Sunday, May 20, 2007

Today has been chaos. First Ty's new bed arrived and, in order to make things a little easier for the delivery guys, I placed his old mattress out front 5 minutes before they showed up. When they got here they immediately informed me that they couldn't take it away because of this, even though they'd contracted with me to do so. And with a great deal of attitude, I might add.

They explained that the old beds are donated to charity and they can't take them if they are wet. I quickly pointed out that noone explained this to me, nor did they inform me that it would be "donated". As I posted earlier, this bed was 40 years old and was not worthy of was garbage. So I told the blockhead delivery guy that and insisted he take it, as promised.

He refused so I called the salesman who'd promised me that the old one would be taken away. I was furious because we'd intially picked out another mattress somewhere else and part of the deal there had been removal of the old stuff. And this salesman had been quick to jump on the "anything they can do we can do better" bandwagon. "Yep, no problem, blah, blah, blah". But never any mention of not getting it wet, leaving it for them to remove or charity. Nothing. Yet, my invoice clearly stated on it that they were to pick up the old stuff at no extra charge.

I realized that it wasn't the driver's fault and, after ripping their heads off, I quickly decided I should let them live (Ty intervened). But I followed up with head office and Kevin down there saw things my way and promised to have the old mattress picked up and disposed of by Wednesday. We'll see...I'm not holding my breath. And, in the meantime, I have a big old mattress blocking my mail slot.

After the bed delivery I drove Linds to the busstop for her V-Fest journey. I'm a nervous wreck......something about my 16 year old at an all day/night mosh pit just isn't sitting well with me. She has a two day pass so I get two days of worry. And, although I reiterated to her that the mosh pit at the front of the Billy Talent/MCR/Rise Against concert might be a bit more intense/dangerous than our local community shows, she kept saying, "I'll be fine. I can handle myself". The mental image I have in my mind is screaming otherwise. I'll be glad when she's home in bed.

I was disappointed to learn that our wonderful Translink system that we pay an arm and a leg for does not have a bus that will get them home. There is one at 9:23 p.m and the next one is at 12:23 - the concert ends at 10. I know it's a Sunday, but it's a long weekend. And they wonder why people who have been drinking end up driving. Not that I'm suggesting it's something to consider....just that the options are limited when transit has gaps like that. So I get to drive into Vancouver to pick them up. the pouring rain with one working wiper. I'm an adventurer.

* * * * * * * * * *
Ty and I headed to the track after I saw Linds safely off. We looked like drowned rats, it poured rain!!! I'd forgotten that the track shared the same grounds as the Memorial Cup, so we drove around for 1/2 hour looking for parking. Normally a $6.50 parking ticket includes a $4.50 food/drink voucher and a program. Today - zippo. Plus we ended up at the mercy of the scurrying Asian women who spoke no English and were "renting" out their parking spots for double what they should've been. The first one tried to soak us $20 - the next one we bargained down to ten. And walked 38 miles to our destination in the downpour. I laughed at the prospect of being "rented" a spot by someone it didn't belong to...I mean what would stop someone from doing that? They could walk around with their little paddle, direct you to a random open spot that isn't even theirs, collect your money and go.....could happen, easily. I have such a suspicious mind.

Anyhow, we ended up having a really nice time, despite the crappy weather.....I really enjoy the one on one time with my kids. (I hate this new set up and the pics aren't in line with the I'm numbering them.)
1/ The parade to post. We were a couple of the few in attendance today...the weather just wasn't cooperating.

2/ I hate sloppy dangerous, as would be proven later (much to our dismay).

3/ Normally we'd be down at that green fence on a sunny day...right up close to the action. Today, however, we sat in the stands and froze.

4/ On a clear day, this view is in the rain, not so much.

5/ Ty had a yummy looking pulled pork sandwich and, apparently.....
6/ was thumb lickin' good!

7/ "Da bus".

8/ The Giants game was right next door, at the Coliseum. They came from behind to win...WAHOO!

9/ The pics are a little "grainy" because I zoomed in a lot...we were up in the grandstands.

10/ When we arrived at the track, I told Ty I hated the "sloppy" track days, as I'd witnessed quite a few mishaps on them.

Today was a doozie...the #6 horse in this race never made it past the first turn, it was god awful. I cried (as I always do). I didn't even notice, nor did I care that I'd won the race (unlike the lady behind us who was laughing and cheering, completely oblivious to the tragedy unfolding on the track). I hate this part of racing, I felt sick to my stomach and we considered leaving. Really don't know how many more of these I can watch....they stick with me afterward.

It was a weird day today.


Blogger Toccata said...

Deb, no doubt you'd rather wish Linds were home in bed but think of the adventure she is having. Let us know when she gets back ok.
Keeping my fingers cross for her as well as for Wednesday's supposed mattress removal day!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

hey tc....I'm going out to get her now. I'll bet she had a blast! Oh, to be young.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Toccata said...

Tell her she needs to take hostage of your blog tomorrow and give us a detailed write up! Drive safe.

10:01 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

you got rain, tocatta got rain...kelly got no rain. kelly musta been the only good one today

12:08 AM  
Blogger whitenoise said...

I'm in YVR, and at the moment- no rain. Been kinda drizzly ever since I got here, though.

Deb- yeah, Toccata had a good idea- have Linds write up a full report. ;-)

3:16 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

kelly....that's o.k. - more fun being bad. :)

w/n...she's off again this morning but I am going to report on what I know - which ain't perdy.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

oh...t/c. Sorry, I didn't see you "come back". She will be posting soon about the event - today she's back at it again.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

Wow, and I thought I had an eventful weekend, sound like yours was chalk fulla s well. I'm glad you guys had fun at the track, despite the rain and debacle over the mattress. Argh, people sometimes.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

That's an unusual racetrack - I'd have thought you'd have grass ones like we do. We get South African racing in the morning bc it comes on a couple of hours before ours starts. They race on kind of a dry dusty track. Because we have grass it means we can have jumps. But on a day like that the earth would be very slowing on their feet o man I'm babbling here I don't even know much about horses - just like watching them.... As for the matress that's typical of just people. Somewhere along the line someone doesn't wanna do their job and it all goes like that. Shove the mattress up his ****. Then you could throw him on that racetrack and he would bounce!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous gledwood said...

"...I was disappointed to learn that our wonderful Translink system ... does not have a bus ... is one at 9:23 p.m and the next one is at 12:23 - the concert ends at 10. ... And they wonder why people who have been drinking end up driving. ... So I get to drive into Vancouver to pick them up. the pouring rain with one working wiper. I'm an adventurer...."

Debs you've reached the Cab Service stage of motherhood!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Allison...sorry, I'm so late to respond here. Still soggy I think! There's never a dull moment around here it seems.

gled...this racing is fast and furious, which is why I don't like a "sloppy" (dangerous) track. We have another track that is "harness" racing - where the jockeys sit in the little carts behind the horses. That is also a dirt track. There is a "turf" track in Ontario but, again, there are no jumps as it's just full stride all the way around.

Cabs around here aren't reliable. Cab drivers are in the news here as they're not adhering to all the rules and are refusing to take some passengers to their destinations, etc. They are putting bylaws in place to protect passengers rights - it's that bad.

8:43 AM  

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