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Warning - this is a poker rant. If you don't understand poker, you probably will take nothing away from this, other than Deb's a foul mouthed lunatic who should be locked up (we already know that, don't we?). So scroll past this tirade to a happier place and the pictures at the bottom. :)

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Today I got involved in a poker tournament with 2700 registrants. Why? Because I'm crazy Because I have too much time on my hands (yeah, o.k.?).

It started before noon and 4 1/2 hours in, we were down to the nitty gritty stage. There were 67 people left, 27 of whom would be paid - me being one of them.

I was playing well - what I call tight aggressive. I'd accumulated about 40,000 chips and had worked my way up into the top 20. Then the shit hit the fan.

A guy at my table had 100,000 chips and was a total (mf'ing) chip bully. I hate chip bullies, unless they're me. :)

Each time someone would bet/raise, he'd come over the top to reraise, forcing the person to fold or, in some cases, push all in. He was doing that with diddly squat in his hand - just because he could. I do that too, just not every hand. It gets predictable and eventually you will get caught, as people just bide their time until they have a hand and then pounce.

Anyhow, it was my turn on the big blind and I was dealt A/10 offsuit - a fairly decent hand. The guy after me called the blind, then asshat (chip bully) did his usual stupid raise and quadrupled the blind. No problem, I called him, as did the guy after me.

The flop then came:


I now had two pair with the ace kicker. Again, decent hand. I was obviously scared of the Jack but, three handed, felt I had to go for it and at least test the waters with a bet.

I put out a fair size bet and, again, guy after me called. Then it was asshat's turn and he pushed me all in. Predictable. I pondered things for a minute...I don't like to be bullied or pushed into a corner. I also don't like to risk it all at this point - his massive chip stack meant I'd be out if he luck sucked out (like he'd been doing). Then again, he'd been bluffing his way through and stealing people's chips. Usually I fold in this situation but, having had enough of douchebag, I called the all in.

And wouldn't you know it?....fuckbeans had the jack - jack/nine off suit!! He made the trips and knocked me out.

First of all, that's doesn't usually upset me to be knocked out because it's part of the deal. I don't play scared and, in order to be successful, you have to take chances that sometimes involve risking it all. Had I beat him, I would've been chip leader and probably secured my spot in the money. So losing doesn't really upset me - it's often down to the luck of the draw. And you just can't try and "hold on" until the'll be blinded out. You just have to be willing to play your hand.

What did upset me was the knowledge that this clown had raised my big blind with shit, as he'd done every hand. I hate idiots who play like's just not good poker. Sure, once in a awhile you make a hand out of nothing and bluff bet, but EVERY FUCKING HAND?? It's annoying and the penalty should be death. Period.

I wanted to drive over this guy with a forklift.

So that ended the day - I'd blown off hours trying to get into the money and just like that it was over and the day was wasted.

Anyhow, all was not lost. I decided since it was too late for housework (you don't know the rule? can't start past 4) I'd head to my happy place at Garry Point. Yes, my rock - the place I always run to when life is sucking. And it was very pleasant...the cobwebs cleared and the silence up there was extremely calming (I actually taped the quiet...when I figure out how to post video, I'll put up the award winning film footage for you). For now, here are some pics....


Blogger Toccata said...

I want to be on that dock right now instead of stuck inside. That last picture reminds me of the many lazy days spent at the lake. I wish it was summer.

p.s. I hate it that blogger posts things with the date you started it on.

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