Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Belated Birthday Post

Although I would've liked to have had the time to do this yesterday, I worked all day and then we celebrated, so I was unable to.

But this is a tribute to my son, Tyler, who celebrated his birthday yesterday (and is a wonderful son everyday).

I have been blessed in my life with two wonderful children, Ty being the eldest. He has always made me proud in that he's a man of loyalty, fairness, integrity, compassion, empathy and honesty. He is truly a "man" in his no nonsense approach to things and is strong in his convictions. He is also just a fun person to be around - his quick wit and hilarious antics keep us laughing most of the time around here. I always feel a big hole when he's just doesn't feel like "home" without him.

Ty and I have been known to stand, toe to toe, and debate an issue until we're blue in the face. We're both stubborn that way and I admire that he doesn't waver or back down when he believes in something. He's often called me out when I'm being unreasonable and, yes, after awhile I often realize that he's made a valid argument and may have some answers that I don't have. That's a hard one, when your kid outsmarts you and can teach you things that you don't know or have been too bull headed to see.

Tyler's extremely intelligent and I love the fact that if I ever need a trivia answer or to confirm something from the past, he's my "go to" guy (especially if it relates to sports). He's always had a great ability to retain and recall facts and figures and can rattle them off when need be. Comes in handy - it's like having a set of encyclopedias, a dictionary and a calculator all living upstairs.

Tyler's been through a lot in his 20 years and, while some his age threw themselves into drugs, drinking and partying, he always had excuses to follow suit but never did. I've always thought that his maturity level was well beyond his years and it proved to be true. I've never experienced any of the worry that often comes with being the parent of a teenage boy...staying out late, getting into trouble, etc. "Typical" things that this boy never put me through - he just somehow was smarter than that. He's a "family" man, opting to spend time at home with us rather than doing things like bar hopping and partying on the weekends. He's been a dream child to raise and has never given me any reason to worry.

It was no surprise to me when he found himself a wonderful girlfriend who held the same values that he did. Fiona and Tyler make a great "team" and are a fine example to others their age. They are both responsible, intelligent people who add a touch of class to this age group. Don't get me wrong - they're no "angels" and you just have to hear Ty spew a string of "choice" words from his potty mouth to know that he can be a little rough around the edges at times (or sit next to him in a car with the windows rolled up after he's eaten something spicy). But, all in all, he's a wonderful person and I'm honored to be his mother and am even more thankful that I have him in my life as my friend.

My son is no longer a "teenager", he's become a man. And he's holding true to that, I am proud of the "finished product" - he's everything a mother could ask for in a son.

Happy 20th Tyler...I love you dearly and wish you all the love, luck and happiness in the world.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Ty! You sound like such a lovely person, much like your fabulous mom. Kudos to you both!

Deb, I love how you can admit that sometimes our kids are smarter and more righteous than us. Takes a big heart to do that.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

aw, thanks Barb. Now he's not TOO much smarter, just a little. And only sometimes. You know the deal.


12:39 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...


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