Saturday, March 21, 2009

I really thought that this unemployment thing would create more time for me to play here, but that hasn't been the case. I don't know where the hours/days/weeks are going, but is it really nearly the end of March?

My God, time to get my butt in gear.

The job hunt is awful...I even gave up for a week as I was growing so disheartened and depressed with the whole thing. Interviews go well and then....nothing. I'm not quite at the desperate stage, but another month or so and I'm going to be freaking out a little. Hanging in there, but barely. I sent out two more Resumes yesterday, but I've gotten to the point that I expect nothing...that's not good. The negativity will start to creep into my demeanor and I can almost see myself walking into the next few interviews:
"Hi, I'm Deb and I'm a loser. Old, kinda lame, uninspired and not really much to offer here. Skills? I can wiggle my ears. I'll bake muffins. So, I guess we'll call it a wrap, huh? Hey, got any free pens or stuff I can sell at a garage sale?"

Patience. If I couldn't go for my riverside walks/rides, I'd be doomed. That usually sorts things out and reminds me that I live a good life and should just chill. I've got my health, a great family, really, I'm ahead of the game right there. But these damn bills.....

My computer's also been acting up and it seems to have been related to our wireless router. A bit of tape and I'm back in action (before it was dropping connections and took 10 minutes to load a page. I am not a patient person so a lot of bad words were said).

Anyhow, not much to report. Other than GO CANUCKS! ;)


Blogger Allison said...

Hang in there Deb, an opportunity will come when you least expect it. I looked for a long time, and then poof! In a month I was 5000km away from home, working. :)

Now I have to start the process over again in September, but lets not think about that now.

Good luck, and chin up! :)

2:31 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know what you mean about just going through the motions after al while, without any real expectations. But it's generally when you least expect it that the best things happen. SO you are almost there. Wait for it!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Whitenoise said...

Yes, hang in Deb. It'll happen. :-)

3:30 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Thanks for the kind words mean the world to me.'re my hero, remember? ;)

Seriously, you are fearless and I'm quite sure that you'll get every job you try for based on the fact that you're brilliant.

Barb...I'm working hard at arranging things for.....TOMORROW!!! Woot. I've sent Mel a FB message and, come hell or high water, we'll connect. You've also inspired me with how you've followed your heart and are doing something you love.

Whitenoise...I really hope so. You know the whole worry that goes along with holding down the's that much more difficult when people depend on you and it's not just about you anymore. It helps to know you're still in my corner here. ;)

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Brian Smart said...

Deb: I went through the job search thing too. The automotive company that I worked for in Ontario went belly up after 15 years doing labour relations and HR. Had a great package and looked as some things pretty seriously - police work for one - but even after passing the physical at 42 (I'm still hurting from that) I decided against it - stayed patient and eventually we moved to the Yukon. Did a year with City of Whitehorse and hated it but have been with Environment Yukon since November - awesome. Good things come to those who wait. Keep updating and tweaking your resume and watching the ads and Internet. It'll come. Took me a year almost.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Brian....for the most part, I keep my chin up and keep slugging away. But, every now and then, it just kind of creeps over into anxiety as I become overwhelmed at watching the savings dwindle.

Good to hear from you. ;)

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Brian Smart said...

cool shot of the heron by the way

10:37 AM  

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