Monday, October 30, 2006


(*NOTE: There is some strong language in this post, so be warned. If you find it offensive you may as well not bother. Sorry, it’s necessary!)

The sushi bar that I work next to is a lively little place...which is a blessing because the mall that I work in is totally mismanaged and DEADSVILLE. It’s like a ghost town until the sushi bar opens an hour or so after I do. Then Eric and Betty plug in the Christmas lights, turn on the TV and crank the tunes. Which is a welcome change from the absolute hear a pin drop quiet that I experience before they open - I can actually hear the clock ticking. And it’s electric.

So what’s the problem you ask? Let me tell you. The sushi bar has a CD player and FOUR frickin’ CD’s!!! Often they don’t even change them, they just leave one on repeat ALL DAY LONG!!

Today it was the BeeGees. And, as much as I love the BeeGees, I can only hear Stayin’ Alive so many times before I’m praying for someone to kill me because I don’t want to stay alive anymore. Don’t get me wrong - I grew up on the Gibb Bros. - my best friend and I used to play them non stop. But if I have to hear them one more time I’m going to pull each and every one of my hairs out. Followed by my eyelashes. “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?”.....let me tell you how. Quit fucking singing. Go cry, let it out, punch a wall even. Just quit singing about it - it’s not helping. And don’t “Run To Me”, RUN FAR AWAY, as far as possible. Now. Git.

Tomorrow will probably be the soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar. Again. They’re completely ruining it for me - I loved that movie as a teen. I saw it about eight times with my best friend (the same one) and we knew every single word by heart (still do). I was thrilled the first time I heard it come out of the little sushi speakers...I hadn’t heard it in ages. That was then, this is now. I know you don’t know how to love him, but figure it out for fuck’s sake. ‘Cause it’s annoying for the 812th time today. “Hosanna, Hey sanna, sanna, sanna, ho, sanna, hey sanna ho, sanna....hey JC, JC will you TURN THAT FUCKING CD PLAYER OFF FOR ME? K? Thanks, Superstar”.

The other two are compilations...Enrique, you are NOT my hero. You never were, never will be. Go tell Anna or someone who cares. I don’t. Now quit your whining...I’m trying to work.

Now For The Superskills Results (as requested)

The Blue Team defeated our team (White) in an exciting matchup that ended up with a final score of 12-10. The individual results are as follow:

Fastest Skater: Luc Bourdon!!! Yes, you did see it correctly. Luc flew around the rink and was clocked at 14.389 seconds. "LLLLLLLUUUUUCCCC"

Hardest Shot: Sami Salo (again)....that's his clocking @ 100 mph (and I don't even think he tried his hardest!). I tried to post a picture of him taking the shot, but blogger's not playing nicely so it'll have to wait.

Accuracy: Newcomer Rory Fitzpatrick hit 4/5 targets to take this one. Good job!

Puck Control: Taylor Pyatt showed his agility to claim this title.

And in the battle of the goalies, Luongo reigned over Sabourin and stopped 20/24 shots to prove he's virtually unbeatable.

Fun was had by all and, at $20 each for prime seats, it was an affordable family event. Even parking was at a reduced rate and $10 cheaper than game nights. The snack bar still soaked us $3,394 for 3 churros and a pop but hey, you can't go to GM Place and not have a's the law.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Canucks Superskills/New Scoreboard/Clock Pics

Canucks Superskills

I spent the afternoon with some of my favorite people - my daughter, my son, his girlfriend and my team (or at least one of them....Go Lions!).

Today was the Superskills competition at GM Place, where we got to check out the new scoreboard, the rookies and, of course, Luongo. The event was thrilling, as usual - we've gone every year since it started. Sami Salo won the hardest shot (again). He actually wasn't even one of the contestants but, hey, anything goes on Superskills Sunday. The rookies were "pied", as is the tradition each year (you'd think they'd have it figured out by now). I will update you later on who won each event...for now, just wanted to post some pics.

Will Ferrell as Bush

As you're aware from my last post, I'm easily amused these days. Maybe when we are under alot of stress we look for any excuse to laugh/find a reprieve from it. I found this very's similar to another segment that I posted some time ago. Will just strikes me as absolutely hilarious when he does Bush...enjoy!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Days Are Just Meant To Be Fun

When I got home from work today I was relaxing in my comfy chair "people watching" out the front bay window. I noticed a couple of maintenance type trucks with ladders and equipment around them in the apartment complex across the street. And then, much to my entertainment, this is what I saw:

Yes, Men In Kilts!!! That's what they're called, that's how they work. Up the ladders, hauling the equipment, basically doing everything your average joe does....only in skirts, uh, o.k. - kilts. I accidentally erased the best pic - the one of the guy up the ladder. May be best that I did!!

When I grabbed my camera and ran out to snap a couple of pics they noticed me. I realized I probably looked like a semi-crazed stalker so I ran across the street (giggling) and introduced myself and confirmed that I was just amused, not psychotic (o.k., maybe a little). I asked if I could snap a few more "closer up" and they were more than accomodating. They posed and one even offered to don his official work "tee"...the one that said "no peeking". What good sports they were. I know who I'm calling when I need a job done!!! MEN IN KILTS. Great concept.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nikka Costa April 25, 2002

One of my favorite female artists...her voice is just so powerful. And this is my favorite song by her, followed by another! I was torn between posting this one, or the live one (which was equally fantastic). This one won out because the crowd in the live one kind of spoiled it. I don't know why she didn't play the guitar here though...hhhmm?

Bust A Move

There's a new link on my sidebar and I urge you to go there if you need a damn good belly laugh. I first heard about it at Raymi's blog and ended up making a video for each member of my family....Tyler's was especially hilarious. Too much fun. Hit Bust A Move on the sidebar and let me know what you think. (For a great first impression, use a man's picture first and choose the pink body suit....absolutely riproaring fun. Oh, and be patient..."loading" takes awhile).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2007 Had Better Be A Better Year

I hate being negative. Everything about me screams happy, happy, joy, joy....I'm silly, love singing and dancing (even though I suck), enjoy humor and sarcasm. Find everything funny and happiness in simple things. So what's the problem? Everything in life is trying to beat the shit out of that, that's what. I'm very much aware that, for several months, most of what's come out of me in the way of conversation is a neverending saga of "poor me". And that's not who I want to be...Little Miss Gloom & Doom. That being said, here's the (final) chapter.

Monday I went to work with the excitement and anticipation of Ty's birthday celebration afterward. I was scheduled to get off at 2, which was rare on a Monday - normally I work until 6:00. The day started off like crap...I didn't have my work keys - the ones to open up everything including the safe. Oh Joy. I'd looked after Mom on the weekend and was pretty shook up to learn that she'd had two falls in two days. It's heartwrenching for me. Anyhow, I left my keys there, along with the laundry I'd taken over there to do - I guess my head was elsewhere. So, without my keys, I had to call my boss and have her meet me at work to open up. Luckily, she was in a rare good mood - she said that initially when she heard my voice on the answering machine she thought it meant I wasn't coming in and that she was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was. She had plans for the day with her son and was really looking forward to them. So that helped. Brownie points for me. I haven't missed a day yet and they're getting pretty used to relying on me.

So after she'd come over and I got things rolling, it was business as usual. That lasted about an hour. I started feeling really crummy and had a severe headache. I got a chair to sit on and pondered how I'd leave the booth to go and get some water. My job sucks in that there are no breaks and I'm literally stuck in the little booth for my entire shift.I've used the bathroom twice in the year and a half I've been there - it's a huge ordeal that involves locking everything up and shutting down the computer in order to do so. But I was slowly starting to feel really woozie and weak and was growing increasingly concerned. The day before I'd had some pretty severe back pain but sloughed it off as nothing serious.

I was startled, yet relieved, to see Linds show up at my booth...she was supposed to be in school so I was surprised by her arrival. She'd left something at home and had stopped by to get my house keys, so she covered for me as I went to the washroom and got some water.

She left and a few minutes later all hell broke loose. I started hemorrhaging (severely) and was completely freaked out. I called my boss, who quickly came over to relieve me. I left work and headed to my car, fully intending on getting home and calling someone to whip me to hospital. The fucking car wouldn't start!! I was scared I'd pass out but didn't want to put any more on my boss...she'd had to cancel her plans to cover for me and I just felt so guilty.

I stumbled home and pretty much collapsed. I went up and had a shower and just as I got out, the kids came home so I played it down. I didn't want to completely spoil Ty's birthday with worry. Besides, I started feeling a bit better after resting for a few, so I made the decision to wait it out...opting not to subject myself to the emergency ward fiasco (again - remember, I've been there a few times lately with Mom). May have been a stupid decision, but I just couldn't endure sitting there for 4 hours, only to be told "you can go home". In any case, I couldn't make it for Ty's birthday and he wanted to postpone it until I could. Sucks. Totally.

I'll be seeing my own doctor and have a pretty good idea of what's going on. It was pretty scary stuff though and I'm still not 100%. As for the dysfunctional Volvo....I had BCAA tow it to my garage and got the bad news's beyond the scope of what they can do (which is everything short of completely dismantling it - it's a wiring/computer problem). They mickey moused things so I could pick it up, but there are no guarantees it will start reliably. They showed me a few "tricks" to try when it won't the tune of $400. And it still doesn't leave me feeling too confident.

So that's my week so far. Oh, it was a full moon Monday....figures. We're at what?...Wednesday - hump day. I wonder if I'll survive until the weekend. This has just GOTTA' be the end of the black cloud era for us.

Monday, October 23, 2006

19 Years Ago Today

On Oct. 22, 1987 I went into labour. I was watching my favorite show at the time (Knot's Landing - my God) and pleaded with my husband to wait until it was over until taking me to hospital. There were 15 minutes or so left in the show and he complied, only because I was an unruly bitch who wouldn't take no for an answer. Some 24 hours later, after forceps and specialists and a lot of chaos and commotion, Ty was born. The delivery was completely botched and nearly ended up killing me - I hemorrhaged and was rushed back to emerg a few days after our release, only to endure surgery and massive blood transfusions (I'd lost over half my blood). How could I know that his delivery was a glimpse into what would be Tyler - one of a lot of pushing and pulling and tears and laughter.

An example of a "Tyism" (you all know of "Debism's" by now)....We jammed in a last minute dental appointment for him on Friday, as we were unsure of whether or not his coverage on my ex's plan carried him past 19 (we later learned that it does). As they were completing his cleaning/examination, apparently they informed him that he'd be needing his wisdom teeth out and, knowing that this could be his last "covered" appointment, went out of their way to accomodate us (I've been at this dental office since I was a kid). Ty told me that, while he was in the chair and they were finishing up, they offered to do it that day at 3:00 - "we have an opening then, would you like us to squeeze you in there?". To which he answered, "not really". While he told me of this on the drive home I realized that, being a man of few words, he probably hadn't shown much appreciation for their attempts to help us out. That a thank you probably would have been in order as they don't often book a major appointment like that within the same day - normally we'd wait for at least a month. I suggested to Ty that he should've really thanked them though for being so considerate and suggested he might've been a bit more polite when they were doing their best to help us. To which he replied, "I WAS polite Mom. I really wanted to tell them to go F#$*@ themselves. No WAY are you yanking my teeth out today!". Oh Lord. This is my son, in all his honesty...typical Ty. Love him to pieces, even if he is a little rough around the edges.

Happy birthday son! Love you.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Mel's post with the Sweet Relief song prompted me to post this....thought you'd like it Mel. I first heard of Terra Naomi over at Thought Mechanics and fell in love with her voice. I actually like the myspace edition better, but this one (done in her apartment!) will suffice....Enjoy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blind Melon - Change

I'm a grunger...the early 90's were where it was at musically for me. That IS my absolute favorite stuff. I liked the bizarre videos that accompanied the music too...I'm just a weirdo through and through. AIC, PJ, Screaming Trees, Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP and these guys.

This is our current "car" tape/song. Tonight as I drove Linds to a friend's, I started a Mom lecture, to which she plunked the tape in on this song. Little bugger...she knew it would get me singing. End of lecture.

Reality Sucks

(I wrote most of this a couple of days ago in my journal)

There's something very unsettling about this morning's phone call with Dad. The one where he moved up our appointment at the bank from next Thursday to this Saturday.

I'm a realist and know full well of the risks involved with Dad right now...he's a ticking time bomb with the aneurysm bulging and his blood pressure rising every time he has to pick Mom up off the floor. I know all about aneurysms all right.

Mom's paralysis twenty (oh my God, it is) years ago was the result of surgery for an aneurysm. She was 50 - geez that's almost my age. I recall it like it was yesterday. The time spent in the waiting room was tense...I think I was there for days. She collapsed at work on a Friday that was the last day of my two week holiday from work. My boss was a complete dick..."well you've just HAD your holidays. What are WE supposed to do to cover for the extra time?". I quit shortly thereafter. I'd been there nearly ten years. Dad was away fishing when Mom went to emerg and he flew in immediately, to join me there in "limbo land". I bounced back and forth between sheer terror, worry and guilt - I'd hung up on Mom right before she collapsed. She'd called me from work, worried about my younger brother who hadn't come home all night the previous night. I was flustered with her, as she wanted me to try and "track him down"...I knew he was alright and just being a jerk by staying out all night with friends without calling her. I was right. When I called her office to apologize for snapping at her and hanging up, her co worker reported that she'd been rushed by ambulance to hospital. I don't remember the drive there. I do remember ripping the nurse's heads off because they were completely ignoring her as she pleaded for ice or a cool compress for her head. Although they told me to leave, I refused and stayed by her one else was there and I wasn't leaving her alone. After a long time in emergency with no one doing anything, nurses informed me that she was being transferred downtown. I asked if I could ride in the ambulance with her - they said no. I left for St. Paul's hospital and, upon my arrival, waited 3 hours for mom's ambulance to pull in. Many calls were placed on the payphone to RGH, asking what the delay was. I was frantic...had something happened? Finally she arrived - by this time my Grandma and Aunt had joined me. That day rolled into the next...I don't quite know how or when, but it did.

At some point my Dad arrived. I bawled like a baby in his arms and, as he does, he assured me it would be alright. His voice told a different story this time though. We sat, not knowing what the deal was. Then the doctor came out and sat down on the little table beside us and leaned over, his arms resting on his thighs. Right then and there I knew it was serious...before he'd even uttered a single word. Then a lot of talk of 50/50 and "risks" confirmed it for me. "Just save her". That's all I could say.

The good news was that Mom was one of the lucky ones, unlike my father-in-law. But, although she survived, it wasn't without a huge price. Her independence. No longer could she bomb in the car down to Blaine to play poker with her friends. No more 16 hour shifts for 9 days in a row. No more.

So, here we are again. And Dad's 20 years older than Mom was when she had her aneurysm. Mind you, hers "burst" - at least we're lucky enough to know about Dad's before any serious trouble (knock on wood). But his cancer surgery was massive and he barely made it...he took a long time to recover. The superbug he contracted while in hospital didn't help. Neither did the hernia afterward. It's been a shitstorm alright.

Mom got a call from the hospital this week - things keep changing, day to day. Honestly, I don't think they know what the fuck to do for her. First it was the oncologist. Then a surgeon. Then the cancer clinic. Plan D is now blood work done at hospital (earlier today) and a transfusion on Friday.

That bank appointment's come and gone. And, as we talked of transfers, signing authority and beneficiaries, money was the only thing not on my mind.

Life's a bitch.

Don't worry, this is just a "blip" here, tomorrow the sun will come up and I'll plug along. So will Mom and Dad. I just needed to release and felt my friends deserved to know the status of things. 'Cause, sure as shit, you're helping me to get through it all. Again, thanks.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Battle of The Bands

This sort of makes my cool covers installment feel rather inadequate...with them just sitting there, doing nothing.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Dobie Gray - Drift Away

Intro's missing, damn. I'll leave the new/hip stuff for you guys and I'll handle the good ol' stuff. This will always be one of my all time favorite songs. I needed to drift away tonight....anyone care to join me? (I guess this is my contribution to "hand clapping songs Allison!)


Steveston...where my heart lives.

"Sweet Georgia Brown" Should Be Playin'

Linds plays wheelchair basketball, which I didn't even know for several months. She started a couple of years ago at the local community centre and I thought it was just a bunch of kids goofing around in the gym - she always just said she was going to "basketball". It turns out it's an organized thing every week and she signed herself up. One of her best friends (since kindergarten) is in a wheelchair and, when she went to watch/support her, they needed extra players so she ended up on the team. Well I'll be damned if last year they weren't in a big (regional!) tournament and kicked some serious butt.....apparently they're pretty good. And the first game I ever saw was the final - where Linds managed to make the buzzer shot to win the game, earning her the MVP game ball. But, more important than the "win" or how good they are is the fact that these kids work together like a team you've never seen. They're very much "in synch" with one another and, after a hoop there's always a quick high five then they're off, wheeling down the court like it's completely effortless. There are no handicaps and those who actually NEED to be in the wheelchairs are shining stars - they've got skills like you wouldn't believe out there. But I think the thing that impresses me the most is that there are no barriers...everyone's the same and they're all just friends - laughing, being goofy and bordering on annoying. They are afterall TEENS.

Anyhow, here are some pics from tonight's practice. I left before the scrimmage 'cause it just ain't cool to have mom hanging around for too long.

(A funny thing..two boys on the team looked vaguely familiar and I learned that they were sons of a girl I grew up and went to elementary school with. Small world).

This is Linds and her good friend (the one since kindergarten), Felicia...Fifi to us. I'll be writing an entire post on her awesome family in the near future.

No, it's not disco dancing, it's BASKETBALL...o.k.?

This is Balraj...he's a frickin' character. He's all of about 80 pounds and he gets in there, gritting his teeth and fighting for the ball like a bloody warrior!

I just like this one.

It's a lot harder than it looks.

This is the familiar face that looks just like my friend from grade school, because he's her son, Shae.

This is her other son, Jessie, who looks nothing like them!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Awesome Part II (Scroll Down For Part I)

While I was with mom today, Linds snuck up to the store and bought me these gorgeous creatures. She and Ty pooled their money (and that's huge...they don't have much) and she put together this beautiful bouquet. I truly am lucky. Lovely flowers, wonderful kids, well wishes from friends and my family to help me feel old (thanks Dave, for rubbing in EACH and EVERY year that you're younger).

My kids are very selfless, caring, thoughtful individuals. Thanks Ty and you and appreciate you more than you'll ever really know. You make me proud.

This Is What Awesome Looks Like.....

Thanks have no idea what this means to me. Maybe it's because I'm on such shaky ground right now with all that's going on here...but this really moved me (to tears). I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for showing me this kindness and being what I consider a damn good friend.

Right back at ya'.
Bob Seger - Turn the Page

It's been too long since I've listened to this. My brother prompted it...more on that later. Enjoy Bob, at his finest.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Time To Get The Food Pics Out Of Here.....

So here's my next installment of Cool Covers....Jethro Tull's Aqualung.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mission Accomplished (I've Got It Easy)

So here it is, my contribution to tonight's dinner. Man, do I have it easy. To all of you slaving over a hot stove....sorry - it's not my fault. Dad's a cook - it's what he loves. We have to argue if we "want" to cook so I've just given up and resorted to the fact that I don't have to do the family feasts. Why would I even argue in the first place - what am I, crazy?

My mother is from a Ukrainian heritage. Her mom always made cabbage rolls and perogies (holubsti & pyrohy) and so we have to carry that on her for. And today was my first attempt - and, if I do say so myself, they turned out rather good.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

54-40 Goodbye Flatland EPK Part 2

I love these guys. Haven't given their new one much of a listen yet, but plan on making it part of my collection. Just stumbled across this and thought it was worth sharing. It'll probably arrive on my blog in time for Christmas!!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'All

The Bache-lure

I forgot to any of you watch the bachelor? I confess, for whatever stupid reason, I am hooked on one or two reality programs and this is one of them (*cringes, as her friends throw shit like their TV's at her). Sorry. I don't know why - I'm so dead against the entire concept. Maybe it's to see the lengths that women will go just to snag a man. They don't even know him and they're drooling all over each other and catty and one even keeps saying "baby" like it's the only word in her vocabulary. She is the definition of dumb blonde (I think) and her slutty little (near lap) dance did nothing to help her case of being a rocket scientist/classy woman.

This prince charming is like all the first I think, "o.k., he could be nice". But, in reality, they're all just horny dogs and lapping up every minute of having 102 women throwing themselves at them. This guy won't be any different, I'm quite sure of that. What this must do for their ego swelling.

Who in their right mind would meet someone this way? Is this even real, or is it fake reality tv? I have a hard time imagining anyone actually entertaining this idea. Do the women not know they look like desperate idiots and they should all get together and say "screw the man, let's have a big hen party". Crack the wine, put on some good music and let the guy go count money or something. They should just all make friends with each other and when the guy comes to pick them up say, "oh sorry, we're going out to a movie tonight. Maybe tomorrow will work". Women who throw themselves at a guy like this, regardless of whether he's got a throne or not, make me want to vomit nails. But I can hardly wait for the next episode. I'm a freak.


I've decided that, since my entire album collection is unuseable (no turntable), I'd at least like to share some of my favorite album covers. Oh, for those of you under 30, "albums" are these round vinyl discs that we once had. No, they do not form crop circles.

For me, CD's just ain't got what it takes when you put them up against vinyl.....album covers were sometimes almost as great as the music itself. I especially liked it when the artist(s) had a hand in them, like this one by John Entwistle. So, this is my first installment of "Cool Covers".

Friday, October 06, 2006

Linds IS A Nutbar And She WOULD Take That Subway Job

Canucks/Lions for the double header

It's a good night. My Lions keep on rolling and Geroy keeps on scoring. He's on pace to smash the CFL record this year. And he's so "gay"....hee hee. I'm having fun tonight. Tomorrow it's back to reality, as I look after mom at 5:30 (it's bad...fill you in later). But, for tonight, I'm putting everything "on hold" to celebrate the glory of my teams/sports. Yeeha!

(Be patient...this sports thing will pass, as I settle into the season. I'm just giddy at this time of year - when there's hockey and football in the same day. I'm pathetic)

To Those Who Doubted The Canucks.....

All those "analysts/experts/writers" will be choking down their words soon. "Canucks won't make the playoffs." "Canucks will finish 9th....12th." I know it's early on and anything can happen....BUT I LOVE THESE GUYS. Down 2-0 in the third, score a goal and with 2 minutes left they score another to tie it....then pull off an OT win.

So to all you armchair wannabes who think you've got it all figured out, don't dare jump on the bandwagon as we gather speed here. We don't need doubters. Those who have faith in this team NEVER doubted it. We have faith.

Daniel Sedin is a star. Morrison had a great game. We have Luongo. And you can just tell that these guys are determined to prove the naysayers wrong. And I'll be there, cheering them on, as they do.

To all of you who think we won't be in the thick of can kiss my grits. See you in the Spring.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

One Down, Eighty One To Go

Canucks 3 / Red Wings 1

The only thing stripping me of every ounce of happiness is the game that followed....the one where the Leafs were leading 6-0. Bastards.

Here is a display of our Canuckism. We're sick. It's a disease:

Yep, we'll keep the new guy!
Nobody move, Ty's watching the game!!
Linds, watching us win!
The front room window. I did this during the playoffs some time ago with window markers and the kids have forbidden the removal of it. Tacky. But, I guess we're what you'd consider true blue fans.
The machine (front, duh)
The machine (back, " )