Monday, November 03, 2008

There is something going on in the apartments across the street - loads of firetrucks/emergency vehicles over there. Is it wrong that I immediately grabbed my camera and ran out to the sidewalk in my socks to take pics? Don't answer that...yes, there is something wrong with it. Anyhow, if it was anything serious and my help was needed, I'd put the camera down. Damn, now my socks are wet.

Maybe they just follow me home now and prepare for my mishaps...."Oh...uh, she's inside and she's handling electrical stuff again. Brace and be ready!" (Glad to know they're nearby in case I explode again.)

So it was the Mum in law's birthday today and I took her out for lunch before work. We sat next to a fellow with an accent (Mum thought it was an English accent like hers - turns out he was from South Africa). She gets overly excited when she meets someone from "home" and immediately starts pointing out words that they say differently (correctly, according to her). It was cute though...she's been widowed for some time and to see her get all giddy was quite amusing. He was a really nice chap, a retired biochemist - we talked to him (and his son) for an hour or so. Mum was flirting and I could see that she didn't like that he was giving me most of the eye contact/attention. I think he recognized me as he's bought tickets at my booth before...but I let her think it was because I'm younger/prettier. Birthday or not, I've gotta keep my edge.

One thing she and I have in common is our inability to "move on"...we're both stuck and on our own. I can really relate to her and she's become a very good friend whom I respect. Who woulda thunk?...she used to hate me. Now I think she understands me (and the fact that I was an innocent victim in the marriage to her son). He thinks I've corrupted her - pretty sure he's right. But it's funny how the same problems that I had with him are ones that she's now experiencing with him as a son. His moodiness, lack of communication, inability to commit to anything, etc. Of course, there was more to it with us - but it's nice to know that she finally "gets" me. How things have come full she gripes to ME about what he's like and I just say "I told ya so". Anyhow, we giggled afterward at how we seem to draw male attention even though we're not at all looking for it....something in not trying/caring I think.

Well, nothing much to report here...just feel that I should check in more often and not let this place die. I feel a little more inspired lately and my lazy fingers have found the will to type again. I leave you with Lindsay's creation...her pumpkin (completely done freehand and without a stencil or any copying. I think it rocks). Oh yeah, and when I told her about the man and his son, it turns out that she knows him (the son that is). "Was he wearing a Batman ring?". Figures - is there anyone in the city she doesn't know?



Blogger Allison said...

When my flat was on fire I took my camera out first. :)

Love the picture, Deb.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's an incredible pumpkin! I don't even bother to carve them anymore, they just sit out on the porch stark naked.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Whitenoise said...

Yeah, cool pumpkin. No, I don't think taking the photo was wrong. It's important to record the facts, right? ;-)

Glad to see you back.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Terry said...

In case you did notice we've only given up 8 goals in 6 games. Focus girl.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

I would have done the same thing. Anyway even if you used the phone to call emergency you'd have used it afterwards to snap shots..??

6:07 AM  

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