Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gledwood was wondering about those" buildings that resemble a flying saucer impaled on a massive spike in northern usa and southern canada".

We have a few of them here in Vancouver, although I've only been once and it was many years ago (the ex took me for my birthday). I'm a bit confused as to how many of these types of restaurants we have here in Vancouver and what they're named. I'm quite sure that the one we visited was in the Sheraton Landmark Hotel and was called "Cloud 9", although I see there's also one by that name at Grouse Mountain. I've also found a "Vistas" revolving restaurant, but don't know much about it.

These restaurants generally offer spectacular views and mediocre food that's extremely overpriced. In other words, you pay for the view and sacrifice somewhat in food quality (at least from the reviews I've been reading). They also (apparently) are quite "snobbish", with fairly rude and inattentive servers. I can't recall from my visit - it was so long ago. I do, however, remember going to the washroom, only to come out disoriented and unsure of where we were seated - the panoramic window views made it hard to find my seat. Or maybe it was the wine?

Anyhow, here's what I found about one of our "revolving restaurants" and some pics that I grabbed from the internet (quite beautiful, aren't they?):

And these are Lindsay's pics from the Space Needle in Seattle:

Yes I know, this one's sideways (yet it isn't that way on the original pic)...Blogger's messed with it. I don't know how to fix it so you'll have to lie down to view it!


Blogger Gledwood said...

Wow... it's like a high-tech Eiffel Tower...

The nearest thing we have here is the Post Office Tower

it's a tubular building with a revolving restaurant up top

or it USED to have a revolving restaurant... it was closed down in the 1970s for fear of an IRA attack

sometimes I think if you alter the way you live life because of terrorists you've ALREADY LET THEM WIN

anway if you want to see if here's the wikipedia article

11:17 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

isn't it weird by the way, what you said about rude waiting staff...
that people doing what is really quite a lowly job can assume so very much snobbery just because of the establishment they're in... v odd...

12:56 PM  

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