Saturday, April 19, 2008


Oh that the fog is lifting I seem to recall a tag by Barbara B way back when skinny jeans were in. So now here it top 10 (? - was it 10?) sexiest male musicians:

THE TOP 3 ALLTIME (who get special attention because they deserve it):

1) Eddie Vedder: Maybe it's flashbacks from the ex, but there's something very endearing about a guy with a bottle in his hand and slurry speech, who's been known to swing from the rafters to me. Eddie's just plain cute and the more he screws up the lyrics, the better I like him. He's my all time #1 and I've been stalking him for years now. And, yes, I've had the privelege of having him take a bottle and pass it 'round (back in '91) and it was the best damn germ infested swig I've ever had. Eddie's spot in my heart is now forever etched there as, over the years and like fine wine, he's only grown better. Eddie Vedder's where it's at for me.

2) Matthew Good: Call him an asshole (another quality that seems to work for me...again, refer to my ex) - I think he's God. I'm pretty sure that this man's songs were written specifically for me and what's happening in my life at any particular time. I'm not going to be clever or insightful here - I just love the guy. He's strong yet extremely vulnerable, he's got a brilliant mind and his music's not too bad either. Again, Matthew only gets better over time and his current music is by far his best (and my favorite). He's also humble enough to be accessible to his fans via his website, which gives looney tunes like me a chance to interact with him. But his website isn't just for ogling, he has some powerful stuff to say on geopolitics and the state of the world in general. That's just added 100 bonus points. Matthew Good should be on everyone's "list".

3) David Usher: I've followed David since his days with the band "Moist" and it's been an ongoing lovefest ever since. I love his energy, his smile and, most of all, his voice. I'd waited since the early 90's to see David live and finally got the opportunity this year...let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. He hasn't slowed down a bit and he blew me away with both his enthusiasm for performing live and his ability to belt out songs from the past like they were fresh and new. His new stuff is also incredible and so is he. David Usher kicks some serious ass in the sexy man department. I'm using this clip because I was there...about two feet to David's left (the picture was taken by me). He came off the stage and climbed up on the fence/barricade, held some girl's hand for balance and did the song out in the crowd, with all us crazies. It was amazing and seeing his gorgeous smile, up close, sealed the deal for me.

As I have to get ready for work now, I'll leave you with the "Top 3".

TO BE CONT'D.......


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Very nice start, Deb. I'm with you on the Matty love. He is one of the good guys.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

Yes very good start! I totally forgot about David Usher while doing my list. Glad see his face up there! :)

4:52 PM  

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