Thursday, November 19, 2009

Someone mentioned Deb's Box today, so here I am.

Had all but forgotten about this place. Not the dear friends I've met, just the mindless dribble that fills the space.

So the new job is meh. Love it one day, am ready to quit the next. I am the Customer Services Manager and, for the first time in my life, will soon have my own business cards to drop into the restaurant "win a dinner on us" fishbowl. So, basically, my job entails cleaning up the shit that everyone else has created (kind of like my job at home as "Mom"). I have mixed feelings about my coworkers - they are sleazy, conniving, lying, salesmen who have the overall integrity of a jar. On the other hand, they are family oriented, generous (how does that work?), light hearted, understanding individuals when they drop the sales pitch. Seeing things from this end of things scares me...usually I'm the customer demanding service on the other end of the phone. My downfall in this job might be my empathy and the fact that I don't like to screw people over which, apparently, is mandatory.

I love the actual work - the composing emails and schmoozing the customers (I have 8 new friends already) are right up my alley. But it's all the unnecessary screw ups that I have to witness that have me pulling out my appears to be a difficult concept for some to grasp that if you do the legwork and ensure things are done right from the get go, you save yourself a lot of heartache (and work) in the end. I am not cut out to be a salesperson if it means selling garbage. If the infommercial's going to be believable, I have to believe in the product. I don't know that I do.

For now, I have a paycheck coming in. But Deb has never been and never will be a good liar. That is what I have learned this month.


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Glad to hear that you're working again. Sounds interesting. ;-)

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