Thursday, June 28, 2007

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been visiting or commenting on your blogs as much as usual lately. But, if you have noticed, please don't take it personally...I'm currently "two timing" on blogger with my new love - "Facebook".

Don't's a passing trend and it's kind of like a shiny new toy to a kid. After awhile the novelty will wear off, but right now it's new and exciting and offers some new twists and turns. It's got some fun stuff to do, including a little "music challenge" game that's got me hooked. The idea is to name a song/artist as quickly as possible and rack up points - quick responses = extra points. It's so addictive that I played into the wee hours and am trying to catch up to Fiona (who's ranked a "music genius". I, however, am a mere "music junky" and have my work cut out for me). So this explains my sporadic visits and why I'm temporarily "absent".

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The long weekend is nearly upon us here and, wouldn't you know it, the rain is back. I sure hope we get some decent weather for the planned festivities - Saturday we're going to the horse races and Sunday is a big Canada Day celebration here called the "Salmon Festival". I've been attending since I was a kid and it's grown from a little community affair to a huge event (with long line ups and elbow to elbow fair goers). Personally I liked it better when it was smaller and more's become a crowded, noisy money grab and is less about the exhibits, family and entertainment as it now focuses more on the expensive carnival rides and midway games with prizes. Seriously, how many large purple hippos does one need? But I go every year (it's tradition) and I wouldn't miss it for the world...Canada Day has to be spent in Steveston for me.

The highlight's always been the salmon barbecue and, again, it's lost some of its appeal. This year it's $12 for a small chunk of salmon, some bagged salad and a bun. I think we used to pay $2.00 (back in the day). I pass on it now, as I can get fresh salmon anytime from Dad and it's not much of a novelty for me. But I guess I'm a bit of a buzzkill here...some people flock to the event just for the barbecue and the salmon always sells out early. And the smell of barbecue in the air really adds to the "festival" feel. All in all, it's a great atmosphere and most really show their love of Canada with costumes of red and white and faces adorning the Maple Leaf. Local talent is showcased and we hit the bigtime last year when CBC Radio showed up to broadcast some of the show.

I have fond memories of the Salmon Fest as the entire extended family used to all turn up there and we'd bump into each other throughout the day.Our family has attended the fair for generations and some knew or even were the original "Salmon Queens" (Steveston's answer to Miss Universe). They rode on a float every year, waving like the queen to the neighbourhood kids. More recent memories for me are of the Bingo tent - it was always guaranteed that you could find my Grandma, Aunt Rosie, Aunt Jenny and Mom in there, smoking like chimneys and trying to win a toaster to shove in a closet. I have pictures of me as a baby, sitting on the grass with a toy as they all sat around with their kernels of corn, waiting for that one last number that would have them shriek like banshee women.

My grandparents lived one street over from the fair and we'd all gather there afterward to smear the place with sticky fingers and groan about the fact that we'd eaten too much junk. Ah, the good ol' days, I long for them. How times have changed.

As I got older, the big attraction was the beer garden and loud rock bands that played in the field behind the carnival and at the pub down the road. As a teen, I knew everyone at the fair and we ruled the world as we caroused around our stomping grounds, thinking we were the coolest things on the face of the earth. More recently it's turned into a rowdy free for all more than anything and idiots have now ruined it for the rest of us. A handful of drunken teens have vandalized neighbourhood houses over the past few years (Dad's being one of them), resulting in the fireworks being permanently cancelled (and banned throughout the city). At least when WE were the drunken teens, we just got stupid...some of the ones these days are angry and destructive. We really used to enjoy sitting by the water at Garry Point, taking in the evening show and now that's finished forever. Oh well, nothing good ever really lasts, does it? It's too bad though that the "rat race" is slowly stealing away the community feel and things just aren't as simple, friendly and easy as they once were. It's all so complicated now (damn it).

Anyhow, I'm asking you to dust off your boots and do a sunshine dance. But, rain or shine, you will find me in Steveston on Sunday, dressed like a candy cane and reminiscing of days gone by.


Blogger Alana said...

Hey Debz, thanks for the heads up! But don't you worry, I was refreshing MG's page all night waiting for the switch over, I've listened to the stream a couple times now. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Thanks again for the heads up, I love YOU, too. :P

12:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I thought it was tomorrow...Ty came down and told me!!!

I'm blown's his best yet in my opinion. I LOVE Champions of Nothing. Best song yet for me.

And the love's right back at ya dear. :)

2:13 AM  
Blogger Gledwood said...

that was it FACEBOOK what IS that?

8:58 AM  
Blogger aka k said...

I had a spell on facebook too, though didn't find that game. Had to suspend the account for "family" reasons...long story (on akak if you want to know more). Maybe I might just "un-suspend" it sometime soon :)

9:20 AM  
Blogger junky said...

I had a dream the other night that a man was trying to sell his services to me as a "good parade spot getter", the city was some weird cross of Vancouver, and Chicago. Before you ask no it wasn't from drugs....

5:18 PM  

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