of my hockey woes. We're still doing fine, I just wish we were a little more consistent and didn't blow leads or check out of games early that we really could win. Aren't there energy drinks that could help with that? Order us a couple of cases.

* * * * *

In other news, Dad's surgery that was scheduled for today was cancelled yesterday and that has me anxious. He was scheduled for 8:00 and they called late in the afternoon to say that they don't have a bed in ICU for him.

How does this happen (my new catch phrase...I think I'll write a book with that title)? But really, how is it that a man who's spent his entire life in a community and contributed to making it a better place can't get a hospital bed when he needs one? When our newspapers recently reported that some are "coming to this country because it gives them an opportunity for better healthcare & education" (a direct quote), shouldn't we be putting out a bulletin to correct this?.....something like - "NO, WE LIED. THAT'S BULLSHIT". Because I'm afraid we're false advertising. Honestly, why should we keep accepting people with health problems when we can't accomodate them? How is it justified that we keep letting people flood in, yet we have to close the doors to someone who needs a hospital bed? Time to put up the "WE'RE FULL" signs until we fix this problem. Or at least let people know that the healthcare system is maxed out and perhaps they should rethink coming here for that.

This is all too common and reflects just how badly our system is lacking and needs work. I am infuriated by it because, if you drive just up the road from the hospital, you'll see this beauty. Seriously, the hospital's just out of the picture to the upper right and is probably half the size of this monster....our fantastic fucking new skating rink. We already have 6, in two arenas. It's a top notch facility (only the best of the best for Richmond), that will include state of the art engineering and world class art. We've consulted international artists to get the "meditative garden" just right. Spare no expense, that shit's important (when we die in the streets, at least we'll surrounded by beautiful buildings, because that's also important).

I say we stick a couple of ICU beds in a corner of this sucker. Makes sense, no? With 3 trillion new residents flocking here each year and condos and highrises sprouting up everywhere, how can we expect to accommodate all these people? We can't do it now so I say we shift the focus from the "growth" and concentrate on the "fixing up" of our city. Seriously, why keep developing and enticing people to come here when we're already over capacity and our resources are bursting at the seams and incapable of keeping up?

Am I bitter?....damn right. There's something very wrong with this picture and I think that, along with promoting this city and encouraging people to come here by throwing up residential units all over the place and plastering 2010 everywhere, we need to ensure that we have the resources in place to handle this. And the hospitals, police forces and fire halls should be the first in line for additional funding and upgrades.

When we don't have adequate funding in place and we're short staffed and lacking in beds and equipment, then that's probably the time to reassess what's happening and evaluate whether or not we should keep "growing". We have to keep up with the steady rise in population and make sure that our hospitals have room for everyone who needs a bed. (Duh - rocket science)

But, by 2010, I imagine they'll wheel in some gold rimmed, heat massage beds to "show the world" how good we are. They'll be reserved for VIP's (of course), but we'll spare no expense because we are the champions (barf). Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the Olympics. I just think there had to be a better way and that Richmond was in no position to "fight" for the oval and steal it away from Burnaby. That we had other projects that needed doing before we planned a big party here.

Does anyone remember "Stuart"? I suspect our leaders and the people in place to ensure things run smoothly here are directly related to him. Replace "I wanna puppy" with "I want an Oval". And I'm quite sure that I've seen one or two of them go "look what I can do" on the newshour.

Anyhow, I booked today off, as I fully expected to be sitting in the hospital, waiting for the good news that Dad would be o.k. Now it's just more pins and needles as we anxiously await his surgery. This is gnawing at my gut and, considering what we've just gone through with Mom and that it's all so fresh and raw, we really didn't need this right now. The sooner we put this one behind us, the better.

* * * * *

Last rant....if we're having a thousand earthquakes a minute and we're unsure of why and it could be an underwater volcano or it could be catastrophic as the plates under BC are busting apart and the world's about to explode, please - DON'T TELL ME UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR SURE WHAT IS HAPPENING. Actually, don't tell me at all - I'll know it WHEN/IF it happens. I don't want to know that scientists are heading there "tomorrow" to investigate - this leaves me hanging. If this is the case then tell me tomorrow, AFTER they've left, so they can give me the results of their tests and tell me whether I need to get the hell out of here or not. I hate it when the stories like this come out - it reminds me of Chicken Little and I end up believing that the sky is falling. But then it turns out to be nothing more than a couple of cows farting in a field and we've got all worked up over nothing. Geesh, I don't need the stress.

A long post, well, because I'm a motor mouth. And my visits are fewer and father between than usual lately. So, by the time you finish reading this (in a couple of days), I should be back with another post.

Take care my friends.

(Junky, crack open that bottle of whiskey, I'll be right over.)


Blogger junky said...

That bottle is gone but we have a couple more lying around.

And no slagging my possible new country, if I get the job I want I'll be in Calgary, and an ex-patriot...

8:09 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's terrible to put your family through all that preparation only to have last minute cancellation. Your poor dad. Did they give you any idea of a new date?

8:53 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yea!!! Then I can visit you guys. I have relatives there (oh yeah, I can't stand them, I forgot).

Well some of the best people in the world live in Calgary (see above).

Barb...we're SO disappointed. Dad called me at 1:00 and said "do you realize it would be finished by now?". I know he's really worried, but he's trying to hide it.

They said they'll call tomorrow and reschedule within "the month"!!!

Pretty scary until then. It's just dragging out and we need to put this stuff behind us and kiss hospitals goodbye for awhile.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Ropinator said...

I am a Maple Leafs fan and I couldn't curse the leafs that much.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

ropi....our team seems to "let up" when they're in a game and basically hand it to the other teams sometimes. Very frustrating.

7:56 AM  
Blogger TK Kerouac said...

Hope all goes well with your dad,...pass the wiskey.

10:55 AM  
Blogger B said...

best of wishes to you all.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

You're right it's a waste of NRG booing your own team and you're hardly gonna help them perform any better.

You know the USA won't let anyone in they know has HIV?
Well Britain KNOWINGLY lets the HIV+ into this country.

I think our politicians/beaurocrats have the same disease yours have...

3:25 AM  

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