Sunday, July 15, 2007

I just discovered my alias over on Allison's blog and "Jennifer Williams" did nothing much for me beyond conjuring up the image of a librarian. I guess she could be that uptight, pony tailed, bespeckled librarian by day who, come nightfall, stands on her desk in her high heels, tosseling her hair outta that pony tail as she rips open her blazer to reveal her wild I said in my last post, life's too short. If you're using an alias, live it up.

In wanting to follow up and create an exciting new name for myself, I found myself a sexy Brazilian name generator and they came up with this for me:
Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:

Alessandra Ara├║jo

Much better. I then switched over to the 1920's names to see what they'd come up with and loved my new name: Sciorrca Aurora. And finally, since I'm on a roll and may need several aliases with the exciting life I lead at the laundromat, my Italian name is Lia Gallo. Hmmm, not feeling it. Linds has a real ditzy friend name Lia who's kind of spoiled that name for me.

As you can see, I'm real busy today. We're heading out to the track soon - my favorite place to spend a sunny day on the weekend. I love everything about it - the view, the fresh air, the horses, the people. I don't even care much about the betting/winning....although I never snub the prospect of leaving with more than I came with.

Oh, lastly - I think I'm listening to Hospital Music FAR too much....dreamt last night that I saw you (oh wait, that's a lyric from the song - see what I mean?). Dreamt last night that I saw Matt....he was at the hospital while I was there in a waiting room. There was this "buzz" happening as people were throwing around the possibility that they'd seen him in there. I took it upon myself to tell them I "knew" him and then acted like his personal security as he entered our waiting room to use the pay phone. I shuffled around to keep people at bay and give him his privacy, telling people "GAAWD, he's in the hospital people, give him his space"...all the while trying to keep him cornered for myself. My entire dream focused on "where'd Matt go?". So I may have to shut it down for a few hours and deprogram myself.

Also (I guess that wasn't the last thing afterall), I'm still using Safari here and it sucks donkey balls (thanks Barb) as I don't have any options to use itallics or change fonts or anything. It's just boring, same o'l and monotonous. So look for me switching things up in the near future as I use one of the other browsers like Mozilla or Firefox. Dale over on Matt's site has recommended I try "Camino"...does anyone have the scoop on that? I know so very little here.

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Blogger Allison said...

Get using Firefox already!!! Holy crap, how are you lasting in Safari??? Does, give you good practice with your html skills though.

Anyway, it tells me my name is Ana Paula Santos...which actually does nothing for me. I'm quite proud of my pimp name and my tagline pimp name of Master Fly A. Squeeze.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

Djavan Torres is my name....

How do you pronounce it?..silent D or silent j

2:49 PM  
Blogger junky said...

Steve Cock fully endorses Firefox

8:29 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Allison, I really didn't know the grass was greener here. Oh, sorry...I mean Master Fly!

kelly...I'd guess it's a silent D...are you a bullfighter?

junky...I'm glad you're working your new identity. Firefox it is.

10:30 PM  

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