Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wahoo, it's Friday. Well for me and Mel it is (can you see me sticking my tongue out like a cheeky bugger?). I finished my shift and dropped Linds off so she could practice with her new "band"...she and her friends have formed a band and they're taking it all quite seriously. Her friends have told her she's the "Emily Haines" - so much pressure. I just hope they have fun with it. I said if they need a Little Tykes keyboard player they could count on me and I've also volunteered to be a lyricist...they politely declined my offers (smart cookies they are). They were struggling with a name and, after much deliberation, they agreed on one of Ty's suggestions - "Knock Twice For Alice" (or something like that).

I headed straight up to Garry Point afterward to do a power walk (and check on my rock...yep, still there). Found this little guy while I was up, I tried to catch him but no luck. I bumped into the ex's brother and an old friend - they were out walking their 5 dogs. Now that's a handful. I've been bumping into a lot of people lately...the other day I met up with 3 old friends all in the same day. I guess it's the nice weather bringing people out more. I miss my old friends...funny how time pulls you apart, even though you may still live 5 minutes away from each other.


Last night when I was at GP there was a group of women who were obviously part of a "workout" group. I sat and watched and was critical bitchy in my thinking as I picked apart their routine..."they're not keeping their knees over their toes", "their legs aren't far enough apart", etc. I'm pretty sure I was just jealous and wanted to participate.

This was a coincidence because tonight when I was up there I noticed a jeep from a local radio station. I went over to ask the guy what the deal was and he said if I had a sticker from their station on my car I'd win a prize. So I asked him for one and then went and stuck it on my car and drove over to where he was. What a genius I am, huh? I won a cd and a $200 gift certificate for cardio-core bootcamp which was where the ladies were from last night. So I guess I will use the certificate and go give it a whirl. Actually, in reading about the program, it looks like it might be fun.

Speaking of workout programs...I plan on following up with a post about my favorite programs from the past. One of them, although effective, was quite dangerous and the techniques were pretty bad. Something along the lines of throwing an elephant up over your head. It involved weights and a lot of shoulder impingement. If only we knew back then what we know now....

Anyhow, that's about it for now. I'm finding out if I'm smarter than a fifth far, not so much. Although I did know that the esophagus is NOT the passage way between the throat and the nose, unlike the contestant (a pre med student) who just bombed it...the fifth grader saved his butt.

Oh, and happy NHL draft day tomorrow. That's a big event in this house and we're usually glued to the TV. How pathetic is that?

So have a good whatever the hell day it is today in your world. I'll leave you with this pic (gled, you might like it)'s a little British shop that's soon going to be demolished to make way for yet another block of condos. I'll be sad to see it go...nice little treats in there (although a little pricey). Nothing good ever lasts in this town.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

A cardio bootcamp has started up here as well, and I think they meet at 5:00am or something brutal like that. That's a great prize that you so cleverly scored. I think you'll enjoy it, being the hardcore exerciser that you are.

Grrr, don't even get me started on that 5th grader show! I've considered blogging it, I hate it so much. How can they take a 10 minute show and drag it out to an hour like that? Makes me nuts! And those people are all idiots.
- end rant -

7:51 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Barb...the nice thing with this workout is they have it a few times throughout the day and one is in the evening, so I can get to it.

I've only seen bits and pieces of the are you an idiot show - where do they drag these contestants from? My God, they know less than I do.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Wayward Son said...

Maybe they will be Tudor style condos! LOL It would not be the same I guess.

I love how you went from criticizing to joining via a bumper sticker. Ingenious!

9:08 AM  

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