Monday, January 15, 2007

Hope They Bury Me Upside Down

Fuck it, I'm gonna' roll with this negative vibe that's following me around and not fight back anymore. I've tried for two days to post about eight different YouSuck videos and they've apparently decided my blog isn't good enough to make an appearance here. Also, the LTC fuckers (yes, I'm angry today) are moving Mom BACK to the hospice because they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground and think it's fun to play "Where's Mom", a new variation on the Waldo thing. So, once again, I'll call all those people who don't deserve to know where she is and say she's being moved (again). Or, maybe I won't (heehee).

Anyhow, I read the palliative care team the riot act today, then cried, slept and woke up with a headache. I'm not even going to the hospital - Dad's going to go because I had a shit day at work and my head will be exploding any time now. I wish I still drank. I think I'm gonna' take it up again real soon and that's a promise. Maybe my brother was onto something when he started smoking crack. Nah, maybe not.

Love you all. This is not intended for you, it's for the BC HealthCare system that is about as useful as Bazooka bubblegum comics.

.....and, adding insult to injury...I posted this and when I went to check it realized I'd posted it over at Food Porn. Was quite funny though ;)


Blogger raymi's mom said...

Sorry to hear your having a bad day Deb. Thanks for all the nice comments on my new blog.

7:21 PM  
Blogger mellowlee said...

I think I missed a step there, they moved her out of the hospice and then back in again? Jeezuz! I wish there was something I can do for you Deb!

7:22 PM  
Blogger raymi's mom said...

Sorry to hear your having a bad day Deb. Thanks for all the nice comments on my new blog.

7:29 PM  
Blogger junky said...

Is in home hospice an option? Excuse the ignorance but I am wicked American and you Canadians with your crazy social medical care stuff, it just confuses the hell out of us down here.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Toccata said...

They moved her out and then back again? That's crazy. I would think the move would be considered too much of an ordeal. Oh, Deb I cannot believe what you are having to put up with. I feel like I'm sounding like a broken record but I am so sorry for what you are having to go through. I really wish they would make your mother comfortable and let her stay in one place.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Hi guys...sorry, my comment responses will be a little behind.

Thanks raymi's enjoying the blog!

Mel - yep, kicked her out awhile ago and she's doing really well in hospital so I really don't understand the decision to move her back. I'm so pissed because, with this probably being "the end of the road" for Mom, I just want her to be settled & comfortable and you'd think a palliative team would get that.

Junky - in home isn't really because they don't provide any of the services that we'd require with my Mom. She's paralyzed on her left side already and now her brain tumor's creating a whole bunch of extra problems as her mind now is going as well as her body. I'm learning pretty quickly about how much our system really sucks. I know we're lucky here to have healthcare, so I'm grateful for that. But it's run by people who don't seemed qualified to operate slurpee machines. Mom's not got much time left and the last thing we need is to be shuffling her around. Just venting though...was a really shitty day.

toccata...that's exactly the point that they're missing. Each time she's moved it IS a huge ordeal and, while they want to keep her sedated for anxiety they're not making the connection that her anxiety is being caused by the moving around/instability!!

12:29 AM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Can they not just let your mom be? If she was doing okay where she was, give her some peace!

I can't imagine the frustration for all of you.

Great picture though!! And I would haev loved to have read this on Food Porn!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

What? They moved her back again?
Sorry to echo everyone else.

I'm sorry you all are having to go through this Deb, I can't imagine how frustrating this must be. I'm thinking about you and yours though even if I'm not around here as much.
Take care :)

1:52 PM  
Blogger Alana said...

Hey you, I'm sending you an email...

11:55 PM  

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